Days of Our Lives March 10, 2014
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Monday, March 10, 2014
Episode 12,291

- At Horton house, lady in waiting Abigail drops her mug of tea when Sami suggests she could be with child. Abigail chants she cannot be she cannot be pregnant! Sami picks up the broken mug and realizes there
must have been someone since Chad and that certain someone is giving the girl stress. Abigail remembers her tryst with EJ, Sami’s fiancée. She lies there was no one else and hyperventilates. Sami assures her that the baby's father will work it out with her. Abigail laments they broke up
before they ever began and he can never know! Sami asks how late the girl is. She has no idea and worriedly wonders. Sami still thinks the signs are there. Does mama Jen know of this other man? Abigail stammers no. She now gets a call and must head to the hospital. Sami pleasantly points out she should get a pregnancy test from Kayla. Abigail, however, swears her to secrecy. Sympathetic Sami lets the girl know that she can call her anytime. Then she hugs her. Abigail looks ready to faint.
- EJ visits Gabi at the apartment with her Countess W contract in hand. She is impressed she gets to deal with him directly. He drawls he added provisions so she could spend time with her baby etc. He also assures her he feels she is perfect for the job despite Nick's nefarious blackmail. Will enters, finds out from EJ that she has just been hired as the new face of Countess W, and immediately smells a rat. He thought she was done with modeling! Gabi explains she wants to make a living and steps away to attend to the crying baby. Will suspiciously demands EJ come clean
about Nick setting this in motion. EJ confesses he did suggest it.
- At Salem High, where the stairs are bright blue, the relationships true,
JJ has just spotted the girl of his dreams, the one he lost in the town square. She is standing at a locker talking to a girlfriend. The teen  slowly approaches, as though in a trance ... until Rory interruptus! He laughs dude owes him and he needs money. JJ wants info on the chick standing behind him. But alas she is gone. Rory is confused as he had assumed he and Bev were involved. Along comes Bev and the tension in the air is thick. Rory goes. JJ stops Bev. He is sorry he overreacted about the
joint. She is sorry she brought it. He hopes they are good. Bev is blunt. He is acting like someone new who is too clean and dull. Old JJ was
more fun and funny so she is no longer interested. She walks away, leaving JJ standing alone.
- Anne catches up with Theresa at the hospital and wants to know if her recent absence was due to the fact that she was out causing trouble for Dannifer. Theresa solemnly states there was a change in plans. Madame Milbauer is miffed her protégé gave up so easily. Theresa the terrible grudgingly admits they got something on her. However, this is far from over! This, of course, is music to Milbauer's malicious ears.
- At the apartment, Dan takes his son into the other room. Jen's phone rings. She reads it and almost weeps. Dan returns from putting Parker down and Jen gets evasive, distant, as eerie music plays. She fails to tell him what just happened and pretends to be preoccupied with work, the hospital website. It is all rather vague. Daniel gets a yell from pumped Parker and they agree to call each other. Jen takes another look at her phone and exits in a panic in her pink spring coat.
- Nicole wants to make looooooove to Eric in her room. Pause. She notices his silence and reminds him how they feel ... He whispers he
loves her but ... She gasps no need to wait for nothing is between them now. But still he seems to want to wait, even when she kisses him and he shuts his eyes in guilt-ridden rapture. He gasps he cannot and pulls away. Not like THIS! He is tempted here and it is not neutral ground. She notes it is a hotel room, then realizes it may not be the best venue. He helps her with her coat and they decide to go somewhere for a talk. Actually he decides, she follows.
- Nick and Percy walk in unison with their coffees at the town square. The genius admits he is feeling pretty good about his recent victories. But the truth is, all he ever wanted was another chance at romance with Gabi. Percy encourages him, especially if he has learned from his mistakes.
Nick assures him he has indeed and muses he must move things forward somehow ...
- Anne takes Theresa aside and demands the details of what the enemy has. Theresa assures her she has regrouped and will get back at Jenny with a vengeance, though she will be swift and subtle! Madame Milbauer smiles like a Cheshire cat.
- Abigail is at Jen's office in work mode, going over the many messages against her mother. It was a veritable smear campaign! Jen is dismayed
to discover that 25 angry posts on the website about her must mean 25 people hate her. Abigail suggests they may just hate the PR department. She now notes this bears the mark of Anne Milbauer!
- Will snaps at EJ what will happen when Gabi finds out this was Nick's doing! Gabi emerges and haughtily states she knows and she will not
listen to anything said against Nick! Will gives her an icy look. This is unbelievable! Gabi insists the only thing Nick is up to is to make her feel good. Will accuses EJ of caving when she returns to the other room to tend to the crying baby. EJ has a more measured approach. He points
out arrogant Nick will hang himself but not if Will fights him. Hothead Will wonders what exactly he wants him to do. To try and act happy for Gabriella. He now gets it and goes for some fresh air to calm down. Gabi returns and EJ pleasantly explains he had an errand. He assures her Will and Sonny are always going to be protective of her and the baby.  She complains they do not see the good in Nick. EJ continues to play along. He notes it might take time and concludes she will be wanting Justin to check over the contract. Gabi the future face of Countess W gushes there is no need and signs on the dotted line, much to his surprise. He takes his copy and departs, wishing her a wonderful afternoon ...
- Dan has an unexpected visitor at his apartment. Tis Liam the loon, who declares they must discuss the fair Jennifer!
- Abigail suggests they take down the nasty comments but Jen sighs the offender will only put them back up. JJ enters with a flower delivery from Daniel. Jen gushes and blushes, looking forward to tonight's dinner with Dan and the fam. Abigail excuses herself to consult with IT about a problem. JJ wants to know about the virus. The pout returns to Jen's
- At the pub, Nicole insists she is ready. It has been a year! Eric begs to differ. He does want her and they hold hands over the table. However,
he feels they should do this the right way. They should be married before they make love! Nicole's face falls.
