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Wednesday, January 25, 2017
Episode 13,010
Length:1650 descriptive words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
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Now without further ado ...


Gabi meets Abigail to strategize in secret. Gabi heard about the warring history of the families from Will. They wish Sonny and Chad had not morphed into Victor and Stefano respectively. Abigail refers to Chad as one they both love. Gabi is not sure how to respond ... Sonny has summoned tough talking Chad to join forces in these dangerous times. He wants to give peace a chance ... Meanwhile Dario's tech man Myron is doing his damnedest and Dario rages he will get back what was stolen even if it is over Deimos' dead body ... Brady runs into Deimos at the hospital as they wait for word on the stabbing victim. Brady now updates him on Nicole knowing her truth, about Holly being her and Dan's baby. Deimos is dismayed they are separated behind bars now, mother and daughter, all because she tried to save HIM ... Pretty prisoner Nicole remembers when Brady made Chloe confess Holly was hers. Roman gives her a cup of coffee in the interrogation room and breaks bad news. This is serious stuff! The stabbing victim is still hanging on by a thread in the hospital. She gasps she has a little girl now and cannot go to prison. More flashbacks appear about Chloe's claim she hid the baby from her biological mother due to the murderous man in her life. Deimos. Chloe now looks at the sleeping baby in her hotel room and vows to keep and protect her. Lawyer Belle arrives, as asked, and Chloe requests her assistance in keeping her baby. She feels entitled as the concerned surrogate who gave birth ... Back at the hospital, Brady updates Deimos on the dramatic moment Nicole had. He explained why they had been waiting for proof. He complains Chloe then took off with the baby cos she does not want her around Deimos, who now gets a dangerous look in his Kiriakis eye ... Chloe argues she needs Belle to represent her as she sues for custody cos otherwise the baby will be among mobsters ... Commissioner Roman is having a hard time understanding Nicole's strange story about the stolen embryo. Nicole insists Chloe confessed and wants him to get her baby. No can do cos Chloe is the biological mother on the birth certificate. Nicole wants to do something. Roman is sorry. Even though Justin is working on her case she has yet to be arraigned and there is not a dang thing he can do. He says so in his usual twang ...

Gabi feels uncomfortable and would rather get to business. Abigail apologizes it was an awkward moment. They agree they can handle it and hug. Then they sit and Abigail updates her on Myron the tech as the one who would be able to get things running. Gabi knows who he is, always striking out with waitresses. Abigail wants her to flirt with him but he knows Gabi is not interested so Abigail is told to do it. Meanwhile Myron warns Dario that if Chad and Sonny teamed up, they could get the technology up and running ... At the Kiriakis mansion, Sonny reasons Dario is out for a fight. Chad claims he has no interest in taking sides, which would further a war. This is not the response Sonny was hoping for ... Belle would rather not do legal battle against a biological mother. Chloe reminds her Nicole once stole Sami's baby. Furthermore, she keeps company with a mobster like Deimos. That makes Nicole unfit in Chloe's mind. She begs Belle to help her. She could always count on her back in their high school days. She adds they both need her help - both her and Holly. The mother in Belle starts to cave ...

Myron is working at the club office when Abigail arrives, a devil with a blue dress and a southern accent. She pretends to wait for Dario and flirts up a storm. She calls him hot and shows cleavage, complaining her cell phone is not working. He offers to help. Gabi sneaks a peek at the pair ... Back at the ornate Kiriakis mansion Sonny reasons this is not about violent revenge! Chad reminds him they almost came to blows before. Sonny insists they give peace a chance. He offers to handle Deimos while Chad should handle Andre to avert an all-out war. Chad is listening ... Deimos visits Nicole and she rages at him for his complicity in keeping the truth from her about Holly. He reasons she would have gone through hell if they were wrong. He was after proof first. She cries this is her hell. Deimos dramatically declares he will get her freed and put her baby back in her arms. Nicole sobs, her back to him, her heart breaking ... Belle is IN. Chloe is grateful. But the legal eagle warns her that her own past transgressions and the fact that she is not the biological mom of the baby will be two strikes against her. Brady knocks on the door and Chloe asks him to leave. He refuses and demands they speak ...

