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Monday, March 12, 2018
Episode 13,292
1400 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


As John holds Ari’s stuffed toy, Will admits he really appreciates having their large supportive family around her especially after Gabi getting her bail revoked. He realizes he is guilt ridden about Steve and tries to make him feel better about what happened ... Kayla and Steve have dinner plans at the square. She alludes to the arrangements that must be made if he loses his sight. Steve tries to make light of it in his usual manner... At Doug's Place Maggie reminds Victor of her ultimatum - unless he comes clean to Eve she is not coming home. The Greek glumly admits he already has done as asked and plays the recording for her as proof ... Eve the bride betrayed hisses at groom Brady to go to hell. Victor called and made her cry ... He ordered Brady to woo her so they would win back Basic Black. Brady is horrified he was betrayed by grandfather. Justin, Paul and Sonny suggest they leave. Eve states to Sonny that Brady was after the CEO position. Sonny demands Brady explain but Brady wants only to explain himself to Eve. He begs her to hear him out ... Will is sympathetic about John being upset over Steve’s situation. John sighs he will never be the same so Will suggests he dare to hope. He tells John he would trust him with his own life ... As the crickets sing Steve listens to Kayla explain she simply wants him safe. He gets it and lets her know he already arranged for a handyman at the house. He will be lucky as long as he has her to lead the way. They kiss ... Paul wishes Brady luck as the three guys leave. Eve wonders whether Brady wants to deny what he did. He does not but this is also their story. He fell for her for real. Eve is furious she found out from ancient enemy Victor ... Legal eagle Justin gets a call about the Gabi case. Sonny sighs. Paul tries to stick up for Brady as he believes he does care for Eve. Sonny snaps you do not do that if you love someone. Paul points out some things can get broken beyond repair even when you do love someone. Sonny gives him a dark stare ... Eve drinks and bitterly demands Brady share his brilliant plan. He gasps he did not want to hurt her. She no longer believes they are real. Brady weeps he loves her and wants another chance ...

Steve admires sweetness' angel face as they stop at the square, speaking words of love. He will always see her. Always. And then he kisses her. Kayla blinks back her tears and suggests they hurry with dinner so they can hurry home. They start to go and he suddenly falls. John comes to the rescue until she cries not to touch him and helps him up ... Paul feels like paying Will a visit. Will senses he is stressed about something and offers him a beer. Paul sits and updates him on the non wedding. It made him remember his own wedding to Sonny ... In the Kiriakis foyer Sonny complains to Justin about Victor claiming he would let HIM run Titan. He wonders why Brady did not deny everything. Justin assumes someone forced someone's hand to set this in motion ... Inside Brady talks chemistry. Eve sarcastically drinks. He gushes he got to know the beautiful woman she is and how good she was with his son. All he wanted was to be with her! She deduces his proposal was about getting the company back. He apologizes and admits his anger at Victor for passing him over in power consumed him. But then he fell for her. Eve eyes him and screams he did not tell her the truth. Brady insists he intended to prove their worth as a team and then bring her into the family. She tells him he is lying trash ... Paul tells Will about Brady’s bold plan that came back to bite him. Will is surprised he was so sneaky. Paul suspects Victor manipulated him. When Will hears Sonny was also at the ceremony he asks whether they discussed their own almost wedding. Paul confirms they did and concluded it is really over. Then Sonny asked about Will and he let him know they were getting closer. Will sits beside him on the bed and asks if they are closer. Paul smiles. Will agrees. Their eyes lock and then their lips follow ...

Sonny and Justin discuss Gabi being wrongly accused. Sonny decides to pick Ari up, as he knows she is spending time with Will tonight. The fact that her mom’s bail was revoked made him realize the little girl would be better off in her own room here at the house. Justin praises his son as a decent man, unlike Uncle Victor ... At the club, Maggie wonders why Victor wanted Brady to dupe Eve. He is not forthcoming. She sighs he will never change his wicked ways ... Brady asks for a do over. Eve, however, does not forgive and forget. He reasons they are real, hence the pain and begs her not to throw away their love. She yells he did that. He argues they are an amazing team and tells her he will be honest from now on. She stands up, puts down her drink, and rages he is FIRED ...

John steps back and assures Kayla he only wanted to help. She blames him for everything. John is sorry and wishes them both a good night. Then he hangs his head and goes on his way ... Paul gets his shirt off as he kisses Will on the bed. Will’s shirt is unbuttoned. Knock knock! Will opens the door to Sonny, who spies shirtless Paul and does the math ... At the club livid lawyer Justin lectures Victor for making Brady lie and ruining his love life. He should have let him be! Maggie appears and admits she made Victor confess to poor Eve ... Eve keeps drinking and assumes Brady is like all the other men who let her down. He wants to fix this. Not possible. She sadly states she knows he was once a good man but where did the good man go? He whispers he is here. She weeps they are done. She now must save herself from the likes of him Ouch ... Sonny demands to know where Ari is. Will hopes he does not mind that Marlena has her for the night. Sonny wishes he had let him know and gets sarcastic about him wanting to be aloooooone with Paul, who starts to say ... Sonny snaps at both of them to do whatever they want as he is done with him! ... Justin warns Victor that Brady will fall apart after Eve breaks his heart ... Brady refuses to give up on Eve no matter what she says. She remembers how Theresa told her how wonderful he was, how she was impressed when they first met. He insists he is still that man. She wonders what kind of man would do what he did. She should not have told Sonny he was worth the leap of faith! Brady breaks down after she declares she was deeply hurt and walks out ... Kayla will read the menu to Steve. He urges her to let go of her anger toward John. No can do. He reminds her John saved his life and asks her to share how she feels. She is angry about him losing his sight. It is travesty! She wipes away her tears and he hugs his baby, assuring her they will be alright ...

Paul and Will are dressed again and agree that pretty much ended their moment. Will asks to get together tomorrow. Paul pauses. Will says pleeeease so he smiles and agrees. Until tomorrow. Will watches him walk out with stars in his eyes ... Sonny drowns his sorrows at the pub. A handsome bartender flirts and offers him another ... Victor assures Maggie he loves her, which is why he ended his Eve plan. She makes him promise not to do such a thing again and sounds ready to come home ... Brady stares at the booze at the mansion. He starts to sweat, then hears Eve moving out. He begs her to stay for Tate and for him. She lets him know it is too late and makes for the door. But Brady the love addict blocks her path ...



All the drama in Salem on Monday, March 12