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Friday, March 10, 2017
Episode 13,041
Length:1210 descriptive words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Steve is worried about sweetness Kayla at the pub. She feels fine and asks for the full story on the son he has with Ava - the son who apparently walks the earth alive. Steve obliges ... Eduardo is surprised Kate has come to the house. She hisses she has a message from her to him and hands him back a pretty gift box. No more presents or anything... At the Kiriakis mansion Deimos rages over the phone that he was deceived by his artifacts dealer and now Nicole and Holly are nowhere to be found. His day goes from bad to worse when Chloe walks in demanding he give her baby back ... At the motel room, Brady returns to tell Nicole the two thieves are long gone. She is livid terrible Tiffany cheated her and stole her money. Bearded Brady tells her to stop running. She sighs it is not possible as she would lose Holly ... Chloe demands to know where Nicole is hiding. Deimos is in the dark and enraged to be reminded of it. He warns Chloe she is not welcome here. She counters by threatening him with lock up for his involvement. Voices are raised. Chloe accuses him of being a monster. Deimos quips the real monster is she who stole Nicole's baby in the first place = HER.

Eduardo smoothly suggests Kate open his gift. She claims she does not care, though her soft eyes betray her true feelings. He teases it might be an engagement ring. She notes he has high hopes. Ed now opens it and takes out a bracelet of charms with the initials of her children, plus smaller letters showing the grandkids. He places it around her wrist, explaining he understands she is independent but her kids are her lifeblood and as thus deserve to be near her pulse. Kate starts to melt but plays it cool, still smarting from his betrayal in business ... Steve admits to supportive Kayla he is at a loss how to break the almost news to their son Joe. How could he tell him that he might have a son with Ava after all? Joey has just entered, overheard and gasps WHAT!

Brady becomes concerned that emotional mother Nicole did not have an actual plan, she just took Holly and ran. She cries she cannot let Holly go, she is the last connection she has to Dan and feels him near with her. Brady assures her he is here for her as well and squeezes her shoulder with a smile ... Joey glumly gets an update on the half-brother story and asks what his name is. Steve says the name Tripp Dalton and adds he will have to investigate to ensure it is not another false lead ... Kate advises Ed not to waste his time but he is a patient man ... Deimos grabs Chloe when she tries to leave and leers how does it feel to be powerless, the way she has made Nicole feel! He warns her to let Nicole have Holly, who is her daughter. The insults fly . Chloe hisses she will never let him near her baby when she gets her back. Deimos growls he will do whatever he has to to keep Holly with Nicole ... Kate is annoyed about the gifts and threatens to report Ed for stalking. He drawls he will keep buying her gifts and hold onto them. He suspects she fears her feelings. Denial Kate begs to differ and waltzes out ... Joey sits in stunned silence. Kayla insists they will support Steve as he looks into it. Joey sulks but he killed Tripp's mom and how will he take to that! ... Deimos does not let Chloe leave and calls her a beech. Maggie breaks it up, confirms Deimos knows nothing, and blames Chloe for not working an arrangement out with Nicole. Now they might never see Holly again ...

Brady believes the best course of action is to take Nicole and Holly to a safe place while they formulate a detailed plan. His only condition is that he comes too ... Chloe heads to the club for a drink. Ed is working double duty. He recognizes her and is sorry Nicole took her baby. He believes Rafe his detective son will be able to find her. Chloe complains Nicole's dangerous lover Deimos will help Nicole hide. He would even kill to get what he wanted. One day that man will get what is coming to him! Ed agrees Deimos Kiriakis is a bad seed. He has his own issues with him ... Maggie scolds Deimos for frightening Chloe with threats and making things worse. He exclaims he wants Nicole to accept his help but knows not where she is ... Nicole does not want Brady to go to jail and what about Tate? He will not stay away long. Their disappearance would be temporary, until they came up with the perfect plan. They clasp hands as they sit closely together ... Joey is frustrated he might have to face Tripp, whose mother he murdered. Steve explains the news is new and unconfirmed so far. Joey takes off. Steve now wants to know what Kayla thinks, given how Ava was with her. Will she be okay with this? He needs to know before he opens the Pandora's box. Kayla pauses. She loathes what Ava did and does to them but she understands. Steve does not want them destroyed by his drama. She declares she will be part of this drama with him and they exchange unconditional I love yous, sealing the deal with a kiss. Partners in passion and everything ...

Ed calls a cab for tipsy talkative Chloe and tells her the drinks are on the house. He alludes to helping her get her baby back and at the same time settling a score with Deimos ... Brady intends to pretend he is away on Titan business. Nicole now tells him what Deimos did, trying to bribe the judge, and concludes she is done with him in her life. She needs a good and honest man. Holly cries and Brady admires her motherly approach. He promises to help and Nicole hugs him ... Maggie has a long talk with Deimos the man who does not like to give up. He laments he loves Nicole for real, he cannot lose her! Maggie replies he might not have a choice. Deimos blames Chloe and Brady. Maggie warns him if he does not let go he will further descend into despair and rage. Once alone, he gets a call with information that makes him race off ... Kayla decides to do the detective work alongside Steve. He smiles yes ma'm and gets another kiss ... Eduardo has finally found a way to get revenge on Deimos ... Brady and Nicole are packed and prepared for their excellent adventure. But when Brady opens the door, there stands Deimos, who solemnly greets Nicole. Brady stares darkly at the unwelcomed predator, who only has eyes for now nervous Nicole ...


The list of possible suspects for the summer murder grows daily.


All the drama in Salem on Friday, March 10