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Thursday, March 30, 2017
Episode 13,055
Length:1425 descriptive words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
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Now without further ado ...


Abigail opens the DiMera door to Dario, somewhat surprised he is dropping by to see her. Dario wonders whether she has given thought to his love for her ... At the square Jen and Hope catch up over coffee. Hope asks about Eric and Jen sings his praises. Hope tells her about the picture of Jen he was keeping and wonders. Jen admits they came together once upon a turbulent time ... Roman has been summoned to see Eric and pops by the Horton Center. Eric talks fund raiser at the pub. Papa Roman is impressed and even more so to hear he helped a runaway. He reasons Jen started it all so that girl is good for him ... Ed has not much news for Chloe at the club but she kisses him cos Kate is watching ... Nicole puts Holly down to rest and she cries. Someone rattles the doorknob. Nicole warns she is armed. Brady tells his honey it's cold outside so she opens the door to Brady and little man Tate. Brady could not be without his boy and they are staying. Nicole appears overwhelmed ... Abigail reminds Dario she is married. Dario saw Chad leave and agrees with her decision not to repeat his love talk. Dario wants no weirdness between them and walks inside to smooth things over. Abigail sighs ... Kate comes on over and Ed explains to her he is helping Chloe find Holly. Kate implores him not to go after dangerous Deimos. Chloe counters she did worse when she tried to poison her in the past. Kate pouts it is a pity it did not take ... Back at the luxury cabin Nicole tells Brady he does not have to be here. He announces he wants to be here. They sit on the sofa holding hands and she chides him for taking Tate from family. Brady believes he is his only family and paints a picture of family bliss - her and him and the two kids. She talks Titan. He will not miss it and could start another business! This could be the beginning of something beautiful for the both of them. They should be a real family. Nicole blinks ...

Abigail insists she and Chad are in a good place and he is moving forward from Gabi. Dario treasures their friendship. He asks her to therefore forget his declaration of love ... Chloe gives Ed and Kate some space and Kate blasts him. Ed officially ammounces he wants only Kate but unless she gives him a chance she cannot dictate who he does and does not see. Kate walks out in a huff ... Roman is on the phone about a problem with a pub sink. Eric offers to fix it. Roman thinks he can come with Jen for dinner but Eric does not want to socialize with Jen. He is a man of service now. Roman praises him for the good start ... Jan calls Eric a good meeeeean to Hope and heads off to Abigail. Hope remains at the square and sips her coffee, raising an eyebrow ... Nicole is against a life on the run for Brady and Tate. Brady thinks they can stay here and make roots. He knows how. He believes his son would be safer here without Deimos and his war anyway. Nicole disagrees and he declares he must be with her because he loves her ... Chloe chats with Ed, who is still on her side, and steps away at the square when mama Nancy calls. Ed turns and finds himself face to face with Deimos. Ed rages he will pay for what he did to his youngest child and he will not see him coming. Deimos scoffs and watches him walk away, still obsessed with being the man on top at any cost ... Brady updates Nicole on how he came to see that their friendship love was real love. Others could see it and told him. Nicole laments she just messed up her life and he helped her, so that is not real. But Brady believes he knows real love. Nicole notes he is rebounding from Theresa. Brady denies it. They used to be friends and lovers. She remembers. Tender music plays as he tells her to give them a chance. They might all make it together. Nicole emotionally pauses ...

Abigail acts uneasy. She and Chad are working on their marriage and he is staying away from Gabi so she feels she should stay away from Dario. He implies Chad does not even deserve her but gallantly agrees to stay away. He is here if he hurts her and then he will show her the meaning of love. Late Jen rushes in, sees her daughter's flushed face, and asks whether she interrupted. Abigail says no and Dario assures the mother he just wanted to check on her. Jen is grateful he saved Abigail and he leaves after bidding goodbye in Spanish. Jen senses he cares so Abigail comes clean about what he told her. Jen supports her decision as she is working on her relationship with Chad. Still, Abigail admits a part of her will miss Dario the rock ... Brady feels this is right. Nicole is not sure it is love they are feeling so he closes the distance between them and kisses her on the lips. She kisses him back ... At the square Hope notices Deimos having coffee alone and tells him to have someone take a look at the bruises on his face. He makes light of it and leaves. Hope soap stares ... Nicole is drawn into Brady's hunk appeal and gasps but she needs to be a mom. He gushes he will keep them all safe - her, Holly, and Tate. Nicole woefully wonders if she is not ready to love again. He will wait and concludes she will come around. Brady is a believer in true love time and time again ...

Jen arrives at the deserted pub, only to find sweaty hunk Eric in his undershirt working on the sink. She gasps she should go and he gushes he needs her. Jen's eyes widen at the view. She stays and reads aloud the instructions as asked. Eric works with his screwdriver and she tells him to tighten the seals before turning on the taps. Success and she calls them a good team. Time to get back to the office. Eric suggests they convene at the square to discuss the details of the fundraiser. In an hour. Tis bold and she loves it. He watches her walk out and nods to himself ... As Chloe and Ed eat yogurt by the flowers Ed brings up Kate. Chloe wants to drive her insane but Ed feels they are not making progress. Chloe questions if it is even a good idea to continue the charade ... Deimos is on a phone call about postponing a meeting to keep things private and finding a way to make the punk pay. He has no idea Hope is listening ... Meanwhile Dario downs shots at the blue club. Ring ring! Dario gets a hot lead from a contact at the Canadian border. He takes off to update Ed ... Brady is confident and will give Nicole time. She tells him it is easier to stay friends. He feels things have changed and loves the idea of them here with the kids. Some things were meant to be. She touches his beating heart, wondering whether he is speaking his own feelings or Daniel's, whose noble heart lives inside him ... Jen fixes her lipstick outside the pub, now wearing a stylish mini dress. Eric texts he is already waiting. She will see him soon after one stop. Eric waits by the trees with a single long stem red rose ... Hope goes to the DiMera mansion to warn Abigail that Chad actually had Deimos beaten up and now someone might end up dead ... Dario joins Chloe and Ed with an update on someone matching Nicole's description crossing into Canada. Chloe is dismayed to hear that someone who sounds just like Brady is with her ... Miles away, Brady murmurs he may have Dan's heart but his mind and soul are his and they want a life with Nicole as well as their children. Nothing will stop him. Nicole starts to melt ...


Chad's attack on Deimos will not meet with Abigail's approval. Meanwhile Nicole meets the nutty naughty professor and Eric's rose of romance seems to have a few thorns ...


All the drama in Salem on Thursday, March 30