- Gabi has summoned Nick over to share her contract signature news. He is elated and hopes it was a good deal. It was. He is somewhat surprised she did not have a lawyer check it over first, though, Gabi doubts Sami would pull a fast one and admits Will was not exactly enthused. Nick the unshaven suited genius is only interested in her happiness and grins when she assures him she is happy. Mission accomplished.
- Abigail sits all alone on a park bench and checks the date on her last month's calendar, muttering to herself about being or not being late. Will appears and admits he needs to talk to someone before his whole head explodes! He paces in exasperation and complains about Gabi making the same mistakes again and again. Abigail sighs who doesn't. Will notices she is not quite herself. She talks stomach bug. He talks chamomile tea at the pub and adds there is also something he was wanting to discuss with her. Something that brings a smile to his face.
- Dan cordially offers Liam a cup of coffee. No thank you. He enters and apologizes for how he reacted to him and Jen getting back together. He said stupid things. Dan notes Jen never even mentioned it. Liam is visibly relieved. He did not want any bad blood between coworkers. Dan assures him all is well but must step away when Parker nosily beckons. Once alone, Liam stares like the conniving snake he really is.
- Jen asks JJ how the comments one person made against his principal once upon a time were traced. Via the ip address. Exit JJ and Jen smugly sits down at her computer.
- Nicole is somewhat amused and points out Eric is no longer a priest.
He replies he is a Catholic. She is stupefied by his seriousness. He talks Church teachings, which he wants to follow. He hopes she understands. Nicole's frustration mounts. She snaps she actually does not understand!
- Nick stares deeply into Gabi's gullible eyes and concludes she still has her doubts about him. He recalls how confident she used to seem when they first met. He fell hard for that girl, then tried to help her when she
got pregnant. He now sees he should have let her handle things herself
and has learned since then. She has his word he will no longer be controlling where she is concerned. Gabi replies but he is blackmailing Kate and Sami sooooo ...
- A pair of lean mean girls from high school have just finished eating at
the square. They call JJ a total loser for having to pick up the trash.  Rory comes along and JJ urges him to scram before the supervisor sees him. Then he keeps cleaning as per his community service.
- Dan comes back holding Parker, and Liam wishes both him and Jen well. Then he goes. Dan wonders.
- Jen gets off the phone with the IT department as Anne enters her office. She triumphantly tells Madame Milbauer that they happen to have a HR issue. The hospital site was being abused in violation of the rules with a plethora of rude posts about her. She boasts she knows those posts are coming from one person, who probably has a vendetta! Annie wonders why tell her about it. Jen threatens to have her exposed and tossed out on her fanny.
- Eric gathers he is being too old fashioned. Nicole argues they have been together already many times. He notes it is never too late to make things right. They can get to know each other all over again. He understands they are not yet ready for a marriage commitment. She wonders what then? They can be in love and show affection as they get to know one another. He now excuses himself with a sweet kiss and promises to call her later. Nicole sighs to God this must be her punishment. She takes off in her tight jeans, determined to change the situation to her advantage, ardent creature that she is ...
- EJ is heard arriving home at the grand mansion, so Sami hides her two large art books in the bookcase and greets her returned fiancée with an innocent smile. He explains he gave Gabi the contract in person, then updates his beloved on Gabi's joy, Will’s reaction. He sits and reasons Nick is best dealt with at close range, then realizes the girl in the purple dress is not even paying attention. He asks wot is going on and roguishly pulls her onto his lap. She teases she cannot share but he insists there be no secrets between them, for that is how trouble is born ...
- JJ sorrowfully sweeps the town square, only to perceive the mysterious girl of his dreams, who also happens to be wearing the telltale yellow vest of a town square cleaner. They smile at each other.
- Jen calls Dan and thanks him for the beautiful bouquet They loooove each other. She gushes she thinks she solved her computer problem too. Meanwhile Madame Milbauer assumes the hateful posts were made by Theresa and tells her so. She calls her clever, given she must have used
an unknown computer ...
- At the park, Eric thanks God for making Nicole take his momentary celibacy well. But back in her room, Nicole has the teddy ready. She does not do celibacy!
- Nick admits tis true, he put the squeeze on Sami and Kate. However, he was well within his rights, as they did dump him in a river and leave him to die. That is why he feels they owe him. He assures Gabi that anything between them, on the other hand, is by her own choice. Gullible Gabi thanks him. He tenderly takes her by the hand and coos she is special. He wants to make her know that every day of her life! Gabi returns his gaze.
- At the pub, Will and Abigail each have a pretty mug of chamomile tea in hand. She wonders what he wished to discuss. Will gushes he and Sonny are engaged. She congratulates him and wonders about the wedding date. It has not been chosen yet. He picks up her phone to check her calendar and notices it is on last month, but why? She snatches the phone back, makes light of it, and assures him she will be there. She now asks about the wedding planning. Will thinks it is just wonderful his mom and EJ are helping and on board. He explains they would also like her to be a part of the wedding. Abigail stuns her cousin by protesting she cannot! This was not the reaction he had been expecting ...
- Back at DiMera mansion, EJ teases, tickles and kisses saucy Samantha as she refuses to divulge the secret someone told her today. He showers her with kisses and she melts and giggles, escaping until he pulls her back onto his lap. He starts to jokingly pout and so she swears him to secrecy before dropping a bombshell.  ABIGAIL IS PREGNANT! EJ stares, the smile now frozen on his flabbergasted face ...


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