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Wednesday, March 15, 2017
Episode 13,044
Length:1320 descriptive words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


At the square, Julie, Hope, Doug and Jen excitedly await the Horton guest of honor. Eli arrives and assures grandma Julie he is going to love her chocolate cake. Doug and Julie are clad in matching red, their eyes shining ... Meanwhile at the pub Val laments to Marlena she fears her son will never forgive her. Marlena is more optimistic ... Gabi gets Lucas to help her with Arianna today. She states there is too much conflict for Sonny at the Kiriakis mansion. Arianna appears and announces she can see Chad. Lucas wonders. Gabi gets nervous ... At the club, power couple Abigail and Chad are working on his speech to the press. He feels sports can shape a young person, hence their chosen charity. His mind wanders back to high school days, when Gabi taught him how to throw a killer pitch. Good times when life seemed more simple. Abigail gushes he is going to be brilliant. He replies WE will be and they kiss ... Later Chad faces the press and the paparazzi. He speaks of helping school athletics as Abigail watches with pride. But then he remembers Gabi again and almost loses his concentration ... Ciara comes home early, interrupting Claire' quality time with Theo. Her class was cancelled and Ciara is not surprised since everyone knows that particular prof drinks like a fish. Ciara wants a word with Claire so Theo graciously excuses himself to get going to his next class ... The Hortons are impressed Eli is FBI. Detective Hope points out her partner Rafe is ex FBI. Eli thanks Mrs. Williams for the little party in his honor. She quips to call her grandma or even better call her Julie. They converse and laugh about the tangled Horton family tree ...

Detective JJ is at his desk in his office when suited Abe comes knocking on his door. He solemnly states he needs to talk to him. It is about Lani. JJ stammers they work well together. The mayor gives him a stern look and lets him know he knows they are an item. However, he objects. JJ gets glum. He had not been expecting this ... Ciara blurts out to Claire she still harbors feelings for Theo. Claire bites her lip ... Gabi explains to Arianna that Chad is busy with his own family. Lucas is surprised they got close and calls Chad a great guy. He was good to Will, though they were apprehensive about Abigail marrying a DiMera. Gabi changes the subject to getting Arianna ready for preschool. Lucas is on it. Gabi stares into space ... Back at the club, Abigail gets anxious when Chad gets another business call about the hot artifacts he now deals in. He smoothly changes the subject. She smiles his press conference was perfect and steps away to mingle ... Chad again remembers baseball ... Claire freaks out that Ciara wants to steal Theo away. Ciara stammers she knows it makes no sense and it is hard but assures her she is not going to go after him. She would like to continue to live here. Claire is cross but will try to tone down the boyfriend moments. She offers to help her get a new guy and hugs her ... Julie takes Eli to the plaque of the most famous Hortons of all - Tom and Alice. She tells him all about the classic couple. Eli thanks them all for warmly welcoming him. He feels his Horton connection. Julie hugs him. Val appears. Eli glares at her ... Back at the DiMera event being held at the club, Chad daydreams of baseball with Gabi as colorful Abigail talks. She wonders what he is thinking about.

Abe informs JJ he does not approve of him as a suitor for Lani, who would deserve someone more mature, even though JJ is a good guy. JJ respectfully refuses to give her up. He plans to prove himself to Abe ... Val smiles what a lovely party. Eli scoffs it is invitation only and turns away, returning to the Hortons only table. Val calls after him she is staying in Salem and wants to work things out. No answer ... Abigail assumes Chad remembering his high school days must mean he is remembering the hard times like when he lost baby Grace. He explains he was able to go on. He now realizes he forgot to announce to the press that Abigail is his new chief of public relations. He starts to stand and a drink gets spilled on his pants. Abigail, however, has it covered. She suggests he put on the extra pair she placed in Dario's office. Chad is amazed she thinks of everything and gives her a kiss. Once in the office, he strips down to his underpants and Gabi opens the door, gasping at the sight ...

At the pub, Claire pouts and complains to Marlena about Ciara wanting to steal boyfriend Theo from her. Marlena tells her granddaughter drama queen not to borrow trouble that is not really there. Claire fears she could lose Theo since he and Ciara are old friends. Marlena thinks she should also think of Theo's needs. Pause. Claire gets a new scheme in her blonde head and thanks her for the advice, leaving with a sly smile. Marlena is not sure what to make of it ... Eli is happy to meet more Horton family members, Ciara and Lucas. Jen quietly advises Eli to give his mother a chance. Val was trying to protect him from hurt. Julie begs to differ. Knowing about Eli would have led to David changing his life altogether. Lucas muses his own mom kept him a secret from his real dad as well and he forgave her. Julie thinks that is different for Eli will never have the chance to know David. Hope notes not necessarily and the Horton history lesson continues ...

Back at the club office Chad is surprised to see Gabi as he pulls on his pants. He fumbles and falls to the floor ... Back at the square, family stories swirl about David for Eli. He hears how his folks faced animosity even from friends but David deeply loved Val. Jen announces she has delicious donuts a la Alice. The clan reminisce how Alice helped Roman escape from jail with "special" donuts. Julie tells Eli about doctor Tom the secret poet whose pen name was Norm de Plume. Eli enjoys hearing about it. Julie admits they have had their fair share of hard times too. Jen remembers when she ran away and gran Alice and Tom took her in. Doug sincerely hopes Eli is still happy he came to Salem. He is indeed ...

Claire is aloooooone with Theo at the loft at long last! He wonders what Ciara said. Nothing really but she told Marlena that things were good between them, and she reminded her to remember his needs. She gets closer on the couch and notes she knows guys have needs. She slyly suggests they sleep together. Theo freezes ... Val is weeping at the park when elegant Abe find her. He lets her know he is here for her and kisses her face. They embrace ... Back at the square Julie introduces Eli to friendly JJ of Salem P.D. fame. JJ must step away when the new commissioner calls. Doug assures Eli they will help him find his Horton way. Eli thanks them all for the hospitality, especially Julie. He looks forward to knowing all his family better. Jen pipes up the Hortons are all about family. One by one they hug him ... Back at the club office, entangled Chad and Gabi giggle as she helps him with his twisted pants. Abigail walks in and gets an eyeful ...


Tis explanation time, enlightenment time, and end it time!


All the drama in Salem on Wednesday, March 15