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Wednesday, March 29, 2017
Episode 13,054
Length:1345 descriptive words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
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Now without further ado ...


Gabi ends a long distance call with her Spanish mama. Eli leaps into her room with a beautiful bouquet of flowers. The brunette smiles and blushes. He heard what happened and assures her he would have protected her had he been there. Gabi enjoys the attention. He flirts he also wants to take her on another date ... Adrienne is awake in her hospital bed trying to collect her thoughts. Sonny sweeps in with her favorite flowers - daylilies. Lucas and Justin also remembered. The lady doctor arrives with her test results ... Tripp innocently asks why Steve went and killed his mom. Steve can only say the ISA ordered her neutralized. Her crime family was considered a threat. That was why he had to neutralize her. Tripp scoffs at the ISA as well as Steve making it sound almost normal that he killed her ... Adrienne has clear nodes and the cancer has not spread. The guys think that is great news. So does beaming Adrienne, She is advised to get her rest which means only meet one visitor at a time. Sonny pulls rank as the son. Kate has already sent her well wishes via Lucas. Adrienne lets them know what a comfort Kate was to her before the surgery, then lowers her voice. She wonders whether Kate told them what she had decided. Justin and Lucas were told that Adrienne asked Kate to tell the man she chose that she loved him but she fell asleep before she could speak his name ...

Steve states he can not reveal any ISA secrets. However it is public record what Ava did. Tripp decides to depart. Kayla and Joey appear and Steve admits he knows what he did. Joey stops his half brother from leaving. There is more to the story. Tripp pauses ... Gabi is not ready for another date. Eli puts himself on her contact list so she can reach him when she is ready. She giggles ... Anne bears gifts for big boss Adrienne. Adrienne asks her to wait outside. Justin and Lucas assure her there is no hurry but Adrienne wants to recall which guy she chose. Lucas wants a quick word alone first so Sonny and Justin step out. Lucas has one more thing to say. He assumes Adrienne will choose Justin, as they have history ... Eli proceeds to probe Gabi about Deimos. The senorita gets suspicious ... Lucas wants Adrienne to know he understands and accepts why she will choose Justin. He just wants her to know how happy he is that she is better. He is here for her and loves her in all forms even as friends ... Kayla steps in and stops Joey, explaining to troubled Tripp that she saw firsthand what Ava was like. She caused the plane crash that killed Shawn Brady Sr and the list goes on. She even abducted her as she was obsessed with Steve. Tripp snaps then both his parents were psycho. Kayla insists Steve is the good parent but Tripp wonders whether he can believe her. She could be lying just to justify why his dad killed his mom. He glances at Joey, who looks as guilty as soap sin ...

Gabi tells off Eli for trying to get information from her. Eli admits he was after information on Deimos and adds they think the goon who grabbed her was working for Deimos, hence his worry ... Adrienne admits to Lucas she feels uncomfortable with her new body but he believes she is still beautiful. She remembers she was going to talk to Justin first. Lucas assumes he will be the biggest loser and assures her he does not want her to feel bad. He gushes he loves her. She interrupts she loves him too and tells him to stop talking. Now she remembers that she was going to choose Lucas, for all the days of their lives ... Tripp demands to know how his mom died. Steve tells Tripp about the pillow. It does not sound like secret agent stuff to the young man. Tripp decides he is done with his dodgy dad. Joey hangs his head in shame ... Gabi wants Eli to understand she cannot discuss Deimos with him for different reasons. She notices him ignore a call and he admits it was from his mother. She has been trying to make contact cos he is mad she lied to him for years about his real father. Gabi the young mom can relate and suggests Val had her reasons. As a mother she believed she needed to protect her child. She too has been there, with her dad who left them to protect them. They have for the most part moved on and forgiven Ed for the past. She lets him know she is here to talk. Eli thanks her for offering to be his listener and wants her to rest. He looks at her with admiration and longing before he leaves ...

Lucas and Adrienne are over the moon as they smooch ... Tripp wants to take off to process the news. Joey suggests he stay at the loft they have lots of room. Kayla and Steve cannot believe it. Joey urges his folks to give his new brother some space. They leave and Tripp thanks him ... As they pause by the pretty spring flowers outside Kayla ends a call with the hospital. There is good news for Steve - sister Adrienne is awake and out of the woods. Steve is elated and wants to see her. Kayla explains Lucas is with her and Justin and Sonny are waiting. Tomorrow then. Meanwhile Jade is sleeping off her overdose. Steve and Kayla worry what will happen - will Joey or Jade reveal to Tripp that Joey was actually the one who killed Ava?! Back at the loft Tripp is looking online on his tablet. He is bothered by all the crazy Ava Vitali headlines in recent history. Joey sits with him and lets him know he can crash on the couch. He also wants him to know their dad is an upstanding guy. Tripp scoffs ... It is Justin's turn to see Adrienne as outside the room elated Lucas tells Anne that she chose HIM. Anne congratulates him and scurries off with an excuse about donuts, fighting back her tears ...

Justin joins Adrienne, assuming he will win the girl. She stuns him when she states she chose Lucas. She loves Lucas but will always treasure the time she and Justin were together. Alas she was after something easier on a daily basis, not the Kiriakis drama. She now needs less excitement in her life. Justin understands and she cries she wants to be friends. Always and he will always love her. He kisses her on the head like a friend. Justin now summons Sonny back to tell him his mom will be with Lucas. Sonny is sorry. Justin says to go see her. She will be sleeping again soon. Lucas appears as he will be the one to take her home when the time comes. Justin soap stares at him. Sonny sits with groggy Adrienne and hopes she made the right choice ... Outside the room Justin is polite to Lucas and takes it like a man. Lucas wants to be friends. Justin warns him to take care of her but never take her for granted as he did. He should cherish her every day of their lives together. Lucas shakes his hand and thanks him ... Steve knows he has a hard time ahead. He will urge Joey to say nothing and will fight to be Tripp's father. Kayla is on his side. He kisses his "sweet woman." Meanwhile Tripp thanks Joey for his help. Joey believes that is what brothers are for and heads to his own bedroom. Once alone, Tripp quietly places a call. It is about Ava Vitali ...


Will romance fan Anne actually give up on love? I think not!
Meanwhile Brady opens his heart - that means Dan's heart - to Nicole.


All the drama in Salem on Wednesday, March 29