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Thursday, March 1, 2018
Episode 13,285
1520 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Fake Gabi is suspicious of Stefan’s offer to help her. He insists he shall frame someone else, there are many Salemites from which to choose. So she gives him the coat she is wearing to be used with the lid of Tony’s urn. Now what? She should lie low and no more threats. She agrees, thanks him, and exits his room ... At the square Ciara is dismayed Tripp is working on the day of her mom’s wedding. He is a stressed as he updates her on Steve’s good eye going bad, She hugs him for moral support ... Claire has her dress for the wedding but listens to the secret recording again as it weighs heavy on her young mind ... Stefan puts his new proof away when Vivian arrives, demanding answers ... Vision in green Julie wants her wedding officiating to sparkle as much as her jewelry and practices out loud. Maggie appears with her early gift as she shall not be attending. Julie considers it a travesty but the redhead is filled with sorrow. Her own marriage is on the rocks ... At the Kiriakis mansion Brady has heard from Henderson that Maggie moved out. He hopes he was wrong cos Victor could not have been fool enough to push her away ... Viv snaps at Stefan to tell her what is really going on with him and his brother’s wife. Meanwhile Chad is stopped from making progress with the secret panel when Abigail stops him. Before he fully sees her she tosses her wig aside on the foyer floor. He kisses her and explains he was about to study something cos of Vivian, She stops him ... When Stefan whips out the cover to the urn Vivian deduces Abigail offed Andre ...

Elegant Eve drops by the loft. Claire invites her in and she praises the place. She came about the Face of Bella contest and asks for her headshot. Claire is sorry so late. She was planning to send it but stuff happened. Eve admires her dress and she tells her of Hope and Rafe’s wedding. Eve pauses and points out at least Rafe is not like papa Eduardo. Claire is not so sure about that ... Brady thinks Maggie gave Victor an ultimatum about Eve. He updates him on how Eve walked in on him and Maggie talking the other day ... Julie is not surprised Victor was underhanded in biz. Maggie notes it was not business. Julie suspects it was personal, like whatever secret is bothering poor Claire ... Eve thinks Rafe is different from Dario as well as his dad and he loves Hope. Claire gets tight lipped so Eve offers to listen ... Tripp tells Ciara about the Chicago specialist for Steve but he senses his father will become blind. Ciara gives him a pep talk and updates him on Theo emailing her about his own progress. Tripp thanks her for listening. She says the same and hopes her mom is not making a marriage mistake. Tripp refers to Rafe's affair as a stupid mistake and assures her he is still attending the wedding. They giggle about her getting into a party dress with matching shoes ...

Claire changes the subject to Eve and Brady. Eve admits they were adversaries before and lists her last men, including dodgy Deimos and Eduardo. Claire believes Brady is different. She is happy to hear Eve say he is sweet and romantic. The future suddenly feels bright ... Brady explains Eve heard no words but sensed something so he stated the redhead was simply upset about him and Nicole. She seemed to believe it. He starts to say he cannot continue to use a woman who lost her only child. Victor interrupts and rages to be ruthless. Brady now realizes why Maggie left. Victor believes she will be back ... Julie the couples expert urges Maggie to work things out when she glumly states she cannot go back. They were supposed to spend time with the grandchildren and go around the world but Victor cannot let go of his complete control. Julie warns such men believe they are their job. Maggie admits her leaving was about an awful thing he did. She refuses to be his co-conspirator in crimes of the heart ... Stefan explains to Viv that it was not Abigail who offed Andre and snatches the phone from her. He snaps the girl could implicate them both as she witnessed them with Andre’s dead body ... Abigail feigns worry about the booby traps in the mansion passages cos Vivian might have added more. Chad hugs her and then notices she changed her outfit. He twirls her around in the stylish dress and hugs her again ...

Eve is upbeat about being with Brady. Claire cannot believe Theresa left him and Tate and is happy he found happiness with Eve. She tells her not to care what anyone says and Eve hugs her in gratitude ... Victor growls at Brady to leave his personal life to him. He urges him to hurry up and marry Eve to get her shares sooner rather than later ... Viv gasps what did the girl see and flashes back. Stefan found his gun carrying mother standing over Andre. Neither had done the deed. Stefan admitted he ordered his goons to abduct Andre to get him out of the way but while keeping him alive. He took his phone before they took off together to erase his message and admits it now seems Abigail saw them. Madame quips he really means Gabi ... Abigail states Gabi gave her this dress she liked. Chad asks how she is holding up. Poor Ari might be without her mother. He vows to make Vivian and Stefan pay and gets surprised when Abigail calls Viv a beech. She laughs and makes light of it. When he starts to kiss her she admits Vivian stressed her but she can handle her ... Stefan informs Viv that Abigail believes she is Gabi sometimes. Viv gasps the crazy girl killed Andre. Stefan disagrees and warns she would implicate them to the board by saying she saw them over the body. Viv suspects he is love struck and warns her son not to become her next victim ...

Julie insists Maggie come to stay at Horton house with the family. Forget the Salem Inn. Maggie sighs Victor might not even notice she is gone ... Victor calls in for his messages and is saddened that there were none from his wife. He sighs and stares at their framed picture ... At the pub Brady updates Eve on Maggie moving out. She gushes good for her. Brady confesses he is to blame for their discord. Eve begs to differ cos he is one of the good guys. Brady is touched but tells her he is not. She wonders what he means. He means he does not deserve her faith. She dismisses the Nicole fiasco. He sighs this is about how he behaved with her. Eve blames Victor’s influence for his rudeness with women and thinks he needs to be his own man. Brady wants that as well. Eve feels once Bella is a success he will be able to do that. If only Claire the ideal face of Bella was not so bothered about something ... Ciara hates the song she chose for her wedding video and decides to listen to Claire's song. She is at the loft with Tripp, who has changed his shirt ... Viv argues Abigail was Andre’s friend and killed him ... Stefan the avid reader tells her of alters not knowing of one another’s actions so Abigail does not know if her Gabi is guilty. He will remove suspicion from her by framing someone else and orders mommy dearest to help .... Chad kisses Abigail as they inch closer to her dark wig on the foyer floor ... Julie reminds Maggie to be firm when Victor phones. He moans he misses her and asks her to come home. She asks if Eve knows what he and Brady are up to. He declares it is the only way for the clan to defend themselves. Not good enough! She announces she will not be home and hangs up ... Brady realizes that Victor is not best for the company anymore. He knows what he has to do and flashes back to Victor ordering him to marry Eve. He now suggests they drink to Maggie leaving him ... Vivian is peeved by Stefan’s suggestion she plant proof and wants the particulars of his plan ... Downstairs Chad wants to go upstairs with his wife. Abigail reminds him he told Thomas he would put his train together and sends him up to do so. She now picks up the dark wig and warns Gabi she almost got them in trouble. A good thing she has it all under control! She calmly enters the secret passage, destination Stefan’s room ... Tripp thinks it might be too intrusive to listen to Claire’s song without permission. Ciara states it is essential in case she does not wish to use it. She now notices a new recording on Claire’s phone and presses play, believing they are about to hear her sweet wedding song ... NOT!



All the drama in Salem on Thursday, March 1