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Friday, February 23, 2018
Episode 13,281
1370 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Hope and Rafe update Ciara on their camping trip prior to the wedding. Tripp listens as Ciara admits she feared they would cancel the whole event! Hope wonders why ... At Kiriakis mansion, Brady wants to confess to Eve ... At DiMera mansion real Gabi greets Chad gasping she cannot stop thinking of his theory that Stefan set her up to take the fall for Andre. Is there anything new? Chad admits there is ... Meanwhile shirtless Stefan advises Abigail to get some help. She insists she is Gabi and Abi has left the building! Eerie music plays to match the eeriness of her mind ... Chad sighs Stefan found out they were onto him when Abigail slipped up. She wanted to defend Gabi. Gabi laments she has much to lose ... Stefan soon realizes that Abigail actually believes she is two different women. He asks fake Gabi how she knows what he was discussing with Abigail downstairs ... Hope smiles she and Rafe are skipping the rehearsal to get straight to the wedding. They now discuss Steve. Hope asks Tripp if he is stressed about what happened. He explains he did not expect to kill someone. Rafe assures him they are all grateful. Ciara complains about Claire being back but then tells the happy couple they are both working on wedding surprises. Until tomorrow. With a hug and a grin Rafe and Hope are gone. Ciara now starts to stress about the secret of Rafe cheating to Tripp, who reminds her only they know. What they do not realize is that they are being recorded ...

Brady pouts to Eve how past women made him feel a fool. She is sympathetic. He is sympathetic that she lost a child and cannot imagine the pain. She points out Tate is healthy. He knows he is blessed. She tells him of the comfort and joy Tate brings her and hopes Brady is not sad. He blurts out he did a bad thing. She wonders to whom. He decides to only reveal something about ... Eric ... Meanwhile love struck Eric is at the pub with Roman, who questions whether he really is over Nicole. Eric pauses with his cup of coffee ... Fake Gabi believes she was on the terrace eavesdropping. She warns Stefan that Abigail would share all information with Chad, unlike her. Stefan cares not so she threatens to drag him right down with her ... Gabi panics. Chad points out it is best to be calm. Stefan will pay. Gabi refuses to sit around doing nothing and decides to go looking for her coat and her access card. She suspects Stefan stashed the items in his room and suggests she start looking there ... Tripp asks about Bo and decides he sounds like a great dad. Ciara smiles so is Steve and suggests they get some takeout. After they leave the loft, Claire creeps out to listen to her recording ...

Hope and Rafe arrive at the Horton island cabin in the pouring rain. She feels all is ruined! He drawls they can swim instead of stargaze. She complains about being cold so he suggests a hot shower and offers to make a warm crackling fire. She tells him it is torrential out there and asks if they are jinxed. Rafe replies with a roguish kiss ... Chad warns Gabi it would be too dangerous to burst into the room of a man who might have killed his own brother. First they should find the woman in the footage ... Stefan reminds fake Gabi she was trying to plant that lid on him so how does he know she did not commit the crime? She wants the lid back but he refuses so she seductively coos what can she do to change his mind? Stefan looks down at her, still attracted to any personality she plays ... Eve insists Brady is a good guy. He wants her to know ... so she stops him. She knows Nicole cheated on him and left them both but Brady admits he blackmailed her into leaving Eric. Eve wonders what he had on her. He will only say it is big ... Back at the pub Eric informs Roman how Nicole just left him without any warning. Roman wonders why but Eric would rather move forward. With the fair Jen. Roman senses something is not good so he complains about Brady blasting him again. He sadly sighs Nicole is gone but Brady is his brother forever ... Stefan reminds Abigail’s alter ego that she loves another. She states she is single. Stefan reminds her Abigail is not and adds that girl hates him. Fake Gabi questions that as well as Abigail’s sanity. He tells her to stop so she gets seductively closer. Stefan is not unaffected ... Chad starts to wonder whether Vivian was involved in Stefan's scheme and adds there are other women in his sinister sphere. He realizes his partner in crime could have been ...

Brady refuses to reveal what Nicole did. Eve wonders why he wants to defend her but he knows he is not blameless. He ruined her romance with Eric out of spite. She supports him regardless. He wishes he had been a better man. Eve begs to differ. But he suspects she will not want anything to do with him when she knows more ... Claire starts to listen to the conversation on her iphone. Ciara returns with Tripp and she tells them she was just listening to the song she wrote. Ciara asks to hear it ... Rafe surprises Hope with candlelight and Christmas lights in the cabin. They can get cozy in the small tent he set up. She wants to make hot chocolate first and checks in with the station. Then she kisses him ... Chad tells Gabi how D.A. Trask was enjoying drinks the other day with Stefan. He suggests she is similar height and build to Gabi! Maybe they made a deal. Gabi seriously doubts it ... Fake Gabi flirts with Stefan so he says to stop. She warns him he is dreaming if he thinks Abigail will ever be with him. She warns him that Chad and Abigail will bring him down and babbles a mile a minute. Stefan gasps to stop and suddenly grabs her in a kiss ... Eve states she would do the same as Brady and suggests fake Jen and Eric deserve each other. Brady defends Jen. Eve believes Brady should let the conflict with his brother go. She smiles she suspected his confession would be worse and would somehow involve her ...

Eric complains to Roman about Brady’s rage. Roman warns him not to blame himself. Eric sighs they always fight so Roman laughs, recalling he and Bo fought as well. Now he has memories only whereas Eric has his brother. He tells him not to give up on Brady because one day it could be too late ... Claire refuses to reveal her song before the wedding. Tripp excuses himself to run an errand for Kayla and tells the gals to play nice. Claire wants to work on her song alone so Ciara heads to Julie’s. Claire sits back on the sofa and keeps listening for the secret ... Bathrobe Hope excuses herself to get changed. Rafe gets out a bottle of wine and looks out the window. He sees someone lurking and takes out his gun ... Chad will keep investigating and offers to search Stefan’s room. He will proceed with caution ... Eve reminds Brady they did play one another and wonders whether their romance is real. He insists it is. She whispers she believes him. He kisses her and leaves her bedroom. Eve touches her lips ... Impatient Claire eventually hears Ciara stating Rafe cheating with Sami ... A suited gentleman is surprised when Rafe accuses him of casing the cabin to break in. Hope appears and announces he is there not to break in but to marry them ... Stefan is ready to get it on with fake Gabi until ... Knock knock! Tis Chad. Stefan stops kissing. Abigail’s alter ego freezes ...



All the drama in Salem on Friday, February 23