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Wednesday, February 28, 2018
Episode 13,284
1300 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


At the pub JJ feels overwhelmed by china choices for the wedding. Lani muses there are more important matters. She loves him and he asks her to marry him today ... At work Eli remembers promising to find proof to save Gabi from prison. She thanked him for being there. Val arrives in a blue outfit to match his blue mood. She asks about Gabi and is sorry about the bad news. Eli admits he is angry the woman in love is in hell. He feels frustrated and powerless. Meanwhile Gabi comes to Sonny to pick up Ari. He lets her know she was up last night and is sleeping so best to go to the wedding without her. Gabi shares her worst fears about being set up. Sonny insists Justin will get her off though Gabi feels framed ... In Andre’s office Kate suspects Stefan the cunning one did the deed. Who will he harm next? Chad agrees he has to be stopped before he strikes again ... Meanwhile at DiMera mansion Stefan reads of the danger of confronting an alter as Vivian encounters fake Gabi for the first time. She gasps what is the girl doing dressed like that ...

Stefan solemnly reads an alter in distress could be dangerous. Meanwhile fake Gabi stares down Vivian and asks what she means. The wig and costume! Abigail’s alter calls it the real her. Vivian laughs. The alter refers to her man. Viv laughs she is not Abigail now and she knows why ... Lani reminds JJ they are headed to Hope and Rafe’s wedding today. JJ alludes to a double wedding with them. Lani cannot forget what a disaster his sister Abigail’s double wedding was ... Gabi has left sleeping Arianna her stuffed toy and calls her an angel. Sonny tries to give the fearful mom a pep talk and points out he and Will are here for Ari. Always. Gabi also worries about Will’s memory so Sonny assures her Ari always has a home with him. But they will get the monster who set her up first! Gabi admits Chad might already know ... Chad suggests they keep their eyes and ears open. Kate explains that is not enough for Stefan thinks like Stefano and Vivian is his she devil mother. Chad suggests she sidle up to her. Not possible given their past. It seems Vivian wants Stefan to inherit every cent of Stefano’s lucrative legacy. She fears the deadly duo could come after them next ...

Abigail’s alter tells Viv she knows nothing! Vivian taunts who is she? Gabi. Vivian offers to call hubby as she clearly needs help. The girl grabs a poker from the fireplace and makes her put the phone down. Viv deduces she has snapped. Abigail raises the poker with deadly intent ...Stefan reads that one should not agitate an alter and then hears a blood curdling scream. He takes off like a bat outta hell... Val asks Eli what he intends to do about the baby. Nothing as JJ and Lani are engaged ... JJ does not want to believe in bad luck. Lani seeks a small quiet ceremony and adds they have no license at the moment. JJ the romantic admits he got carried away partly cos of the baby and touches her tummy. Lani is moved ... Sonny is stunned to hear the theory that Stefan and Vivian murdered Andre and set up Gabi. He thinks the evidence against Gabi is only circumstantial until she admits she said she could have killed him to Abigail. Sonny still thinks that is not enough so she tells him about Trask having it in for her. Now the dishonest D.A. wants to bury her ... Chad vows to fight for his legacy as it is his son’s legacy. Kate sighs not with Stefan in charge. He points out they will get proof and be rid of Stefan and Viv. Kate laments she still lost Andre ... Stefan grabs the poker away from Abigail as she chases Vivian around the room. Madame calls the girl cuckoo. Stefan snaps to say nothing to no one and escorts "Gabi" away to his own room ... Sonny insists Gabi attend the wedding of brother Rafe and enjoy herself with Eli. So many are on her side, even Abigail. She knows ... Stefan takes the angry alter to his room and tries to calm her down. It would look badly if she attacked an innocent old lady ... Vivian feels Stefano’s portrait staring at her and then approaches the secret passage from whence Abigail came. Enter Chad, who asks what she is doing ...

Back at the pub Lani likes the fries. JJ has concluded their wedding day should be their own. He admits he was worried Abe would not approve but he showed him how serious he is. Alas Val does not seem to support their engagement ... Val notes Lani could have said no but Eli is all for two parents raising a child. She reminds him that is HIS child and he will have to endure watching their moments as an outsider. Eli admits that had not occurred to him ... Viv lies she was looking for the wine cellar. Chad states that is not it so she wonders about the open panel. Chad does not care and claims the house is old. He closes it and nothing happens. He now asks if she has seen his wife. Viv pauses. She thought she had but it was not really her ... Fake Gabi agrees with Stefan, then complains about Trask going after her. Stefan humors her and assures her she is going to be alright. He gleefully grins he can help her ... Kate sits sadly at the square with the photo of Andre as she grieves. She puts it back in her bag with a sigh. Gabi happens along and approaches. She sits and Kate is sympathetic about her situation. She knows she did not kill Andre ... Chad wonders what happened to the fallen lamp on the floor. Viv fibs Abigail might have knocked it over and asks how she is. Chad gets curt and excuses himself to go find her. Viv cackles ...

Stefan shares his idea with the alter. They can frame someone else with the cover from Andre’s urn. She wonders who. It matters not. She is grateful and agrees to give him her coat as tragic music plays. She walks out with a thank you ... Lani gets tense. JJ explains how he told Val that them becoming a family was the right thing to do ... Eli thinks this is not only about him. Val wonders what he would do if Lani and JJ were not engaged. He cannot say. She warns him of her own past regret and he urges her to stop. Right now he has enough pressure trying to prove Gabi’s innocence. It is not the right time to tell her he cheated with another ... Kate and Gabi discuss Stefan and Vivian setting her up. Gabi wishes someone would find proof sooner rather than later. Kate vows to help and have her back at Gabi Chic too, Stefan be damned. Now she suggests she head to Rafe and Hope’s happy wedding and give Rafe her best. Gabi is sorry she lost Andre. Kate insists she will not lose anyone else she loves and hugs her. Then she takes Andre’s picture in her hand and sighs, sitting alone ... Stefan hides the new evidence he intends to plant when someone knocks at his door. Tis raging Vivian, who demands the truth about Abigail ... Chad heads back to the panel and decides to investigate what Vivian was really up to. All of a sudden fake Gabi appears and exclaims to wait. Chad stops, stunned by the sight of his wife wearing a dark wig ...



All the drama in Salem on Wednesday, February 28