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Friday, March 24, 2017
Episode 13,051
Length:1610 descriptive words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


At the Kiriakis mansion, Sonny calls about patient Gabi. He worries there was no improvement and updates Brady, who has returned from his mysterious trip. Brady is too busy to listen to what Deimos did this time. Sonny blasts, him sarcastically stating he must be in love again. Then he storms out ... Hilary is back at Nicole's new home and Nicole has trouble getting her story about Brady's work straight. She brings up Holly and Hilary teases she is trying to get rid of her ... Eric is at his Horton Center office, on the phone convincing a troubled youth to come for a talk. He wants to help. Jen overhears and is impressed ... Adrienne is in her hospital room updating her long distance sons on her surgery that is today. Lucas, Justin, and Kate arrive. The doctor updates her on the sequence. Adrienne acts brave and ready ... Rafe rages to Hope about what happened to Gabi and Abigail as they walk into the pub. He spies Deimos with his newspaper and growls, going toward him. Hope tries to stop him ... Adrienne appreciates the male attention and asks for a moment alone with Kate. Lucas and Justin each give her a sweet kiss and step out. Adrienne bursts into tears of fear. She is bothered her breasts will be gone and she is also afraid of the reconstruction. Her plastic surgeon is upbeat but she bawls they will only be bags of liquid! Kate is sympathetic. Adrienne weeps she wants to be the woman she was. Kate consoles her with a hug ... Jen praises Eric, remembering how she was once a kid on the street when Mike found her. She feels Eric is gifted and he asks after Abigail. She is better and home with Chad and Thomas. Eric asks if there is proof against Deimos. No. Jen vows to use her reporter resources to expose that man ... Hope pulls Rafe off Deimos, who buttons his jacket and drawls he is blaming the wrong man. Hope asks him to leave the premises. Exit Deimos. Rafe stares after him like an angry lion ... Sonny arrives at the nurse's station and Lucas steps away to get them coffee. Sonny sits and Justin updates him on how Adrienne was trying to be brave. He senses something is amiss and Sonny shakes his unhappy head. He tells him the whole story of what Deimos did. Justin is appalled. Sonny sighs Gabi is still critical and Justin gasps. Sonny regrets waiting to catch Deimos in the act and being too late. Justin asks about Arianna. Sonny replies she is at the house asking for mommy. If Gabi does not survive he will never forgive ... Justin wonders himself or Deimos. Sonny sighs both. He then sees Kate emerge and asks after his mom. She consoled her but she is afraid. Sonny thanks her with a hug when she sends him into see her. Justin stands there feeling helpless ...

Eric is uneasy with Jen's flattery. She leaves in a huff as Brady arrives ... Nicole accuses Hilary of being judgmental about her lack of knowledge of hubby Freddy's job. She gets jumpy when she hears a noise and Hilary lets her know this is a safe isolated place. She would know how to look out for her anytime and whips out her gun. Nicole is somewhat surprised to see a Canadian in the country casually packing heat ... Sonny kisses his mom and tries to make her feel better. He insists he needs her and she promises to stick around to bother him. He is counting on it and promises to be here for her every step. She praises her dear boy and his beautiful face that gives her strength. Sonny wonders what else he can do. She asks him to send Kate back inside. They kiss and hug again ... Hilary admits she is a cop in the real world, who is now on a three month absence. Nicole had not been expecting this ... Eric and Brady sit and catch up. Eric talks amends but Brady wants him to believe Dan would want him to move on. Eric explains he asked him to come as he heard chatter about Nicole having trouble. Brady confirms that and gets a call he has to take. Eric concludes it must be Nicole. Brady cannot deny it to his brother. She says she is scared but then Hilary is at her door again. Nicole whispers she will call back later and hangs up. Brady looks intense.

Kate gives Adrienne a pep talk. Adrienne appreciates her being her lifeboat. Kate likes the sound of that. Adrienne also feels the need to say something just in case ... Brady laments Nicole did not tell him why she called. Eric gathers he is helping her. Brady wants to be a friend and Eric asks if he loves her. Brady will only use the f word. Friend. Eric hears how she got her miracle baby and Brady believes she was within her rights to run with her. Eric approves of his help. Brady appreciates it and must now get his son. He is happy he reached out and is helping here for he too will be helped. Eric does not rule it out. Brady calls him a best brother and they share a man hug ... Hilary apologizes to Nicole for spooking her with the gun, which she has since locked up at home. She suggests a kid friendly place for a bite to eat. Nicole pretends she has to unpack. Hilary knows she is trying to get rid of her and says she will see her. Nicole shuts the door with a sigh ...

Brady is taking Tate through the square as he leaves Nicole an anxious message. Jen runs into him all smiles and he suggests she tell him about what was bothering her with Eric. She makes light of it and asks how he fares. Brady admits he is bothered by others assuming ... Jen gushes that he still loves Nicole even though he might not realize it ... At the station Rafe informs Hope that Raines wants proof. He calls to check on Gabi, who is hanging on. He mutters to Hope they will have to bring down Deimos on their own. Hope suggests they enlist someone on the inside. Rafe calls his insider of choice ... Kate stands with stoic Lucas, Sonny stands in support of his father as Adrienne is taken for surgery ... Rafe leaves Sonny a message that they need to talk about Deimos. Meanwhile Hope calls Deimos, arranging to meet him at the house ... Brady sits with Jen and explains he knows something was up with her and Eric. Jen admits she became annoyed that he blew off her praise. Brady urges her not to give up on his brother. Jen thanks him for the wise advice, hugs him, and heads for the Horton Center. Brady gets his call from Nicole, who updates him on new neighbor Hilary being a cop. Brady notes she is a cop in Canada but Nicole believes she might see the amber alert. Brady wants her to wait. She laments she has to do something ... Hope meets with Deimos at the Kiriakis mansion and mentions his run-in with Rafe. Deimos assures her he will not retaliate. He now gets a call he takes in his office, asking her to see herself out. Hope springs into action and opens a drawer as he converses in the other room ...

In his office Eric reads a letter he has written Nicole. Maybe someday ... Jen interrupts to apologize and he excuses himself to a meeting with the runaway girl. Jen stares at the drawer where he shoved his tablet and looks around ... Brady thinks it is good there is a cop near Nicole. She hears Tate fussing and apologizes for being a bother. He insists she is no bother and he will not let anyone ever take Holly from her. He implores her not to run again. She glances at her packed bag and promises. After the call, Brady tells Tate she has to keep her promise cos he could not bear the thought of losing her! Then he realizes he is hopelessly in love again ... The lady doctor updates the gang that the surgery is over. There are no biopsy results yet though the reconstructive step is set to begin. Kate wonders where Sonny went. Justin wonders what Adrienne had said to Kate. Lucas would like to know as well. Kate only heard her say to tell HIM she loves him, after which she fell asleep. Evidently she made her choice but no one knows who it is ... Sonny meets Rafe at the station. He asks about Arianna. Sonny sadly states she is asking after her mom. Rafe wants Deimos to pay. Sonny too since he hates the sob. Rafe invites him to be his man on the inside to find out who Deimos uses to do his bidding, how he pays the thugs. Sonny senses he suspects he pays them through Titan. Rafe warns him Victor will not like it but Sonny cares not. They shake on it ... Deimos is on his phone ordering his man not to lose sight of Brady, who will eventually lead them to Nicole. There are fake yellows flowers on the desk. He has no idea Hope has bugged them and hears every single recorded word. The clock of comeuppance is ticking ...


All the drama in Salem on Friday, March 24