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Tuesday, February 27, 2018
Episode 13,283
1370 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Stefan is reading Kim Donovan’s psychological memoir at DiMera mansion. He now knows one alter would be unaware of another. Hmmm ... Vivian appears and notices the book. Meanwhile Abigail is beside Chad in bed dreaming of Andre again! She asks who killed him. He gasps she knows who it was and speaks her name. She wakes up with a cry. Chad worries it was another nightmare and holds her close. He asks what this one was about. Ominous music plays ... Eli wakes up Gabi and holds her close. She sighs this is the day of her preliminary hearing. He is hopeful and hushes her when she gets pessimistic ... Abigail admits it was the Andre dream. Chad wonders whether he revealed the murderer's identity. She laments he let her know she too knew who had done it. Her moist eyes mirror her stress and sorrow. Chad suggests it was Stefan but Abigail is uncertain. Chad thinks he is the only logical choice and reminds her she only dreamt Andre, it was not reality anyway ... Viv has harsh words for the dramas of Kim Brady Donovan and asks why her son is interested in spilt personalities. She senses he is keeping a secret from mommy dearest and demands he spill ... Hope wakes up in the cabin tent and kisses handsome hubby Rafe on his chest. He calls her his beautiful wife. Wedded bliss. For now. Friends and lovers ... positively too perfect to be true ...

Gabi gets dressed and discusses the details of Stefan as a suspect with Eli. He notes no one can corroborate his whereabouts soooooo ... and Hattie and Anna are no longer suspects, Gabi worries but Eli argues no one can see who the woman is in the footage. Besides her words of anger were not literal. Trask has a weak case and he vows to prove her innocence! Gabi wants to share Chad’s theory as they drive ... Chad updates Abigail on his run-in with Stefan in his room. She wonders whether he will search it. He states he would find nothing for Stefan is too slick to leave evidence lying around. He now feels the mystery female in the footage is the one they need to find. He thinks it might be ... Stefan puts down the book and denies keeping secrets. Kate enters and pours coffee, pouting about Gabi’s preliminary hearing. Vivian acts like the girl is guilty as Stefan slyly covers the split personality book. He speaks of justice. Kate accuses him of duplicity. Viv defends Stefan and taunts she heard things about Kate’s estranged son Phillip ... Kate snaps to shut up. Viv implies Kate killed Andre after he fired her little protege. Kate confirms she was mad but would not have killed her husband. She suggests the new mother and son team in town are the real killers ...

Hope admires the glittery ring on her finger and smiles this is what they wanted so the world will have to understand. Rafe is impressed with her surprise planning and wants to spend forever with her. She coos she is lucky and they kiss in bliss. She tells him she trusts him body and soul and always will. More kissing ... At the elegant club wannabe wedding planner Julie asks Claire the best way to wear her hair for the wedding. She is honored Rafe and Hope have asked her to marry them. She corrects Claire on the number of almonds she is stuffing in the party bags and brings up her new song. She wants to see how it would sound in the room first and picks up Claire’s phone. The girl gasps no, worried she will hear the recording of Ciara mentioning Rafe’s scandalous affair with Sami. Julie stops. Claire grabs the phone back and fibs she wants Hope and Rafe to hear the song first. Julie points out she wants everything to be perfect. Hope deserves as much although she had reservations as Rafe is a Hernandez, like Gabi. That one should have her bail revoked! Claire is surprised. Julie admits she wishes Eli would stay away from Gabi and complains she is powerless to stop her loved one’s heartbreak. Claire considers ...

Hope and Rafe get dressed. They are off to Gabi’s hearing but they must remove their rings to keep their secret until they are ready. He carries her over the cabin threshold ... Viv snorts Kate can move out if she fears there is a murderer at the mansion. Kate warns she would not want her to make Chad the next victim and adds to back off unless she wants her to come after her ... Chad wonders whether Stefan knew Andre before he claimed. He recalls Stefan seemed to romance D.A Trask the other night. She might have been the dark haired woman in the footage, for Stefan, who promised to finance any future campaigns. For now they need only get the charges against Gabi dropped. Then they can get the goods on Trask ... At the station Trask tells Eli he will be taken off the case as he is clearly personal with Gabi. Gabi watches as Eli quips her brother is marrying the commissioner and then grills the D.A. on where and what she was doing the night Andre met his end. Trask is taken aback and responds with sarcasm. Eli assures her he was only asking a question and suggests the investigation is still open. The D.A. calls him desperate. She shows him proof on her phone she had an appointment with Justin at the time, aka the Kiriakis who happens to be Gabi’s lawyer. Until court! Gabi feels like she is sunk ...

Back at the mansion Viv and Stefan see Chad and Abigail putting their coats on. Abigail wants to support her friend Gabi. Stefan is somewhat surprised but then remembers what he read about alters not remembering each other ... Claire pouts. Julie thinks she is upset about Theo being away and assures her he will be back before long. Claire sighs there is something else. Julie probes. Claire confesses she is confused about a secret so Julie offers to help ... Back at the station Hope and Rafe try to make Gabi feel better, Eli at her side. She wishes they would go celebrate their wedding. Rafe wants her there. Eli promises she will be. Chad and Abigail arrive and get an update on Trask having an alibi. Gabi gets more nervous by the Salem second. Abigail assures her they will help clear her. Gabi appreciates it and woefully wonders how that woman in the footage could have disappeared so fast. Abigail nods ever so slightly ... Claire explains to curious Julie that Marlena already advised her to solve this on her own. Hope and Rafe arrive. Julie asks about raining Smith Island. They were not bothered. Julie puts on a brave face when she hears the judge ruled to go ahead with the case against Gabi but she will still be attending the ceremony today. She excuses herself and Hope warns Rafe she has to wait until the guests are all here. Otherwise Julie will be livid when she hears their news ... Viv wants to know why Stefan is so intrigued by Kim’s book but she already has an idea ... Gabi excuses herself to freshen up. Eli lets Chad know the department is now releasing Andre’s belongings. He will tell Kate. Abigail suddenly gets a splitting headache ... Claire glares at Rafe and Hope getting cute ... Gabi approaches Eli’s desk, sorry she was so stressed. He knows the truth shell set her free and hugs her ... Kate puts away a picture of Andre at the office. Chad asks if she is alright. She is haunted by her last memory of Andre - when they argued. But everything bad seemed to start with the arrival of Stefan in Salem. She senses there is a killer right under their roof! Chad quips if he killed family he is capable of anything ... Stefan reads of the consequences of confronting an alter. Elsewhere Viv sips her coffee. All of a sudden fake Gabi emerges from the secret passage. Vivian gasps ABIGAIL? Abigail's defiant alter ego meets her gaze ... ...



All the drama in Salem on Tuesday, February 27