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Friday, March 17, 2017
Episode 13,046
Length:1300 descriptive words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
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Now without further ado ...


Roman teases Eric for the bad cabin coffee. He then suggests he come home to Salem. Eric explains he only agreed to meet the people of the Horton Center. Papa Roman wonders what changed his mind and Jen enters with a girlish grin ... Claire watches Theo studying at the loft and remembers Ciara's admission of being sweet on him. She greets her honey with a kiss on his lap and lets him know she wants to make love now ... Ed summons Chloe to the square and promises his people will know the minute Deimos makes a move. They sit and he promises to help her get her girl back, for her, for them. He states he feels strongly about it and she hugs him in gratitude. Stylish Kate spies the pair and sighs ... Nicole and Brady have their passports and Canadian coats ready. The story is they are heading to Winnipeg, to visit the baby's grandmother. Nicole is nervous so he holds her and they prepare to catch their bus ... until Nicole notices Holly has a fever. She gasps her baby need a doctor so Brady agrees to take them to a discreet one ... Theo wonders why the hurry and assures Claire he does love her too. Claire wonders why wait then. Ciara appears and wonders why wait for what ...

Happy Jen has Horton papers for Eric to sign. Eric will also need a new a place so Roman gives him the card of a good realtor. He steps away to call and Roman emotionally thanks Jen for helping ... Kate gets catty and cross especially when she hears how Ed is helping Chloe. She warns him every man who makes the mistake of getting mixed up with Chloe Lane lives to regret it ... Claire covers they were discussing dinner. Ciara explains she is spending the night with her free mother and wishes them a good dinner. When she goes to get her belongings, Claire claims the stars are in their favor tonight and kisses Theo ... Roman thanks Jen for bringing Eric back to the world. Eric happily returns, having arranged for a studio apartment. Roman heartily hugs his son, reminds him to call mama Marlena, bids Jen goodbye and takes his leave. Now that they are alone Jen hands Eric the contract. First he wants to clarify ... Ed asks Chloe to give him a moment alone with Kate so she quietly gives them space. Ed does not approve of Kate' s verbal attack on Chloe. Kate is hard on her still. Ed, however, notes Nicole abducted the baby whereas Chloe did nothing wrong other than giving birth. Kate hisses the same thing happened to her and tells the tale of Vivian. That baby does not belong with Chloe. Ed has his reasons for remaining in Chloe's corner. Kate warns him she has alienated all her once love interests and Ed snaps that sometimes happens. He eyes her to ensure she gets his message ...

Nicole and Brady have brought baby Holly to Dr. Lee's clinic outside Salem. Lee, however, is not on their side ... Claire coyly sends Theo to the store to buy something so she does not end up like Jade. Tonight is the night! Theo takes a deep breath, grins, and goes. She will be waiting! Ciara emerges and brings up her revelation of remaining feelings for Theo. Claire makes light of it and the friends embrace. Exit Ciara. Blonde ambition Claire has big plans to make the place perfect ... Kate accuses Ed of comparing her to Chloe, whom she hates. Ed disagrees. However, he gave Chloe his word he would help her. Kate snaps he is wrong to do so. Ed suspects that is her jealousy talking! She scoffs he is not as smart as she thought and waltzes off. Chloe wonders whether Ed has changed his mind. On the contrary ... Eric is about to sign the contract and asks if Jen has informed Maggie of his involvement with the Horton Center. Not yet. And Nicole? He laments losing Dan ruined her life and blames himself for her having to go on the run with Holly ... Brady pressures Dr. Lee to help get the baby's fever down! Nicole begs him not to turn them in and reminds him this baby is her and Daniel's. Brady argues he owes them and the doctor agrees to examine Holly ... At the dark park Ciara bumps into Theo and picks up the bag he dropped, handing it back to him. Theo stammers and excuses himself in a hurry. Julie arrives in her bright red jacket and asks Ciara about her mystery boy. Ciara admits it is Theo. She wishes she could tell him how she feels. Julie encourages her to jump in but Ciara is worried ... Eric explains to Jen that he has been hanging onto her picture for seeing her friendly face in prison and thinking of her daily made him feel better. Jen is touched ... Lee has some drops for baby Holly and informs Brady and Nicole he will be back to check on her soon. He expects the fever to come down. Brady and Nicole breathe a sigh of relief. Meanwhile Lee returns to his office and calls Eduardo. He suggests he come to his clinic out of town as soon as possible, Ed and Chloe are on their way. Smart Ed had the foresight to figure Nicole would contact Lee if Holly needed a doctor. Chloe hopes she is alright. Holly that is ...

Kate sits at the Brady pub bar and demands the bartender make her a vodka martini right now. The bartender turns around. Tis Roman! He asks what the problem is ... Ciara tells Julie she cannot talk to Theo easily so Julie suggests she write him a letter instead. Ciara flounces off to do just that. Julie looks like she has her doubts ... Theo gets back to the loft with his bag and he likes the lighting. Claire coos she wants their first time to be magical like in the movies. He just wants to make certain she is ready and then she kisses him ... Ciara sits alone and reads the letter she wrote in red to Theo expressing her feelings. She remembers their entire history and decides to drop it off at the loft, assuming he is still out on errands ... Jen and Eric discuss the almost them. He knows not what the future holds. Jen is confused too but they can talk and ... be happy. Eric declares he deserves to be unhappy but Jen gushes he is alive ... The fever is gone and baby Holly sleeps. Nicole is happy as a clam but Brady has a bad feeling about Lee leaving them for so long ... Ciara walks in and sees the box of what Theo bought. She then gets an eyeful of shirtless Theo and Claire on the couch ... Bartender Roman lends Kate an ear as she bitterly complains about Chloe getting Ed to do her bidding. He teases what did she tell him? The truth, that he was being foolish and wrong. Roman is no fan of Ed due to his past but suspects Kate is not over him and will be needing to make things right in their romance. She swallows her olive ... Jen starts to stammer about Eric the wonderful meeeeeeeean and he grabs her in a kiss ... Ed and Chloe arrive at the clinic. Lee notes alas Nicole and Holly have left. Ed calls a contact ... As they sneak away outside, Brady insists on going with Nicole and Holly to Canada, where he will stay until he is certain they are alright. They are almost across the border ...



All the drama in Salem on Friday, March 17