Days of Our Lives March 11, 2014
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Tuesday, March 11, 2014
Episode 12,292

- At the club, Rafe is insisting on his phone that his instructions for the operation be followed to the letter. Enter Victor, who deduces it is quite
an operation. Rafe drawls it is. The Greek offers to help but Rafe is going solo. The Greek wishes him luck with the operation and Rafe thanks him. He might be needing some luck ...
- Jordan is in her room, confirming her order for a car to the airport. It is
a one way trip for ... Joan Cooper, her brand new identity. She now takes a look at Rafe's message to meet him for their last goodbye, She is torn the last goodbye will only make it harder and departs in her blue dress.
- At the town square, JJ stammers he is glad to see the girl who found his wallet. She giggles and he seeks a name. Paige. JJ is at a loss for words. She smiles sweetly when he repeats he is glad. She teases him to say his name too. JJ manages to spit out who he is and they shake hands. He thanks her for finding his wallet and returning it. She notes that is the
third or fourth tine he said that and he is welcome  the third or fourth time. She is about to go when JJ attempts to prolong the conversation. This work is the worst, no? He hates picking up trash. She points out
she volunteered. JJ assumes she is kidding and asks what got her here. Her desire to help. JJ now realizes she meant it. He lets her believe he is volunteering too. She is ready to head home. JJ stops her and praises her for helping. She crouches down to tie her shoelace as Abe approaches
and asks the young man how fares his  ... required community service.
JJ is mortified, Abe greets Paige and then steps away for an important work call. JJ explains he was about to tell her as the girl notes he is on probation. The stern supervisor appears and orders him to get back to work, then thanks Paige for her work. She goes and JJ gets back to his job, thinking he blew it.
- Gabi tells Nick not to say he wants to make her happy every day but
he does. Sonny stands in the doorway with disgust. OH MY GOD! Nick claims he was about to leave. Gabi wants him to stay. Sonny sarcastically drawls not to go on his account and checks on Arianna in the other room. Gabi urges Nick not to take off fast just cos one of THEM came back! Sonny pops out, needing the diaper rash cream for Ari. Gabi goes to find it. Sonny now saunters up to Nick and stares him down. Nick dares him to say what's really on his mind. Sonny warns him this will all blow up in his face! Nick denies it. Sonny reminds him his crimes of the past always get repeated. Nick calls him a smug sob. He insists he has no agenda. Sonny states Nick always believes what he says, which is why time and time again things blow up in his face. Nick announces he is no longer about control and suggests he try it sometime too. Sonny accuses him of being in denial like always and leaves him with Einstein's definition of insanity. Insanity is doing the same thing again and again and expecting a different result. BOOM! Nick grins like a loon. Sonny whispers it will blow up in his face and walks out. Nick makes a crazy face.
- Will assures Abigail they can work out any date conflict so she can be
a part of the wedding. Silence. He deduces she does not want to and does not understand. She remembers her hot shower with EJ and lies she does not want to step on Gabi's toes. Will thinks she is important as well, however. Abigail did not intend to give her cousin grief and promises to
be there. He notes she is rather pale and she casually claims he took her by surprise.
- At the mansion, after Sami informs EJ that Abigail is pregnant, he stares. Abigail Devereaux??? Indeed. He calls it surprising. Sami jokes the girl
has more than just cupcakes in the oven. EJ stammers but she seemed fine. Sami sighs the poor girl is an emotional wreck. And she knows the symptoms. EJ realizes she has not seen a doctor and Sami admits her assumption is not conclusive, it is more of a guess, but why the interest
on his part?  EJ tries to think fast. He quips he is not interested. Sami suggests his concern is cos Chad is involved. EJ plays along and Sami notes it does not seem to be Chad's. Now she must change to meet Will, says she loves EJ, kisses him, and reminds him this secret can go no further. EJ calmly agrees but the minute she leaves the room, he sends a frantic text ...
- Abigail excuses herself from Will at the pub. He is worried about her. She insists she is fine, asks him to let her know the date, and walks out into the night. That is when she gets the frantic text from EJ ...
- Sami happily meets Will at the club to discuss wedding dates. She
gushes she and EJ have set their wedding date so now Will and Sonny may set theirs!
- EJ meets Abigail at his lawyer's fancy office. He demands to know why she chose to confide in Samantha instead of him! He grimaces and awaits her response.
- Jordan pauses at the dark town gate She considers cancelling on Rafe, then tells herself to get it over with. Upon arriving at the town square, she discovers Rafe's big operation, Tis a very private and swanky candlelight dinner for two. The girl in the blue dress of no fixed address is amazed. The waitress brings the champagne. Rafe suavely proposes a toast to HER! They clink their glasses and he drinks up. Jordan gazes at her
suited date.
- Rory visits his dude buddy at Horton house. JJ is feeling down and tells the eager visitor Dan and Jen are planning a family dinner tonight. Rory makes himself at home regardless and is sympathetic they are together, remembering the old days when JJ schemed to break them up. JJ calls it great they are together. Rory notices his depressed demeanor. JJ tells him the tale of how he blew it at the square with the girl of his dreams, the va va voom volunteer. Rory thinks they have nothing in common anyway.... Abe comes to the door, seeking Jen. He asks JJ to thank Jen for the invite and also to apologize for saying too much in the presence of the young girl. JJ plays it cool. No harm done. He now asks Abe for Paige's last name ...
