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Tuesday, March 21, 2017
Episode 13,048
Length:1120 descriptive words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
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Now without further ado ...


Brady assures Nicole he got Holly to sleep at the lovely rustic home he got her here in Canada. They made it across the border with their new names and address. 29 Moosehead Lane. He bought the place from his Cayman account so Deimos will never be able to find her. Meanwhile in Salem Deimos has reached a dead end with Nicole's whereabouts. He tells his man they have bigger fish to fry today, meaning Chad ... At the club Abigail asks Dario about the microphone for Chad's speech. He drawls how lucky he is and suggests she get ready but where is Chad? Outside with Gabi. Dario wonders why ... Gabi gasps Chad loves her, she loves him too but he replies he cannot see her anymore. He has a wife and a family. She gets emotional and a bit bitter about letting go, given their feelings. But she will do it ... At the square Ed promises Chloe he will find Nicole and Holly. Deimos appears and asks find what. Ed lies her lost earrings. Deimos brings up the Brookfield clinic and alludes to Nicole. He hisses Chloe will never see Holly again ... Brady senses Nicole is having hesitation about her new life up north. He suggests he stay with them and sweet music plays ... Abigail wonders why Dario is acting so distant. She defends Chad as a good DiMera and Dario sure hopes so. He had better not harm anyone he cares about. Abigail assumes he is only referring to his sister. Dario excuses himself to the auction register ... Gabi agrees she and Chad are officially out of each others' lives. Elegant Eli arrives. She goes inside with her date and Chad bites his lip ... Nicole believes Brady belongs in Salem. He notes he needs to see his boy but will be back. Knock knock! Next door neighbor Hilary has banana bread waiting and a warm welcome. Brady introduces himself as Freddie Smith and this is wife Bridget ... Ed stands up to take on Deimos and calls him crazy if he thinks he will ever lead him to Nicole. Deimos is hard on Chloe for partnering up with Ed, whom he sarcastically calls her white knight. Ed warns him to back off. Deimos taunts what is amigo going to do about it. Ed gives him a cowboy death stare. Deimos dares him and Ed suggests he get going.

The new neighbor asks a lot of questions of the couple and their romance. Brady tells the half true story of them and Nicole gushes he is her best friend and her hero ... At the club party Eli talks relatives and asks date Gabi about her childhood. He would like to dance but she excuses herself to the ladies room. She ends up in the club office and cries about Chad cutting her out. Abigail follows and slams the door behind herself. She informs her she knows how Chad feels and what he just said to her. She is deeply sorry her friend is hurting. Gabi sadly states she agreed to stay out of Chad's life. Abigail hopes to have her friend in her life again one day ... Nicole and Brady blush and the neighbor notices their hot romance. Brady alludes to having to leave and Hilary discreetly departs. Mr. and Mrs. Smith have a poignant see you moment and then he is gone. Hilary could tell there was a baby as the bassinet was left in the living room. She is a very perceptive person ...

Chloe cannot finish her dinner at the square and Eduardo blames Deimos. Chloe sighs she has no one on her side and feels all alone in Salem. Ed reminds her she has him and the Hernandez men are relentless when they want something ... Abigail is looking for Chad. Dario apologizes for his earlier rudeness. He asks her to slow dance ... Eli chats with Gabi again about Chad, now asks Gabi her story. The fashionista business owner wants him to know she did time. Eli is all for second chances and admires the view ... Chad cuts in on dancing Dario and Abigail kisses him as their song start to play. He spoke to Gabi. She knows. Gabi woefully watches but she is strong ... After coffee Chloe feels better thanks to Ed, who pays the bill. She wants to do something for him now and tells him how they could get Kate jealous as she knows he is into her. Chloe laughs she knows what would push her buttons next time they see her. He wonders so she shows him. A passionate kiss ... Nicole is enjoying banana bread with Hilary ... Back in Salem Gabi turns down a dance with Eli and asks for a soda. Dario approaches and she admits she and Chad said their goodbyes. Dario lets her know she can leave early ... Abigail senses Chad has something on his mind. He states it is his speech. He steps away and a man approaches Abigail claiming to be a reporter who came late. He would like an interview outside where it is less noisy. She makes the mistake of believing him ...

Chloe has left Eduardo breathless. He lets her know he is in love with Kate. Chloe wants to help him get her back as he is helping her get Holly. Ed nods ... Brady is back at the Kiriakis mansion, ending a call with his pilot. Deimos demands to know where he took Nicole. Brady lies he knows nothing and heads to bed. Deimos curses him ... Hilary wishes Nicole a nice night and leaves. Nicole attends to her sleeping baby, whose fever broke. She believes this place could be the start of a new beginning with Brady coming by. This could be their little heaven. She sings twinkle twinkle little star ... Phone Hilary is outside telling the captain she is back in her cabin and no more tough cases, cos this police detective is officially on holiday ... Gabi informs Eli she should go home. She tells him to stay and turns down his offer of a ride. Chad emerges with the mike to thank the guests for coming. He then praises Abigail and invites her to join him. But Abigail is nowhere to be seen. Dario steps outside and finds her fallen wallet by the flowers ... Gabi is rushing home and stops at the pretty park to cry. The bogus reporter steps out and now approaches her. No one is around to help ...


CATHY'S COMMENTS ON DAYS AHEAD: Sonny knows Deimos has made his move but can he will he take action in time?!


All the drama in Salem on Tuesday, March 21