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Friday, March 31, 2017
Episode 13,056
Length:1200 descriptive words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Eric patiently waits at the park with a red rose just for Jen ... Meanwhile Jen sees Maggie at the square and is admittedly anxious about her dress and her date. The redhead hears the Romeo is Eric and the smile fades from her face ... Back in Canada, attentive Brady promises Nicole that no one will ever find them. They will live free and unknown here. Knock knock! ... At the Kiriakis mansion Victor cackles at brother Deimos' appearance and wonders who attacked him. Chad DiMera's men and he will pay ... Chad enters DiMera mansion and Abigail demands to know whether it is true that he ordered an attack on Deimos Kiriakis. Chad hesitates and then admits he did, to teach the rogue he would not let him mess with the family. Abigail is furious he has risked an escalation. Chad's reasons for retaliation sound Stefano-esque ... Victor laughs Deimos looks like Marlon Brando in On the Waterfront. The DiMera thugs must have thrown him kidney punches as well. Deimos is in a snit. Victor reasons he should have expected retaliation for going after Chad's loved ones. He sighs about Brady not being around and Deimos is furious to find out he fled with Nicole. They are on the run, which Victor believes will be bad for Brady, who has his head in the clouds yet again over the wrong girl. Chloe shows up and wants to know what is going to be done about it ... Brady and Nicole have two visitors - happy Hilary and her husband, who is known as Scooter ... Back in Salem Chloe updates Deimos on the information from Eduardo. Deimos cares not if Chloe does not get her daughter back and suggests she go to hell when she gets snarky ... Hilary is surprised to see Tate, another little one. Hubby Scooter is a math professor and starts talking technical to Brady, who in fact does not have a science background as he had stated ... Andre elegantly visits Gabi in her hospital room. He not so subtly reminds her that brotha Chad has a wife ...

Jen wants Maggie to know everything. The redhead believes there is too much baggage for Jen to get together with Eric, given the fact that she was involved with Dan. Also Jen and Eric came together as addicts. Jen is determined to try ... Victor has gone for a walk and soon finds himself face to face with Eric and his rose. He bitterly notes unlike him Dan has no date and he is dead! He taunts him to tell anyone he drives home to buckle up. Eric assures him he is no longer drinking and driving. Victor warns him that those who miss Dan wish they would not have to see him around Salem ... Abigail has heard enough from Stefano-esque Chad and decides to check on Gabi. He will come too ... Gabi hisses at Andre not to threaten her but Andre is loyal to brotha, his wife and son. Gabi insists she is trying to stay away. Now get out! Meanwhile Deimos and Chloe insult each other and he tells her to get lost. She scoffs she was so right about him and storms out ... Scooter tries to talk software but Brady fibs he cannot discuss what he does as there are confidentiality agreements in place. Scooter is a professor on Sabbatical from Winnipeg presumably writing a book. He starts to recognize Bridget and believes he has seen her somewhere. Nicole nervously glosses over it ...

Chad and Abigail pay Gabi a visit in her private room. She is getting out this afternoon. Abigail offers her a ride. No need for Dario is coming. Gabi now thanks Chad for saving her. Abigail gets a message and realizes she must return home to send an email to a florist. Chad opts to stay, only to let Gabi know he just came to say goodbye... again... In the great white north Nicole sends the guys to get them drinks. Hilary complains Scooter is secretly into s-e-x movies but he had better not cheat cos nothing gets past her! Nicole gulps ... Jen waits for Eric by the colorful flowers but no one comes ... Chloe downs wine at the pub and complains to Maggie that Brady has run to Canada with Nicole and baby Holly ... Andre is troubled when working Abigail tells him that Chad is saying goodbye to Gabi ... again. Andre thinks she should not trust her or even Chad for men are known to change their minds and lie. Abigail is sure she has his heart cos he saved her first ... Meanwhile Chad wants Gabi to realize what he said when she was sleeping was true. He gave the antidote to Abigail as he knew Gabi would then be able to catch it. He did not save anyone first ...

Maggie the sage suggests shared custody but Chloe thinks not. She is upset Nicole got a good guy and the baby. She believes she would never be willing to share. Maggie talks compromise. She is certain Nicole will be wanting to see Parker ... Hilary wants the fun to keep going and insists she and her hubby pick up some dinner and bring it back. As they exit Scooter slyly states he knows he has seen Nicole somewhere ... Nicole panics that he perceived she was Misty Circle. Brady thinks that is not likely and wants to be friends with their neighbors ... Jen finds Eric at his office. She assumed she was too late. He sighs he has decided he is moving on but could not bear to hurt her so she cannot be in the picture ... Andre reminds Abigail that Gabi is still aliiiive. He tells her to point out to Chad she is his wife until death do they paaaaaaart ... Gabi agrees it is too hard to see each other so Chad finally tells her goodbye for the last time - that is, if this goodbye takes. Violins play as he walks out. Tears flow down Gabi's face as she remembers their time together and her tight updo seems to get tighter ... Jenny is determined to proceed getting personal with Eric when he is ready ... However, Eric woefully places her picture in the town square trash and walks away, hanging his head ... Chad is back at DiMera mansion. Abigail was waiting and hopes he is alright. He acts like he is. She uncertainly suggests they do something special like renew their wedding vows and take that second honeymoon they talked about. He agrees and they embrace ... Maggie and Victor discuss Brady being on the run with Nicole. They both believe trouble is brewing as Brady is in full hero mode ... Meanwhile Brady assures anxious Nicole he will leave with Tate if she tells him she did not enjoy their kiss. She liked it and she cannot lie so her hero stays ...


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All the drama in Salem on Friday, March 31