Chad worries Dario might get worse when they team up, which would put Gabi and Arianna in grave danger ... Meanwhile tech Myron fixes Abigail's fake phone problem and she gushes at his genius, showing a little leg. She wants to take some selfies with him and gets close, cooing about his sexay smile. She encourages him to show her how simple it is to transfer the photos onto the computer and acts impressed his other work these days is top secret ... Deimos promises to fix everything for Nicole. She asks him to tell Justin the latest and he kisses her, promising to put Chloe behind bars. Then he departs. Nicole is an emotional wreck ... Belle insists on opening the door and orders Chloe to keep her cool. Brady asks for a word with Chloe, who boasts Belle is her lawyer. Brady cannot believe it. He had Chloe watched, fearing she would flee. He warns Nicole will make bail today and take back her baby. Chloe wants to say something but refrains. She will now let Belle fight her battle ... Belle states Chloe is legally the mother on the baby's birth certificate. Brady calls that a lie, one of Chloe's many lies. Belle asks Chloe to leave them for a moment and Brady lets her know Chloe will lose. The baby will be with her mother. Belle shoos him away. He departs and pauses outside the door to give Chloe a dirty look ... Dario is on his way to his office. Gabi frantically texts Abigail to take off now. She is encouraging Myron to explain his algorithm, the fact he will eventually be able to get back what was lost. She stands up after seeing the text. Outside sister Gabi is unable to sidetrack Dario, who walks into the office and wonders what the hell Abigail is up to. She explains she needed help with her phone and he was not here. Myron wishes she would stay and wonders where her accent went. She scurries out and Dario tells him that girl is taken. Chad enters the club and notices Gabi acting strangely. Even stranger is when Abigail appears, claiming she wanted to meet her friend for coffee. She gets seductive and Chad is sidetracked ...

Phone Deimos tells his contact to call with more soon. He then remembers how tragic Nicole looked when he told her he would fix everything. Chloe is completely responsible in his mafia mind. Enter Sonny, asking about Nicole. Deimos growls it is not good. Sonny suspects Dario sent that hitman. Deimos already knows and alludes to a retaliation hit. Sonny urges him not to go to war. There could be collateral damage and innocent casualties as Dario and Deimos go to the mattresses. Sonny states he spoke to Chad who will speak to Andre about avoiding a war. Dario will be the odd man out. Alas that is not enough for Deimos. He suggests Sonny is being childish and points out this is personal to him. Therefore he will not back down. He storms out ... Belle and Chloe hear another knock on the door. This time it is Commissioner Roman ... Chad walks through the square holding hands with Abigail and alludes to wanting her to stay safe. He does care. She teases he has yet to show her and he takes her in his arms to change that ... Dario is at his desk. He shows no remorse when Deimos slithers in. He knows he tried to kill him. Dario gets cocky about trying again. Deimos warns him to watch his own back ... Chloe holds Holly and fears Roman is going to take her. Belle opens the door and Roman confirms they are taking the baby for a paternity test. The lady officer walks in and Chloe announces she is coming too ... Bff Brady returns to Nicole and updates her on the unfortunate latest. Chloe has lawyered up with Belle. Nicole stares at her ex, her friend from across the desk with a determined look in her eye. She notes Holly is hers and Chloe will not be able to keep her from her. Of that she is certain. Brady wonders ...


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Steve romances Kayla, Chad and Abigail celebrate their love, Hope needs saving, Lucas asks Adrienne to give Anne a chance.

Sonny is a lover not a fighter and he will not be able to rein Deimos in. Furthermore, Deimos stole the Kiriakis empire right from under Victor's nose, no matter how he plays it. That means Sonny will have no hesitation in stealing from Deimos down the line. He is one thing that does not belong in Sonny's ideal world anyway ...


All the drama in Salem on Wednesday, January 25