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Monday, March 13, 2017
Episode 13,042
Length:1230 descriptive words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


At DiMera mansion stylish Abigail excuses herself to check on the benefit preparations but Chad wants a kiss. Two. He praises her and she is tickled pink. She flounces out in her mini after they exchange I love yous ... Eric is alone in the country property trying to write Nicole a letter of apology. He tosses out the attempt and soap stares ... Deimos deduces Nicole and Brady were gonna run and he disagrees. She turns down his offer to help as well as him. He blasts Brady for getting close to her and baby Holly and demands an explanation ... At the hospital as a young man sits alone, his arm in a cast, Marlena reads a file and makes a call to Eric. Sad music plays. She asks him to come to Salem tonight. There is someone in need ... Nicole is peeved by Deimos' pettiness. Deimos accuses Brady of trying to play her new hero. Nicole wants him to speak less loudly but Deimos does not know how. He lists how he helped and would help, complaining her secrecy is making him nuts. He offers to fly her anywhere on the private plane with him. Never says she!

Gabi runs into Chad at the square and teases what did he buy Thomas. He teases her about the dancing she did with Abigail. They discuss how his and Abigail's benefit will be for Salem High Athletics. They take a trip down memory lane, when she got him to practice his pitches (a new scene, not actually old) as she holds a baseball glove ... Abigail finds Dario alone as he gave the staff at the club the day off before tomorrow's event. Abigail brought by her list and notes there will be caterers, a DJ, dancing. He gazes at her and she wonders whether he is listening. He gushes she has his full attention. She scurries behind the bar to see something ... Eric arrives at the hospital. Mama Marlena is thrilled he came and indicates the young man with his arm in a cast. He drove drunk and caused an accident. The victim is in surgery and it might be bad. Eric gets his back up about his own history but Marlena implores him to help. Meanwhile back at the motel Deimos sees red that Nicole has chosen Brady's heroic help over his. He suspects she is in love with him. Nicole talks trust and kicks Deimos the distrustful out. Deimos wants a word alone. Brady stares him down with a pause ...

Abigail is ready to go, then asks Dario about his dance moves. He pretends they are not good and gets her to give him a new lesson. The tango! She gets close and he gazes into her eyes. At the same time the newly invented memory of Gabi showing Chad her pitching technique makes them both laugh and he calls her coach. Real time Jenny watches nearby ... Brady refuses but Nicole assures him she will be fine. Alone with her ex, she tells him to make it fast. Deimos gives his past transgressions a spin, referring to himself as the right man who loves her and Holly. Nicole already knows how he feels. However, she cannot let him near her daughter. Look what happened before! Matter of fact her feelings for him changed. She no longer loves him ... Marlena cannot help but smile when Eric pouts like the little boy he used to be. He heads to the elevator, then walks back and introduces himself to the young drunk driver. He admits he accidentally killed his own best friend. The young man vows to never drink again. Eric reasons it is real hard and talks commitment. He recalls how his friend the good doctor died. The young man is sorry and weeps. He notes now he is doing some good and Marlena returns with good news. The other driver is going to make it! He cries in relief and Eric puts a supportive arm around him ... Nicole accuses Deimos of threatening her when he warns this is a mistake. Brady comes back. Deimos rages at him for loving her. He even implies he will expose her whereabouts.

Dario the tango king dips Abigail and she imagines the same spicy dance with Chad, who has all the right moves. Back to reality. She compliments Dario and he drawls he let go as she suggested ... Gabi goes on her way and Jen joins Chad, noting they seemed close. Mama in law thinks she saw some feelings and adds they do share history. Chad does not deny it. Jenny blinks as he stammers he and Gabi got close again cos they were held hostage together. Jen tells him he has to come completely clean to Abigail and vows to make him sorry if he makes her sweet girl sad ... At the pub Eric drinks his coffee as Marlena praises him for helping the young man he managed to reach. The former priest points out he cannot change the past. She suggests he share his struggle to save the broken - unless he would rather turn his back ... Nicole is appalled by Deimos' verbal attack and takes Holly, fired up, ready to go. Brady blocks Deimos from getting near her and dares him to make a move any move. The two bucks stare each other down ...

Dario is at the club with Gabi, confessing he claimed he could not dance to Abigail. She thinks they are both out of luck as the ones they want are emotionally unavailable ... Eric summons Jen to the dark park and accepts the Horton Center job offer. She hugs him and promises he will not be sorry. He agrees and walks off into the night. Jen beams brighter than the moon ... Brady blasts Deimos for uttering threats but Deimos gushes he loves Nicole. Nicole claims he does not know what that is and no matter what he does she will always hate he who is a monster. She walks out and Brady follows, slamming the door. Eerie music plays as Deimos' soulless eyes stare ... At the Brady pub Marlena profusely thanks Jen for asking Eric to come home. It means everything to her ... Eric reads the latest letter he has written to Nicole about coming back to help others hoping she understands. He places this one in an envelope and adds it to the pile he keeps in his wooden box ... Back at the club, Gabi enjoys her glass of red wine and Dario asks her to pretend tomorrow he really was a bad dancer. Gabi warns those moments in secret created a bond but Dario suspects Abigail was thinking of Chad. Gabi agrees and takes another drink of wine ... Back at DiMera mansion Chad and Abigail catch up. He has the list of stolen artifacts he beat Deimos to. Payback is an antique! Abigail worriedly wonders whether it would be wise to keep provoking him ... Brady ushers Nicole and the baby away in a hurry. Back inside Deimos suddenly explodes and trashes the room like a man out of control, a man on a collision course with destiny ...


Here's to Victor getting his Mediterranean mojo back and Paul the protector!


All the drama in Salem on Monday, March 13