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Wednesday, March 22, 2017
Episode 13,049
Length:1320 descriptive words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Replay of Dario finding the wallet and other contents from Abigail's handbag on the ground. Meanwhile Deimos barks on his phone, furious about his latest loss, fuming he will at least take action against Chad ... Paul meets Sonny outside with an intel update. He states Deimos has something planned with 2 goons. Sonny says to keep watching and waiting. Paul hopes they will not be too late in case Deimos is after Chad already. He has a bad feeling but Sonny wants to wait until they can prove that Deimos has made a move ... Dario shows Chad Abigail's fallen belongings and states it looked like a struggle ... The goon carts protesting Gabi to the same warehouse where he is already holding tied up Abigail ... Sonny listens to Deimos' phone call at the Kiriakis mansion. The deed is done and he shall make this war that Chad started totally personal! ... Back at the warehouse fighting Gabi gets tied to a chair too. The goon lets it slip that this is nothing personal against the pair. The girls deduce Chad DiMera is the one they are after. Meanwhile Chad leaves Abigail an anxious message. Dario is exasperated he has no tracking app to track his wife. He would if he was a DiMera! Chad concludes Deimos did this. Eli watches Chad and Dario somewhat suspiciously ... Chad announces to the audience that Abigail had to attend to their rambunctious one year old. He fibs she asked him to thank them all for their generosity and to enjoy the party. Dario makes a call and mutters he needs someone found ... As Eli chats with Chad, the DiMera receives a telling text from her phone from a goon. They have Abigail at the docks and she will die if he does not show at a certain warehouse. Chad starts to sweat ...

Lani talks shop with JJ and he sneaks a kiss at the square. Abe clears his throat and asks for a word alone with his daughter. JJ excuses himself on coffee duty. Lani sweetly hopes her honorable mayoral father will accept that she and JJ have something real. Abe tells her that one is trouble and he does not trust him! Lani gushes her guy makes her happy the same way Val seems to make Abe happy. Pause. The mayor was wondering ... Back at the Kiriakis mansion, Sonny clashes with Deimos, demanding he tell him what he is going to do to Chad. He snaps at him as he will only sink the whole family with his sinister stupidity! Deimos scoffs and calls him Sonnyboy. He drawls he did not start this war and will only reveal that theirs will be the family that is still standing after the dust settles. They are the future. Sonny insists he is the future not Deimos. Deimos treats him like a schoolboy ... Abigail argues with the goon to let Gabi go. They have her and she should be enough since as Chad's wife she is the woman he loves. The goon quips the other woman matters to Chad too ... Chad arrives outside the warehouse as instructed, only to be knocked on the head by another goon, who drags him inside ...

Lani learns from Abe that Eli has denounced mama Val. He understands his anger but Val had her reasons for not revealing the truth in those tough times. The son is hurting and Lani can sympathize. Abe asks her to have a word with Eli, whom she does not really know. He has faith in her ability to get through to others and is counting on her getting him to come around ... Back at the club Dario innocently asks Eli whether he happened to notice when Abigail and Gabi took their leave. He tries to play it cool. Eli had noticed something was off with his sister and tells him to give her his best. As Dario leaves Gabi a message, Sonny places a frantic call to Paul. FIND CHAD NOW! DEIMOS HAS SOMETHING PLANNED TONIGHT! Paul wants to involve the police immediately. Sonny thinks it is premature. He convinces Paul to keep an eye on Chad while he watches and listens to Deimos at the Kiriakis mansion. However, when he returns he discovers Deimos has disappeared ...

Chad wakes up tied to a chair between the two girls. Abigail blames Deimos for doing this. The goon has two IVs hooked up to the girls ... Abe leaves and Lani informs JJ what he asked of her. JJ notes Eli is now at the benefit with Gabi as Abigail set them up. They are on their way ... Dario finds out that Gabi did not get home when he calls Rafe though he does not reveal why he really wants to know ... Chad cries let them go. He tries to head butt the goon and apologizes to the girls. He demands that sob Deimos face him. A disguised voice laughs over a speaker. Chad deduces it is Deimos. The voice taunts he intends to make his life a living hell and he shall succeed ... JJ and Lani confer with Eli at the club. The party is over. JJ asks about Gabi. She did not feel well and was gone early, as was Abigail. JJ steps away to investigate what happened to his sister. Lani wants to talk to Eli. She brings up his private and personal moment at David's casket, the fact that she knew not at the time he was his father. Eli is annoyed he was being observed. Lani admits that Abe asked her to talk to him ... Paul approaches JJ at the club and shares everything he knows. Dario adds he has no idea where Chad took off after both girls were gone but he did come across Abigail's fallen belongings outside ...

The voice taunts Chad for his tangled love life. He leers he will force him to choose which woman he wants tonight. The girls loudly protest. When they learn the IVs contain fast acting poison and they are both to be injected, they scream. Chad howls in horror. The disguised voice of Deimos declares he will leave ONE antidote for one woman only and Chad will have 30 seconds to save her life. The other one will die and her child will be left without a mother all because of Chad ... Lani reasons her mom also lied but later she realized she was doing her best at a difficult time. Eli snaps to stay out of his business ... JJ and Dario examine the club footage. Sonny calls Paul, panicking that he lost Deimos and gets more dire news. Both Abigail and Gabi have gone missing, not to mention Chad. Paul points out they must stop Deimos before it is too late. Sonny pauses ... The voice taunts Chad, who rages he will hunt him down. Drip drip drip says Deimos. The women scream and sob noooooo, sensing the end is near ... Eli flat out refuses to forgive and forget the soap sins of the mother. Lani warns him he will end up alone ... JJ is shown footage of the goon who approached both Abigail and Gabi. Jump Street JJ has seen him before at the station and he is no reporter! Paul, JJ, and Dario now discover that Chad had a shocked reaction to a text just before he took off. JJ would need to see that text ... Chad has 30 seconds to save one life only. He is freed and takes the bottle of antidote in his hand. Gabi starts to loosen her wrist as Abigail hyperventilates. Chad assures coughing Gabi it will be alright, then rushes to Abigail to pour some down her pale slim throat ...


This drama later leads to surprising decisions from Sonny and Abigail ...


All the drama in Salem on Wednesday, March 22