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Thursday, March 16, 2017
Episode 13,045
Length:1360 descriptive words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Jade has a visit from Kayla and Joey in her hospital room. She wishes things were different for her father. Steve enters to update them on Tripp. Jade wonders who that is and Joey gulps ... Hope shows Eli around the busy station but Raines growls to stop giving tours and return to work. Hope sighs. He is not a fan ... At the Kiriakis mansion, Deimos gets a drink and complains to his man who has not found Nicole and Brady. Whoever finds them first will get a reward. Rafe interruptus. He is after answers ... Abigail concludes Gabi was assisting Chad as he got dressed. They stammer at the same time and explain what happened ... Deimos gets the bad guy to go. Rafe grills him about the stolen artifacts. He grins he is going to search the Titan warehouses and he happens to have a warrant. Deimos laughs he has nothing to hide and advises him he would have better luck looking at what DiMera is hiding. Rafe glares and reminds him the investigation into the abduction of Chad and his sister WILL be solved. Meantime he is watching him. Exit Rafe ... Gabi assures Abigail she wanted to discuss work with her, hence her being here. Abigail accepts that and the fact that Chad just had a wardrobe malfunction ... Eli finds out Hope killed a man who was actually not dead. He says oh. Hope will tell her cousin that story another time. Rafe returns and the introductions are made. He is pleased as punch to hear that Eli is interested in transferring to the Salem bureau. They could use a few good men ... Deimos finishes his drink and issues his man an indirect order regarding Rafe. The big dumb bad guy offers to off him ... Steve offers to get Jade grub from the pub. First she wants to know who this Tripp is. The family swear her to secrecy and Kayla tells Joey to go ahead. He explains his dad might have another son, who lives in Arizona. Steve claims there is nothing concrete just yet. And he thanks Jade for rescuing his Kayla from her out of control dad. Jade praises them for always being there for her. Joey goes silent ... Hope joins Rafe as he waits for a call and he updates her on Deimos' cool reaction. He now gets his call and notes no stolen artifacts were found ... Chad overhears Abigail at the square discussing new belly dancing lessons with Gabi, how Gabi and Chad got tangled earlier. Deimos spies from a distance. Chad nervously sits as Gabi nervously excuses herself. He glances at the menu. Deimos leaves with a knowing glint in his eye ...

Joey returns to Jade and she thanks him again. She loves him more than words can say and he is the most important person in her life. His friendship is especially precious but she also loves his smile. She longs to make him happy. Joey sighs and she asks what is the matter. He apologizes and admits he does not feel the same way. She gets teary cos he told her he did before. That was then this is now and now he wants to be friends. Jade gets emotional about the hurt and calls him commitment phobic but she extends her hand and they shake on being friends ... Colorful cardigan Kayla is at the pub with Steve. He warns her he did a check and as it turns out Tripp has a record for shoplifting and assault ... Hope gets Rafe's signature as required for her paperwork and gets back to work. Rafe fumes about Raines making her work overtime. Hope insists she will prove herself and smiles as Rafe saunters away with a goofy grin ...

Abigail has event preparation waiting though she loved being together with Chad at lunch. She kisses him and giggles as he theatrically swoons. She walks away and Kate sits at his table. She teases him for being torn between two lovers. She also questions him hiring Abigail and admits she thinks he could do better. Gabi would be a better fit for him. Chad urges her to let it slide and lowers his voice lest he be overheard. Both girls deserve better than this situation ... At the club Abigail approves the Gabi Chic promotional bags and Gabi credits Chad for encouraging her. Eli enters and Abigail introduces herself to her second cousin. He gets introduced to Gabi the non Horton and assumes a lip balm in the gift bag is a ball. Alas it does not bounce and they giggle ... Working girl Hope is informed by an officer that the alarm for the Hernandez house has been activated and no one can reach Rafe. Hope gets his voice mail and takes off ... Kayla wants Steve to know she would welcome Tripp as his son, no matter what ... Meanwhile at the club, Eli sits with Abigail and Gabi and muses he might be moving here. Gabi likes hearing he is FBI as was big brother Rafe. They get along and Abigail invites him to the benefit tonight as Gabi's date. Gabi blushes and waits for his response ...

Chad insists to Kate that he is completely committed to Abigail and their family. Kate apologizes for giving him a hard time. Chad gushes Gabi is ... then stops and speaks of his family again. Kate thinks he deserves better than settling. Chad realizes he has to be honest with his wife. Kate, however, feels honesty is highly overrated. No need to break Abigail's heart ... The Hernandez door is open and the kitchen appears to have been trashed. Hope enters, gun drawn, and calls out to anyone there. Then she goes into the next room, not knowing what to expect. She soon ends up in the bathroom, where Rafe awaits in a bubble bath. He drawls she deserved a break. Hope tells him he is in trouble and calls him crazy. He kisses her, surrounded by bubbles ... Deimos now informs his man he must take action against Chad DiMera. The retaliation for his stealing his hot antiquities will be huge ... Kate suggests Chad wait. He sips his iced tea and she wonders whether he would be able to stay away from Gabi. He admits it would not be so hard if she were out of his sphere ...

Hope kisses shirtless Rafe and he teases his tiger. She cuffs him, states not to scare her ever again and leaves him cuffed to his bed, smiling she still loves him. Rafe protests ... Joey informs his folks Jade is asleep. They explain they are heading to the airport. He admits he feels bothered by what he did to Tripp's mother. Kayla and Steve feel they should take one step at a time. At the moment they do not even know for sure this Tripp is his son. He wishes them bon voyage, and walks back into Jade's room. He hopes he did not upset her. She assures him they are alright but after he leaves, announces they WILL be together ... Abigail finds out Eli has no girlfriend and insists he be Gabi's date for the benefit tonight. Eli is game. Gabi agrees and they toast with their iced teas ... Chad the tormented tells Kate he should remove Gabi from his life. Kate smiles he would not succeed in a small town like Salem. He is committed to making his marriage work. Kate warns him against subjecting Abigail to his truth but Chad decides to tell her tonight. He will also tell her he will never see the other girl again ... Deimos tells his contact on the phone he must do whatever it takes to get HER back to Salem! His man arrives with a black briefcase and Deimos dismisses him. Then he sits at his desk and opens it, preparing for the next phase of revenge against Chad, who will not even see it coming ...


Brady, Nicole and Holly are ready for the great white north!


All the drama in Salem on Thursday, March 16