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Thursday, January 26, 2017
Episode 13,011
Length:1300 descriptive words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Chad gets Abigail alone at DiMera mansion as a fireplace roars in the background. His eyes are filled with deep desire. They discuss their endless love. She is aware that Gabi loves him as well. However, they have a home and a son. Chad looks at her with longing. She lets him know she is ready to stand by her man during the dumb war and belongs to him. He kisses her on the lips and she passionately kisses him back ... At the square Kate and Andre also discuss the impending war between the families. He wants to rally and recover wot was theirs to start, meaning the revolutionary technology. He dismisses Dario's bungling ... At the pub Adrienne joins Lucas, who is happy as a clam to see her doing so well. He teases he still wants to marry her so she reminds him of her decision to be alone as long as she needs. They tenderly hold hands over the table ... In Prague Marlena, Steve and Kayla catch up with Rafe, who cannot conceal his frustration. No one has a lead on Stefano. Rafe explains Paul is presently retracing all their steps. Steve is waiting to hear from the ISA. Rafe scowls if they have not spotted Stefano at any of his properties, they are pulling their surveillance. Without the ISA they would need a miracle to make progress ... At the farmhouse Eric is trying to help Hope, who is weaker by the minute as she hangs onto Rafe's religious medallion ... Adrienne lets Lucas know she will understand if he moves on with another. He drawls she is worth the wait. Adrienne is touched ... Rafe snaps at Steve to check his phone for any ISA news. Steve does as suggested and sarcastically states they must be busy getting ice cream. Perhaps they all should have ice cream and some fresh air. Kayla agrees with the idea and Steve invites Rafe. Rafe rages Hope's life is on the line so he will not waste his time on freakin ice cream. He does not seem to realize Steve was trying to lessen his stress. Marlena gives Rafe an intense look ...

Chad and Abigail the cute couple admit they are a bit nervous as it has been a while. Chad gushes he wants to go all the way with his wife and makes another move. Andre interrupts to call a family meeting NOW, Chad does not conceal his displeasure. Andre claims they are in crisis ... Adrienne ends a call and complains to Lucas she is having a hard time finding the right recruit to cover for her sometimes at the Spectator. All of a sudden Anne Milbauer enters the pub and Lucas gets an idea ... Steve assures Rafe he is more than aware of how things work with the ISA. Rafe gives no damn. Steve feels he should step back. Rafe refuses. Marlena tells him to take it easy. Kayla and Steve go for that walk. Marlena suspects Rafe is really angry at someone besides Steve. Rafe is dismayed by the dead ends and admits he blames himself for not being able to do more. He has to get Stefano to save Hope ...

Eric thinks Hope should rest and wait to hear from Steve and Rafe until they have Stefano. Then she can turn herself in. She will continue to pray with Rafe's medallion and reminds Eric he is a good man who lost his way. She talks redemption. Eric the lost soul is convinced there shall be no redemption for him for killing Dan ... At the mansion Andre talks strategy. Chad blasts him for sinking a Titan ship. Andre explains what led him to take action against Titan. Chad thunders there will be no more violence and wants alone time with his wife. Kate states but the strategy ... Chad escorts Abigail out of the room. Andre quietly considers his next move ... Steve and Kayla are at a cafe in Prague that looks like a corner of the Salem square, though the music is very different. Steve sighs he would lose his mind if Kayla was in Hope's predicament. He looks at the dessert menu as she sips her strong coffee and teases he would love to take some whipped cream home ... Chad gets himself and Abigail a hotel room. She remembers the first time they celebrated their love. Chad gushes he loves her and kisses her. She kisses him back and then glances coyly at the bed. They continue kissing ...

Adrienne does not appear interested in hiring Anne. She informs the marketing oriented keener beaner she needs an office manager to help. Lucas insists she would be a great addition. Adrienne will have to ask Jen. Anne assures her she has references and they are all good. Lucas adds Adrienne will not regret giving her a chance ... As a song "Because you're mine" lazily plays in the background, Chad and Abigail undress and slowly make love under the sheets. The depth of their passion shows on their young faces ... Andre and Kate beg to differ about Gabi being the girl for Chad. She is no fan of Abigail. Andre supports the Chad and Abigail love story and believes Kate blames him for ruining her almost relationship with Ed. She snaps damn right and blames his new technology. Then she takes a drink and he gets to thinking ...

Chad and Abigail cuddle in the afterglow without regret. He wants to be the best husband. She murmurs she loves him. He murmurs he loves his Mrs. DiMera and their lips meet again ... Steve leans over to give Kayla a kiss. A fortune teller appears and offers to read Kayla's fortune. Amused Kayla accepts. The fortune teller takes her hand and states she sees a wedding but then it gets bad ... she sees darkness danger ... fire ... and a phoenix! Back in Salem, Adrienne runs into Kate at the square. Kate wants to help her friend get a fashion update and sets her up for a swanky manicure. She excuses herself and gets another groveling text from sorry Ed. There have been several but still she fumes ... After the lovin Chad and Abigail are enjoying fries in bed They suspect Kate and Andre are scheming for a solution. Chad shares that he and Sonny are working on a peaceful solution but wants her to be careful when out and about with Thomas. Abigail gets a text from Gabi asking what Myron told her and lies it was her mom as she puts down the phone. She gets back to Chad, wanting no more problems to come between them, and they kiss in bliss ... Rafe starts to apologize when Steve and Kayla return. Steve says they are cool man, and even brought him a treat. Shane now calls Rafe, who informs the gang he is on his way. The ISA expert will reveal one last thing that might be able to prove Stefano is alive ... Delirious Hope is burning up so Eric carries her outside to cool down. She drops Rafe's religious medallion on the bed. Moments later be brings her back, wrapped in a blanket, and begs her not to die. Hope gasps for her next breath. Eric realizes what he has to do ...


Ahead on Days of Our Lives:
Shane might have a hot lead for the Mod Squad, Nicole is ready to be bailed out, Deimos drops a bombshell on Victor and Maggie.

Kate senses Andre favors Abigail for Chad as he has something long term planned that would benefit his own interests. Kate is a smart woman ... Andre is a master of keeping secrets as well as the mastermind of something surprising.


All the drama in Salem on Thursday, January 26