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Tuesday, March 14, 2017
Episode 13,043
Length:1445 descriptive words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
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Now without further ado ...


Adrienne wearily opens her door, surprised when Queen Kate waltzes in with Lucas, Justin and a beauty expert. This is to be her perfect spa day ... Brady, Holly and Nicole are on a bench by the trees. He explains he must head home to pick up the cash she needs. Nicole promises to pay him back and thanks him profusely. However, she notes he need not accompany her and Holly as he has already put himself at risk. Brady makes it crystal clear he has every intention of seeing her and Holly safely away from Salem ... Deimos returns to the Kiriakis mansion and downs more hard liquor. Victor is relaxing and reading in the living room. He wonders. Deimos blames Brady for planting himself in the middle his problems with Nicole. Victor notes he has not even noticed that they lost their lucrative antiquities business and to Chad DiMera at that! Meanwhile at DiMera mansion Abigail declares the hot antiquities treasures business Chad took from Deimos is but a CURSE. Enter Sonny, grinning he heard he got the antiquities business away from Deimos and Titan. He could not be more delighted. The men folk sit to discuss detente as opposed to war. Sonny blames big cheese Deimos for being too unfit to lead the Kiriakis clan. This is to be the start of the downfall of Deimos, the start of the new era of Sonny ...

Brady drawls he will come back soon and stay with Nicole a little while to get her settled. But first he needs to bring back some money. They embrace and look into each others' eyes. She trusts him. Always ... The guys agreed that Kate the queen of pampering should bring the esthetician plus spa robes and dresses to give Adrienne a glam day to remember. They just wanted to cheer her up. She is touched ... Chad notes it would not be easy to neutralize Deimos ... Victor lectures Deimos for miscalculating the importance of Orwell, risking his beloved Sonny's safety, and courting DiMera revenge. Deimos declares he will use one of Chad's weak points to crush him. Victor pouts ... Adrienne adores the robe and everything. The guys will make themselves scarce so she can enjoy her massage without them hovering. She states she was unaware one could get a room service massage, until Justin reminds her of their romantic day in Dubai one Valentine's. Lucas frowns when they laugh and also remember how it ended, with a candlelight dinner ... Abigail is against anything illegal or dangerous. She urges Chad and Sonny to keep their world safe for the sake of the children. Then she excuses herself to check on sleeping Thomas. Sonny is more than sorry about what Deimos did to Ari's mom and his best friend Chad! Chad explains he was not happy about the escalation either and would have stopped Ed and Andre had he known about their plans. The two former best friends stand and hug each other. Friends forever. Sonny suggests they do away with the old school antics and do the right thing for their kids. Chad hugs him like Stefano ...

Nicole tells Holly how lucky they are to have Brady, her future godfather ... Brady is gathering what he needs at the Kiriakis mansion, casually dressed, cool as a Kiriakis cucumber. Victor warns him that Deimos is livid. He suggests he stay away from Nicole the troublemaker. Brady frowns ... As Adrienne soaks her feet and awaits her manicure, Justin returns to her room, having forgotten his phone. He reads his messages and mutters his deposition was cancelled. Adrienne invites him to stay a while. She thanks him for having their sons call her together. It meant much. They agree they raised great kids ... Brady believes Nicole is in fact the victim. Victor grumbles the judge ruled for Chloe. He reasons his grandson is simply rebounding from Theresa. Brady counters to keep Deimos in his cage. Victor sighs ... Sonny now meets P.I. Paul outside and asks him to help cause legal problems for Deimos by obtaining concrete proof against him. Paul deduces Deimos' next move will to be retaliate against Chad DiMera. Sonny decides he could use that situation to his advantage ... Back at DiMera mansion Kate is happy as a clam that Chad stole the antiquities business right from under Deimos' Greek nose. Chad steps away for a call and Abigail admits she has concerns about the dangers involved, the fact that the law is being bent or even broken with the stolen treasures. Kate counters they now need the assets. All three families bend the rules as they must at times. Even Gabi accepts it. She slyly suggests she speak to her. Abigail looks like she has been slapped ... Nicole is remembering Brady the hero always being there for her ... Brady informs grandfather he will only be gone a week. Maggie enters and asks about his trip. Brady claims it is business. Victor ignores him. Brady asks Maggie to keep an eye on little man Tate, who will remain under the Kiriakis roof. Always. The redhead now melts down about Holly and wishes Nicole would bring her granddaughter home. Exit Brady. Maggie asks Victor to come clean. She can see he knows something ...

Abigail regains her composure with catty Kate and snaps she does not need to speak to Gabi. Kate apologizes. Chad returns ... Adrienne wants Justin to talk gossip. He admits it has been quiet at home with Victor and his reading. She asks about Sonny. Justin assures her their son is fine and he has his back ... Sonny now wants Paul to find out how Deimos will go after Chad. Perplexed Paul hopes he will warn Chad, since he sounds like he wants it to happen. He hopes that is not the case. Sonny pauses, his eyes mirroring the new Sonny. RUTHLESS ... Chad advises Abigail to stay in with Thomas for a while at least until he is done with Deimos and there is nothing left, not even a Kiriakis fortune. Kate laughs. She loves the sound of that ...

Deimos meets his thug in an alley, angry he was unable to help with him Nicole. He now orders him to tell him anything he learned from DiMera while he was with locked up with the other girl ... Sonny assures Paul the second Deimos makes his move they will step in. Paul feels it could still be too late for Chad. He is bothered Sonny sounds willing to risk Chad's life ... Maggie knows that Brady is helping Nicole! At least Holly will be safer. Victor claims to know no details as Brady did not trust in him. He consoles the crying redhead and assures her everything will be alright in the end ... Nicole remembers Brady rescuing her and Holly in the snowstorm. She hears a sound and gets spooked. A hand clasps down on her shoulder and she gasps. Of course it is Brady, her hero ... Justin runs into Lucas at the square, who is holding a bag of dinner for Adrienne. Lucas is bothered to hear he is there helping pick up a smaller sized dress for Adrienne, who has not been eating much of late. He starts to accuse his competitor of breaking the rules, until Adrienne emerges. She is pleased as punch in her glamorous blue dress. The guys admire her and the doctor's office calls. The tumor shrank somewhat but the next step is still surgery as planned ... Paul is perturbed that Sonny sounds different. He points out it would not be possible to predict Deimos and there would be risks. Sonny goes Kiriakis and alludes to wanting Deimos dead ... Brady has the money for Nicole. She gushes he always saves her and places her hand on his heart, Dan's heart ... Abigail wants Chad to come to bed but he is busy with work at his computer. She tempts him in her teddy and he takes the bait. They kiss and she runs to the bedroom. Chad removes his belt, his shoes, and rushes after her ... Deimos' thug thinks he has something his boss will like. He overheard Chad tell the Gabi girl he loves her. And his sweet wife? He loves her as well. Deimos the obsessive romantic believes that is a big reveal - and intends to use it to put the squeeze on the son of Stefano ...


Abigail and Chad are a power couple in the public eye on Wednesday but just wait until no one can find her next week!


All the drama in Salem on Tuesday, March 14