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Monday, February 26, 2018
Episode 13,282
1370 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


At the secluded cabin Hope wishes to wed tonight ... John visits Steve as Kayla sits by her man in the hospital. John is pleased the antidote is working. But he is sorry when Steve and Kayla inform him the poison did permanent damage to his vision ... Glam Viv sweeps into Kiriakis mansion as Victor leaves Maggie another message to please come back to him. Victor snaps to go but she coos Stefan could hold the key to the future for both of them ... Shirtless Stefan is stunned when Abigail’s alter ego walks to the door to let Chad into his bedroom after their kiss ... Rafe reminds his fiancee they have a wedding planned for tomorrow. Hope smiles she wanted something more intimate here. Rafe lets go of the justice of the peace ... John does not want to believe Steve’s blurred vision will last as the antidote was supposed to reverse all damage. Steve hopes so. John prays it will be alright. Kayla is still cross and excuses herself. Steve sighs she is having a hard time. John gets it ... Stefan stops fake Gabi by warning her that Chad catching her here could cause trouble for them in the Andre case. She conceals herself in the closet as Stefan opens the door. Chad is certain he heard voices. Stefan insists he is alone and had Viv on speaker phone. Stefan suspects he wanted to find a Gabi lookalike and states his suspicions are silly. Chad talks sabotage. Stefan denies knowing Andre before or any sabotage and suggests he back off. Chad will not so he warns he might not like the truth. Chad wonders what he means ... Rafe apologizes to the justice, who makes a joke about jumpy grooms. Rafe is all for this plan although ... Hope raises an eyebrow ...

At the loft Claire is enjoying ice cream with Marlena. She complains about Ciara being a hero with Tripp and adds she is happy they are alright. But her bitterness is evident about a secret she now knows. Marlena realizes that was why she summoned her. Claire swears her to secrecy. Sort of. Marlena is stunned to hear that Rafe “hooked up” and cheated with Sami ... Madam Vivian wants a win win merger. Victor flat out refuses to any professional relationship with her so she gives him the eye and suggests they opt for a personal relationship instead ... Stefan wonders why Chad cares. Chad does as Andre helped Abigail. He questions his innocence so Stefan dares him to search his room right now ... Rafe reminds Hope that Julie arranged their wedding and would be furious but Hope insists it will still be a celebration. She even brought rings. Rafe looooves her and they romantically kiss. Mr. Justice clears his throat ... Marlena takes it all in and asks when Rafe slept with Sami. Claire assumes it was when Sami was in town and tells her she heard from Ciara. Marlena probes and seeks only the facts so Claire produces the evidence on her phone ... John feels to blame but Steve reminds him he has saved him so many times! Kayla returns and acts curt but Steve wants John to stay. The results are in and he is losing the sight in his second eye. Needless to say Steve is stunned ...

Back at the Kiriakis mansion Victor is disgusted and declares he is married. Viv smugly states she saw his Maggie check into the Salem Inn and offers to be his lady Macbeth. Then she removes her fur coat and Victor cries out in horror ... Kayla explains to Steve the antidote cannot undo the damage to his cornea and it is going to worsen. Before long he could go blind. Steve sighs. John watches ... Stefan sarcastically suggests Chad find the murder weapon. Chad applauds his audacity and laughs he now knows he has nothing hidden here. He will still suceed in getting the goods on him. Stefan acts indignant and suggests he move out and leave Abigail and his son at the mansion. Then when Chad realizes he was wrong to accuse him he will accept his apology. Exit Chad ... Marlena has heard the recording and asks Claire why she did it. She admits she thought Tripp and Ciara’s big secret was about her or Theo. Marlena is not impressed. Claire suggests Hope deserves the truth and she is her grandmother so she feels strongly about it ... Hope praises friend and lover Rafe for helping her put the pieces back together of her broken life. He was always there to protect her. Rafe pouts. She announces she is ready to risk her heart for him as she loves him. Guilt ridden Rafe shuts his eyes. When he opens them he almost makes a confession ...

Fake Gabi slaps Stefan for scaring her. He insists he knew Chad would not search anywhere. She does not like this game but Stefan wants to protect the queen. She starts to go and he stops her, asking when he will see her again. He yearns to know her so she offers to come out again when she can. Then she goes and he grins like a devil ... Marlena repeats to Claire that Ciara said she was keeping the secret as she loves Hope. Claire suspects she could blurt it out anytime and that would be worse. Marlena questions Claire on her sincerity ... Rafe stammers he did not have time to write any vows and praises Hope as the most amazing woman. She takes his breath away and he doesn't know what to say. He loves and wants her forever. Then he puts the lasso around them both and commits to their lifetime of love and respect. He takes her to be his wife and she takes him to be her husband. They giggle and finish for better for worse … forsaking all others. The candles are aglow as he slips on her ring. She smiles and kisses his, then she slides it on his finger. They are now pronounced husband and wife by the justice of the peace. Rafe kisses the bride. Just married in secret! Mr. Justice is soon gone in the rain. Rafe says to stay safe. Then he faces Hope, who calls him husband. Time for champagne! He exclaims they did it. Hope tells him to not tell anyone until tomorrow. This is between them and the stars. Rafe romantically toasts to his wife, the love of his life. May they share a lifetime of love and joy ...

Claire stammers she just wants to save Hope from a cheater. Marlena muses this might really be about Ciara. She warns honey to think hard before she does anything cos it could destroy a family ... John apologizes with tears in his eyes. Kayla snaps to go so he does. Steve asks if there is anything they can do. The specialists are searching for options ... Victor leers he loves his wife and warns Vivian to take her bony rear end away! Vivian counters that with her son leading the way the DiMeras shall come after him and show no mercy. The Greek gets to thinking ... Stefan searches online to better understand split personalities, what makes Abigail tick ... Chad returns to the bedroom and Abigail sits up on the bed. He hopes she is alright. She sighs the stress of Andre must have made her tired and looks baffled about where the day went ... Kayla complains about John but Steve defends him. He tenderly takes her hand and tells her they shall overcome. They always do. Then he hugs her ... John sits alone outside and weeps. Marlena apologizes for being late and asks her honey what is the matter. He holds her close in his sorrow ... Claire decides there is still time as Hope has not married Rafe yet. She still has her phone ... Meanwhile newlyweds Hope and Rafe romantically dance and kiss at their cabin of love. But the rain outside clouds the window ...



All the drama in Salem on Monday, February 26