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Tuesday, March 28, 2017
Episode 13,053
Length:1500 descriptive words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Kayla checks Jade's hollow eyes and wants her hospitalized. There could be complications. Joey ushers her to the door. Steve and Kayla follow. Tripp will wait, as per Steve's suggestion. Tripp is anxious to hear all about his mother later ... Abe finds Val weeping over Eli at the park. He has been ignoring her attempts at communication. Abe feels the young man will come around and reminds her he is here to help. Val announces she will stay in Salem and fight. Then she excuses herself on an errand ... Deimos has a hefty payoff for his thug and tells him to leave town. Meanwhile at the station JJ shows Chad the photo of said thug. Chad is not interested and JJ blasts him for not trying to get justice for Gabi and Abigail. Chad continues to play it cool. Detective JJ is aware of the dramatic war and insists it will be over if he gets Deimos. Chad claims to have nothing that would help, though he knows the latest crime was committed by Deimos due to his evident enjoyment as the warped voice. JJ wishes he would be able to offer more. Chad ominously alludes to a personal response for Deimos' personal attack. JJ warns him not to go rogue and threatens to arrest him. Chad acts like the only alternative and exits with a smug smile ... Deimos drinks coffee and then checks his phone outside. A bad guy with a weapon hidden under his leather jacket leers his driver and bodyguard are no longer available. He hauls him off as Deimos openly blames Chad ...

At the hospital Kayla agrees to contact Steve as soon as she has an update on Adrienne. Steve laments his son seems lost and has questions about Ava. He assures sweetness he will stick to the official story and she sends him on his way. Enter Val to accept the cardiology position. Kayla is elated and wonders why now ... JJ complains to Eli at the station about sunk ships and other incidents due to the war of the families. FBI Eli offers assistance ... Deimos has been tied to a chair in a dark warehouse. Here comes Chad, followed by his flunky. Payback is a DiMera! Chad plays games on his iphone as Deimos is beaten to a pulp by Chad's man. He shows him a video game and taunts the bloodied Deimos about his own games. Deimos feigns innocence. Chad coldly sits and reminds him he tried to make him choose which woman he loved would live and which one would die. He warns there might not be a guy alive in his chair before long ... JJ gets a call and suddenly has to head somewhere. Tis a hot lead! He takes a rain check with Eli ...

Joey sits with Jade in her hospital room and she reminds him he killed his new half-brother's mother. Again she promises the secret is safe with her. Kayla walks in with a furious look on her face ... JJ pulls his gun at the park and arrests Deimos' thug, who had not left yet town ... Chad expresses his disgust at what Deimos did to the two beautiful girls and mothers. Deimos gasps they were supposed to go back to minding their own business after Orwell was destroyed. Chad acts like he was unaware of it. Deimos rages he then stole his antiquities. Chad rages back about his revenge, going after the girls. Deimos declares he knows how to deal with young punks. Chad rubs in that the girl he loved left him - Nicole - and how it must hurt! Deimos winces ...

Dr. Kayla accuses Jade of taking too many opiates as she almost overdosed. She lies she forgot how many she popped. Joey pleads with her to tell the truth. She apologizes and he asks what else there is. She pouts like a princess ... Tripp eats his burger and some of Steve's as they chow down at the house. Steve smiles at his new son. Tripp asks about the eye patch. Steve admits it was about a woman. He was fighting with his best friend. Tripp wonders whether she was worth it. Steve sighs apart from Kayla most of his choices in women were not good. Tripp notes he must mean his mother was not good. Steve sighs the time has come to tell him Ava's story. Tripp is intrigued ... Chad notes he hit a nerve by bringing up Nicole, who dropped Deimos. He rubs in that she left him forever and Deimos screams to shut up. Chad calmly points at him, pleased with himself ... Abe catches up with Eli outside the pub and urges him to let his mother explain herself. Eli notes it is not his business but Abe is not a man who gives up ... Jade lies she was popping extra pills for the pain. She mutters she messed up and has no one. Joey lets her know he is here. Kayla is keeping her at the hospital for the night for fluids to flush the pills out of her system. Joey will stay until she falls asleep and touches her hand. Kayla notices ...

Tripp is pumped to hear his grandpa was high ranking Sicilian mafia. Steve states he was a sob who hated him when he hooked up with Ava, though they did not last. Alas she never let him know she was with child. Ava only told him a few years ago when she showed up on his doorstep what had happened. Her father had given her baby away. Steve states they followed a lead and he headed to Indonesia with the somewhat unstable Ava but it led nowhere. Now here they are. Tripp asks how his mom will react to his existence. Steve braces himself for the big lie. Tripp wonders if he has told her about him yet. Ring ring! Steve takes a call from Kayla, who explains Adrienne is asleep in recovery and Jade will be staying the night. She asks how it fares with Tripp. Steve thanks her and ends the call. Tripp accuses him of avoiding the topic of his mother, whom he has called unstable. Steve states she was not stable. Tripp thinks she never wanted him. Steve is sorry to tell him that Ava is not alive ... Abe reasons to err is human. Eli bitterly complains about all the times his mother lied to him over the years. Abe believes they need one another. Eli cannot deal with this and walks away ... At the station JJ lets the thug know he has a long record and they have footage of who was involved in the kidnapping of his sister. The thug is silent. JJ states he is facing life in prison unless he names the big cheese boss, aka Deimos Kiriakis ... Badly beaten Deimos starts to cough. Chad offers to spare him of his misery and removes his gun, which he holds under his chin. He plays mind games and suggests he should kill him. Make no mistake. Chad has now gone over to his DiMera dark side ...

Abe pays Val a visit as she unpacks her clothes. He is relieved she is staying in Salem. She wonders why the long face. He apologizes as he spoke to Eli. She wonders how it went. He is not sure but he sure liked fighting for her! It came naturally for someone he loves and he does love her! He is as surprised as she is. She touches his face and tells him she too has found love again. They kiss in bliss ... The thug is not crazy cos Deimos would have him offed in a flash so he wants one thing only. A lawyer. JJ tries to talk tough ... Deimos thinks Chad is not killer enough to do it. Chad demands they end the war now - that is the only way out. Deimos agrees to his terms of no more violence. Chad likes hearing that and stands to leave. He then wishes him luck getting away and shuts the door behind himself. Bloodied Deimos struggles with the ties that bind but no one knows he is here ... Kayla assures Joey that Jade will be alright. However, he is sending her mixed signals. Pal Joey cannot abandon her and asks whether dad told Tripp ... Kayla will wait and hopes that Steve will do as best he can ... Tripp is dismayed that his mom is dead and asks for the details. Steve has to tell his new son that he was the one who ended her life. His eyes are filled with torment. Tripp was not expecting this ...


Chad does not realize he is already morphing into a mini Stefano ...
Meanwhile love is in the air for Lucas!


All the drama in Salem on Tuesday, March 28