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Monday, March 27, 2017
Episode 13,052
Length:1450 descriptive words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Marlena meets Brady at the pub. He whispers he wants this to be like a meeting with a patient for confidentiality. The Blonde believes this is serious. He admits he is assisting a female fugitive on the run ... Jade lounges on the loft sofa as she melodramatically pops painkillers. Joey emerges for food. She clutches her stomach and begs him to stay at her side. Knock knock! Tis Kayla with big news but only for her son. She wants to be alone with him ... Tripp and Steve head to the Salem hospital to take the paternity test. Steve hates needles. Tripp teases him and marvels how easy it was for his maybe father to find him after all his long years of trying to find him. Steve assures him he will not regret it if they are related. And his bio-mom? Steve goes strangely silent ... Abigail the heroine wakes up on the couch as the baby is heard crying. Hero Chad reminds her he always settles down and so he does. Chad feels badly she was poisoned by Deimos. They both wish Gabi would get better soon. Meanwhile Dario asks the respiratory therapist how fares the Salem patient. She admits Gabi is not out of the woods yet. Dario stares at his sleeping sister and wishes she would wake up and breathe on her own ... Smart cookie Marlena does the needy Nicole math. Brady confesses he looooooooves her and has to help her and Holly. Marlena talks turkey. They call it kidnapping and she does not want a life on the run for Brady, who only wants to be with Nicole ... Abigail weakly stands up and states they must visit Gabi. Chad starts to stammer so she insists since they are a team against Deimos. Chad gushes about his amazing wife ...

Kayla tells Jade to go so she goes upstairs. Kayla states it seems they found the maybe brother ... Meanwhile Tripp wonders whether his bio-mom is still searching for him. Steve changes the subject. He wants to wait for the test results first. The nurse announces the test result is a tad delayed so the call will comes later. Tripp sighs and Steve invites him to meet someone he will be wanting to know ... Marlena only cares about Brady and his illegal actions but Brady looooves Nicole and he says it twice. Marlena shrinks him about wanting to live Dan's life. Bearded Brady gets even more intense ... Ed arrives to see his daughter. Dario says Gabi is asleep. Ed is real worried about her not breathing well enough on her own. Dario laments once she needs help breathing her life will never be the same. He goes berserk about wanting to bring down Deimos. Ed reasons to relax until they have proof he was the perpetrator. Then he will be waiting. He asks Dario to play it prudent. But if anything changes all bets are off. He stares at his sleeping daughter ... Back at the loft, Joey asks Kayla if the maybe brother is aware he killed Ava. At that very moment the door opens and the introductions are made. Sullen Joey meets Tripp the charming maybe blond brother ...

Marlena notes Nicole will be caught after a while but Brady has big plans. She tells him he would be unfair to take Tate on the run as well ... Abigail and Chad enter the hospital like a couple. Dario flies at his friend for what happened since he has been thinking about nothing else for the last 24 hours. He denounces him for going all DiMera on Deimos, opening a Pandora's box. Abigail gently asks about Gabi. Her breathing is bad and she seems to have given up as she is not opening her eyes! He storms off and Abigail goes after him. Chad sneaks a peek through the window. Ed sees him and wonders ... Marlena begs Brady to do right by Tate but the boy is in loooooove. She questions whether Nicole returns the sentiment ... Ed emerges to thank Chad for rescuing Gabi. Chad is rather down about Dario blaming him. Ed tells him that was his worry for his sister talking. Chad frowns they both know Deimos did this. Ed agrees. However he will break him only after he has proof. Chad promises to help get that proof. Ed sighs his daughter is not breathing well and steps away for a word with her doctor. Chad slips into Gabi's private room. He sits at her side and holds her hand. Still she sleeps ...

Abigail catches up with hothead Dario, who apologizes. She tells him to blame Deimos. Dario does but is bothered by Chad's behavior with the two girls. Abigail gets it and blames herself for leaving for so long. Dario blasts Chad for not letting Gabi go and leading her on, even when his wife came back to the land of the living. His beautiful sweet smart wife! Butter wouldn't melt in Dario's mouth as he murmurs to the fair Abigail that she deserves to be loved the way HE loves her. Abigail is astonished by his admission ... The lab is slow still and the almost brothers wait with Steve and Kayla at the loft. Tripp asks where his birth mother is and gets interrupted by the appearance of Jade. She introduces herself. Joey mutters this is a family moment so she bitterly takes her pills and tells them she was only looking for her tablet. Tripp grins as she goes. He considers her cute. Kayla explains she is still getting over surgery. Kayla now asks Tripp about his other parents. Tripp will only reveal that his adopted mother passed and he ran away from home years ago from his brutal father. He takes a look around the loft and asks how much the rent is. Joey shrugs he parents pay. Tripp hopes he will be as lucky too and very soon ...

Chad gives unconscious Gabi a pep talk about her strength even when they were in high school. Abigail is aware that they have a connection. He begs her to wake up for her family for HIM and tenderly kisses the sleeping beauty on her forehead ... Abigail is stunned dance partner Dario deceived her. He only wanted to dance with her, there was no other girl. He is sorry he lied buuuut he has been drawn to her since the fateful first day they met! Abigail uses the F word. Friends. Dario snaps she only has half of Chad's heart and deserves to be loved with a man's whole heart! He walks away and she sheds a few tears of torment as she realizes her husband remains torn between two lovers ... Steve wants Tripp to know his old man was also a bad dude. But he overcame as did his sister, who is now fighting off suitors. Tripp smiles, hopeful for his own happy ending. The doctor calls Kayla. Tripp waits. He really wants to be part of this picture perfect family ... At the Kiriakis mansion Brady has his luggage and his little man. He says goodbye to grandfather Victor, as he is going away with Tate. Victor snaps he is being stupid to run off with Nicole the lost cause. Brady gets sarcastic. The Greek gets sarcastic right back. He is annoyed he is running after that female felon when he really needs saving from himself ... Ed and Dario are back with Gabi, who will not wake up. According to the doctor it is entirely up to her now ... Abigail goes back to Chad at the nurse's station. Ed suddenly emerges looking for a doctor. Chad hopes everything is alright ...

Kayla tells the gang that Tripp is indeed Steve's son. Joey sulks. Steve and Tripp start to celebrate with a hug until Jade comes tumbling down the stairs. They all rush to her ragdoll side ... Brady says to say goodbye to Maggie. Victor lets him know he is here if ever he needs anything and they embrace. Brady tells the old guy he loves him and goes. The Greek's eyes darken. This is all the doing of Deimos ... Gabi is wide awake and asks after Chad, aware he was here earlier. Dario explains Chad is with his family and she is with hers now ... Outside the room, Ed explains something somehow brought Gabi back. They have no idea what or who. Chad praises God and gives thanks, watching her intently through the window. Abigail stops and soap stares at the sight ...


Jade and Tripp will find they have a great deal in common, more bad than good ...


All the drama in Salem on Monday, March 27