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Thursday, March 23, 2017
Episode 13,050
Length:1510 descriptive words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
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Now without further ado ...


Steve and cardigan girl Kayla converse at the Arizona diner. Steve has just spoken to Joe, who is taking Jade home in Salem. He has a bad feeling she will continue to cling. They are in Arizona as Tripp the maybe long lost son works here. The super couple are served by the owner. Steve asks about Tripp. The burly man scowls that sob no longer works here. Steve wonders about his shiner and he changes the subject ... Sonny storms in to complain to King Victor of the Kiriakis clan. He updates him on how Deimos has gone too far and rages to rein him in or he will! Victor looks up from his newspaper. Meanwhile at the club Paul is finally able to get a read on the text that sent Chad racing out of the club. JJ and Dario read it as well ... Replay of Abigail getting the antidote first from Chad. Gabi sounds like she is on her last breath as Deimos' disguised voice cruelly counts down the remaining seconds ... Steve muses Tripp made the owner of the diner mad. The hothead owner rages he was giving food to his friends for free. Steve senses something is amiss. Kayla assures him they are in this together. A harmonica plays as he states sweetness, I can face anything with you. He means it too. Kayla smiles ... Sonny is exasperated that Victor is not bothered by what Deimos did to Abigail, Gabi and Chad. The tycoon points out there is no proof. Sonny is furious since Gabi and Abigail are also family to him. Victor the Greek plays it cool, believing with Deimos it is always about business, nothing personal. He worries Sonny might provoke his unpredictable brother. Sonny refuses to stand idly by and do nothing. Victor reminds him he is not yet ready to run the family. Sonny, however, is prepared to take power to do things the right way, orders be damned ...

Paul, JJ and Dario race to get to the warehouse in time. Chad tosses tough girl Gabi the small bottle of antidote and she literally drinks it with her free hand in the last second ... Joe has taken Jade home to the teen loft and gets her comfy on the couch. He will pick up her prescriptions. She reminds him he once told her that he would not be charged for the murder of Ava as there was a thing called confidentiality with professionals who knew - and out of the blue assures him she will never tell a soul. Strange music plays ... Back in Arizona, Tripp arrives at the diner for the pay check he is owed and the owner tries to kick him out. Tripp argues he only fired him after he came to the rescue of the pretty waitress he was all over. The owner screams he will call the cops. Steve takes a long look at the blond boy who might be his and slowly stands ... Abigail gasps Chad must go help Gabi now so he races over to her. JJ, Dario and Paul arrive. Both girls are unconscious as they are carried out ... Deimos hears the commotion and curses. Foiled again!

Jade's mother calls, praising her daughter and offering to help her. Jade leers leave her alone and hangs up. Joey returns with her prescriptions and she lies it was a reporter pestering her ... Steve casually informs the diner owner he is obliged to pay the boy for the hours he worked. The owner pushes him hard so Steve slugs him back. The owner growls he is gonna call the cops and walks off. Tripp gushes wooooow and wonders who the helpful stranger is. Steve tells it like it is. He might be his biological father ... Deimos returns to the Kiriakis mansion and drinks and drinks. Victor blasts his brother for not covering his damn tracks if he did what Sonny suspects. Deimos confirms he did it. Victor demands he drop his vendetta against the DiMeras as it is bothering Sonny. Deimos scowls he cares not about Sonny. Victor barks he'd better care ... Chad is at Abigail;s side as she remains unconscious in her hospital room. He begs her to fight for their family. Dario enters, explaining the doctors are examining Gabi. He wonders. Chad insists this was the doing of Deimos. He gave each girl half the antidote and makes no mention of how close he cut it for Gabi. Dario hopes the half dose will be enough for each ...

Back at the loft, Jade is lying her head off to Joe. She manipulates him into feeling sorry for her and puts her head on his shoulder ... Tripp asks if Steve is serious. Steve introduces himself as well as his wife Kayla. Tripp admits he has been searching for his folks and finds out Kayla is not his mother. Steve already knows about his search since Raymond told him. Kayla adds Steve had no idea of his existence. Steve sighs he tried to track him down but according to the records the baby died. Then Ray realized the records were wrong. Tripp wonders who and where his birth mother might be. Steve soap stares ... JJ and Paul watch sleeping Gabi through the window. Paul feels awful but JJ knows she is strong enough to survive. Now he has a police report to go write. Paul points out Deimos did not leave any proof behind. JJ knows it but has to make a report anyway ... Paul now calls Sonny with the news that Deimos poisoned the girls and Gabi is not good. Sonny is on his way! But before he heads out, Deimos walks into the room. Sonny clashes with him and calls him names ...

Dario sighs he does not judge Chad but is afraid for Abigail. Chad is worried as well. The girls simply have to survive! Dario tries to make him feel better by telling him he would have done the same. Chad steps away for a moment. Dario now tenderly takes Abigail by the hand. He thinks he loves her. Abigail wakes up and whispers Chad? ... Deimos has no interest in anything Sonny has to say. Sonny warns he will seize control of the family and he means it too ... Chad comes back to Abigail before Dario can continue his bedside I love you. He kisses his baby and Dario leaves. Abigail admits she is worried about Gabi. Chad hopes he was not too late giving Gabi the antidote. Abigail urges him to check on her as she is too feeble to see for herself. Chad obliges ... Sonny has joined Paul, who updates him on what Deimos did. Sonny is disgusted Deimos actually wanted one of the girls to die. He feels it is all his fault ... Joe continues to be duped by desperate Jade ... Steve has to tell Tripp his mom was Ava, a woman from his past. Married? Negative. Things did not end well between them and she never shared she was with child. He would have been a father to his son had he known. Tripp poses more questions. Steve explains Ava's father forced her to give away her baby. Tripp asks if she ever came looking for him so Steve changes the subject. They need a DNA test to make sure they are right. Tripp the smart cookie notes he does not like to talk about Ava ...

Paul insists Sonny could not have predicted this! Chad joins them and blames himself. Paul and Sonny step away to visit Abigail. Chad is alone with Gabi in her room. He implores her to fight, to open her beautiful brown eyes, and tenderly kisses her hand ... Joey warns Jade of the power of the painkillers. Only take then if necessary cos they can cause harm when overdone. The second he steps away she downs a handful to make sure he stays with her ... The police have arrived outside the dining establishment in Arizona. Tripp wants to take off. Steve drawls he will fix it and steps out to take care of the matter. Kayla proudly points out he is a private investigator who used to be ISA. Tripp is impressed ... Paul apologizes for not finding the girls sooner. Sonny asks Abigail whether they actually saw Deimos. No but the voice definitely belonged to Deimos despite the disguise. Sonny plans to take care of him once and for all but Abigail wants only peace to prevail. She innocently asks about Gabi ... Chad implores Gabi to wake up. Dario interrupts the moment and mutters to go back to his wife. Chad walks out and sits in the waiting area, still torn between the two women. Enter Deimos with a dangerous glint in his eye ...


Deimos risks losing a life, Chad risks losing a wife, Tripper is ready for Salem town, while Sonny schemes to take the Kiriakis crown.

All the drama in Salem on Thursday, March 23