- Abigail quips she knows not if she is pregnant. EJ pouts and wants to know why she chose to confide in Samantha. She sarcastically states he is making this all about him. EJ demands to know why she told Samantha. She did not! In addition, she is not sure she is even pregnant and suggests a drugstore test. EJ exclaims no way no how.
- Jordan enjoys the romantic candlelight dinner and gushes it is like the movies. Rafe feels she is as beautiful as a girl in a movie. She is amazed
he has arranged for her favorites and he points out she told him during therapy. He teases he remembers what is important, sips his champagne, and roguishly winks. The music starts to play and he elegantly stands up, asking for this dance, as promised when she was helping him heal. And
so they dance and romance as the singer croons "You are the one for me and I for youuuuuuuuuuu ..." Their eyes lock. She smiles and blushes.
He suavely leads.
- At the house of Kiriakis, Victor is in fine form. He asks what kind of wedding Sonny wants. He likes weddings and likes to joke unless the bride is Kristen DiMera. He congratulates him with a hearty hug and hopes he and Will are going to be very happy, though his grand nephew does seem rather ticked off. Sonny solemnly states he is, cos he found Nick Fallon in his living room. The Greek gets it and wonders what the sob wants this time!
- Eerie music plays at the apartment as Gabi realizes Sonny has left the building. Nick innocently suggests he is busy with his wedding plans.
Gabi suggests Nick stop pretending he is happy for him.
- Will starts to tell Sami about Abigail's strange mood. Sami wants to hear all about it.
- Abigail is royally miffed EJ is actually trying to give her orders. He changes his approach and assures her she is not alone. Hi intends to be part of the solution of the delicate situation if it does indeed happen, She sarcastically suggests she could be Sami's pregnant bridesmaid. EJ gets
she is upset and she has every right. She sarcastically thanks him for the permission. He implores her to think straight, She snaps she was not thinking straight when she slept with a man who did not give a damn! EJ replies that is not true. She stammers she told herself they were over but
if she is having his baby, it is far from over. It is just beginning! EJ shakes his head in dismay.
- JJ is searching online for Paige Larson, Rory is playing his guitar when
JJ finally finds her picture. Rory strums and teases she is babalicious. He should friend request her! JJ does not want her to think he is a stalker cos she never gave him her last name. Rory has an idea and wants to help. JJ gets a bad feeling. Rory explains he recognizes her from the library. She studies there a lot. JJ decides to run into her there. Rory teases he is just like a stalker.
- Rafe gets carried away waltzing his date around the square and almost takes a tumble. Jordan catches him. He chuckles he is fine. She sighs he has done too much tonight. He drawls it is not enough cos he might never see her again. He has one final request. One last dance. She puts her arms around him and they slow dance like teenagers at the prom.
- Sonny duly notes Victor's strong opinion of Nick. The Greek notes one must crush a cockroach. He played Maggie when he stayed here. Sonny complains he claims he has changed all over again. Victor offers to take care of it if he becomes a problem. Sonny only needs to say the word!
Sonny is most pleased.
- Nick innocently explains he is doing his best to get along with others like Sonny and he will not be angry. All he cares about is her! Gabi swoons. He thanks her for her support, grins he is glad they are friends no matter what, and decides it is time to go. Gabi gushes only he seems to get her. He muses he does get her and goes, pleased with his progress.
- Sonny now invites Victor and Maggie to attend his and Will's  wedding. The date has not yet been set but it is going to be next month! Victor remarks they are running out of time for a venue and graciously suggests
a grand wedding at the Kiriakis mansion, Sonny reminds him EJ would be in attendance. The Greek promises to put aside their differences for the occasion. Sonny adds the place has a strange history as he and Vivian Alamain were wed here once upon a time. Victor boasts he then married Maggie here and look at their happy home! So what does he say? Sonny grins he sure makes one hell of an argument. The house of Kiriakis it is!
- EJ explains over the counter tests are not always accurate and suggests
a discreet doctor he knows well. He will go with her tomorrow morning. Abigail is surprised and he repeats he is in it with her.
- Rafe kisses Jordan as they slow dance. She sighs he is a good dancer. He credits her with getting him on his feet and insists tonight is all about saying thank you. She kisses him, then woefully stops. He murmurs goodbye Jordan. She murmurs goodbye Rafe. He admits he will miss her and saunters off into the night like a cowboy. Jordan cries.
- Sami sips her red wine. Will has his beer as he tells her of Abigail's
initial lackluster reaction to his news, though she was more thrilled by the time she left. He gushes he sure is thrilled. Sami agrees everything is presently perfect for both of them and drinks more wine.
- EJ assures Abigail they do want the same thing. She gasps fine, she will see him tomorrow, and they can go together. Exit Abigail. Once alone,
EJ rolls his eyes and sits on the desk with a sigh, wondering wot the
future will hold ....


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