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Monday, March 20, 2017
Episode 13,047
Length:1230 descriptive words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
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Now without further ado ...


At DiMera mansion Chad and Abigail are dressed for success. He compliments her on the stunning cocktail dress. Tonight is his big speech but he is noticeably nervous ... about something else ... Meanwhile at the Hernandez household Gabi panics about the lack of bathroom lighting. She demands Dario replace the bulb but he will not as he already has his suit on. She realizes seeing Abigail is making him nervous and mocks him for it. He insists he is only anxious about the event - which is the first of its kind since their clan bought the club. But Gabi, he knows, is really nervous over Chad ... Jen and Eric's tender kiss has lasted the whole weekend. Alas he pulls away and apologizes, gasping he cannot want her ... them ... them ... no ... cannot love her ... Ciara drops her letter at the loft. Claire jumps up and screams in indignation. Theo puts his shirt on and soap stares, feeling uneasy all of a sudden. He makes himself scarce. Ciara screams back at Claire for what they were doing in their common living room and lets it slip she thinks they should not be doing that anywhere! Claire glares daggers at her romantic rival ... Gabi now paints her face in the kitchen with her compact. Dario bugs her about Chad. She replies she happens to have a date! Abigail arranged for her to attend the event with cousin Eli and she could not say no. She is moving forward from Chad. Dario wishes he could forget his feelings for Abigail and they confer on the complications of their tangled lives ...

Chad announces the party has to wait. Abigail's face falls when he admits he was lucid when he was locked up with Gabi, which is when he realized he was still in love with her. Abigail weeps he will leave her. He exclaims he will not and wants to get over his feelings for Gabi. He loves their life together and will remove Gabi from his reality tonight. Abigail is his only forever love ... Jen gushes she is going to wait for Eric cos lips don't lie and she knows he wants her! She flounces out with a smile and a spring in her step ... Claire confronts Ciara cos Theo is hers. She hisses to get out ... Gabi appears in her slinky dress and agrees she and dapper Dario will make the best of their situations ... Abigail weeps as she attempts to understand that Chad loves Gabi and would like to stop. He gasps he cannot lose Abigail and did not intend to hurt her. She weeps but he did though she suspected he had lingering feelings for her friend Gabi. She will miss her when she is gone from their lives. But he has to tell her tonight! Chad stammers and excuses himself to bring the automobile around. Jenny drops by and finds her daughter in a state ...

Ciara sits at the square all alone. Maggie the good listener joins her and wonders about her upset. Ciara tells her the whole story. Maggie and her good hair are sympathetic. Ciara claims Claire's love for Theo is self-serving, not pure. He deserves better and she sighs it is too late for her ... Jen's face is still flushed from Eric's kiss. Abigail's face is red from crying over her realization that Chad also loves another. Jen is upbeat about Chad being honest and stepping up to do the right thing. Abigail cries on her mother's pink cardigan ... Dario the sneak now suggests a scheme, whereby he and Gabi could help each another get the one that they want. If Abigail caught Gabi in a compromising position with Chad, she would turn to him and that would free up Chad. It all sounds too desperate for Gabi, however. She would never settle for being any man's second choice ...

Maggie concludes Ciara should give Claire a break but do give Theo her truthful letter. She gives her a supportive embrace and urges her not to be afraid of love. Ciara holds her letter with a sigh and realizes what she needs to do ... Coy Claire wants to keep going when Theo gets back but he feels different now as they sit on the couch. Perhaps the interruption was a sign they are not really ready. Claire petulantly protests ... Jen advises her distraught daughter to stay home. Abigail sobs she is strong and supports Chad. Chad returns and she steps away to fix her smudged makeup. Jenny assures Chad that Abigail loves him a great deal. He returns the sentiment ... Theo tells cross Claire the timing will be right soon and Claire gets a conniving look in her eye. She insists they take a trip together, destination the Green Mountain Lodge for their own magical moment like in the movies. She calls to make their fruitful reservation. Theo stands in silence ... Eric the lost soul pays Maggie a visit. She is already aware of his Horton Center job. He breathes he wants her to know ... he hopes to make amends though he is at a loss how. He hopes to help others. However if his presence causes her pain ... The redhead has heard enough ... At the club, Gabi and Dario come in time to see a sweet and supportive kiss between glam Chad and Abigail. It isn't easy for the Hernandez siblings to swallow ...

Maggie urges Eric to remember that once upon a time she too was a drunk who drove and caused an accident but luckily her victim survived. She laments she misses Dan daily and tells Eric not to give up on life. For Dan and for him himself he needs to use his second chance for good! He must make it meaningful for Dan's sake, for all their sakes! Tears trickle down his face and the former father gets a hug from the saintly redhead ... Back at the loft, Claire comes out of her room in time to see Ciara stuff her letter into Theo's bag ... Gabi compliments cordial Abigail and excuses herself. Chad tells his wife he will find them a good place at the party. Abigail is sorry when Dario lets her know his date did not arrive. She excuses herself to mingle with important board members ... Chad quietly informs Gabi they need to speak alone ... Eric is already setting up at his new office. Jen watches from the door as he opens his holy bible ... Once Ciara has left, Claire digs out the letter and reads her heartfelt confession. She curses her two faced competitor and conceals the letter behind her back when Theo emerges ... Abigail wants to win over some stuffy investors she already sent some champagne. It is time to get the party started and she asks Dario to dance with her to liven things up. He refuses and leaves her standing alone, wondering ... Chad follows Gabi outside, She automatically assumes it is about Eli but he exclaims he loves her. This is the last thing Gabi had been expecting ...


Keep the ending in mind amid the emotional turmoil - Ciara's days are numbered in Salem, and Chad and Abigail will be the long run winners ...


All the drama in Salem on Monday, March 20