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Thursday, February 22, 2018
Episode 13,280
1550 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Kate is cross at Billie’s hospital room but her daughter acts bored. Kate now knows she was lying to her cos she is a secret agent who got shot and plans to leave tomorrow. Billie explains she was helping John save Steve. Enter Lucas and he is also livid - about what she did to Will ... Paul sits at the park and flashes back to finding Will unconscious with John, how John had raised his gun at him. He now meets his father who is grateful he came. He assures him Steve is better and apologizes for the mess. Paul looks a little hurt ... Back at the Kiriakis mansion Brady and Eve interrupt Maggie and Victor. The Greek claims it was no spat but Maggie admits they were disagreeing about Eve. She demands he come clean ... Chad is fully dressed when Abigail wakes up, uncertain why she slept so late. He kisses her hand and goes to make them fresh coffee. Abigail sits up and notes she did not have a nightmare so why does her head feel so heavy? ... Stefan readies for a jog in his room and opens the drawer where he shoved the top to Tony’s urn, which he got from Abigail. He remembers how she came to his room pretending to be guilty Gabi. She had stopped him from summoning Chad. He now walks out and slams the door after his angry self ... Victor suggests Maggie speak for herself, he has nothing to say. Maggie notes Victor does not approve of Brady and Eve dating. Eve asks what she thinks. The redhead reasons everyone deserves happiness. Brady proceeds to praise Eve, who thanks him. Maggie asks to be alone with the boys but Brady insists Eve stay to hear whatever it is ... Stefan greets Chad in the living room and asks about Abigail. Is she alright? Chad snaps she slept in and it is not his concern! Stefan begs to differ because of last night. Chad asks him to elaborate and sips his coffee ...

Kate wishes Lucas would not shout and hopes he is not back on the bottle. He snaps he should be - given what he heard about Will being held against his will by John, his sister's partner in ISA crime. Billie calls it neutralizing. Lucas rages on until Will arrives assuring his dysfunctional family that he is just fine ... Paul sits on a bench with papa John and claims he can understand. John is sorry he got dragged in. Paul admits he was overwhelmed when he finally realized Will was alive. John deduces he harbors feelings for him. Oooo ... Eve assumes Maggie will merely warn Brady against her and tells Maggie to go ahead. Her heart cannot break any more than it did after Paige died. Her eyes are wide open with Brady. She exits. Victor gets sarcastic about her stories. Brady acts mad so Maggie snaps to stop. Victor now apologizes to his grandson for ever doubting his loyalty. The redhead reminds Victor she is still furious at him and calls what Brady is doing to poor Eve cruel ... Chad accuses Stefan of trying to woo his wife but she will never want him! Stefan remembers her kissing him when she was alter ego Gabi and warns Chad he could be wrong. Abigail now arrives and asks what is happening. Chad sarcastically states Stefan seems to feel he has a chance with her. Clueless Abigail acts a tad amused ... Eve helps little man Tate with his shoes as she prepares to take him to the park. She assumes Maggie is calling her mean names ... Maggie accuses Brady of sinking low to win favor with his grandfather for Titan. She cannot believe he fears Sonny so much and calls herself a fool for believing all of Victor’s lies. Brady wonders whether she will out them to Eve. She sighs she is so disappointed he will cruelly dump that poor woman ... Abigail lets Stefan know she loves her husband with all her heart. He has no chance in hell with her! Chad is satisfied, kisses her and steps away to Thomas. Abigail now stares down Stefan and he reminds her of last night. She is baffled but he is convinced she really remembers ...

Abigail accuses Stefan of trying to break up her and Chad’s Valentine date. Stefan states she came to see him. She suspects he is trying to confuse her and believes he was the one who hired a Gabi lookalike to kill Andre. Chad thinks so. She tells him to stop trying to fool them. Stefan replies SHE was actually the girl on the security footage ... Will assures Lucas he is alright and is happy to meet Billie again now that they are conscious. Kate explains that is her grandson’s attempt at humor about almost being killed. Will admits he actually felt safe with Paul at his side ... Paul admits to papa John that he and Will are quite close. John wonders about Sonny. He sighs he has to move on and being with Will made him feel better. They got through the drama together. John chuckles then at least the drama did some good ... Maggie informs Brady that Eve is vulnerable and cares for him. How cruel and low! She believed he was a better man. Brady bitterly departs. Victor realizes the redhead repeated nothing to Eve as she still loves him. She does indeed, adds she is done, and walks out of the room ...

At the hospital Lucas asks to talk to Will. He wants to make amends with his son. Will notes he did nothing wrong. Lucas apologizes for not being there for him, for being drunk when he was first found. Will notes no apology necessary. Lucas emotionally explains he is here for his son from now on. He hugs him ... Kate attempts to convince Billie to tell Lucas not to even consider dating Chloe. Billie believes she should butt out. Lucas returns and reminds Kate the alternative is that he drink and pine after Adrienne. She feels no woman has been respectful enough of her son. Lucas teases his sister must be happy she is not staying in Salem ... Tate grins as Eve admits she did not like his daddy until they started to have grownup fun, then they became friends. Now she considers his daddy a great guy. Brady enters and looks touched, having overheard ... Paul smiles that spending time with Will is helping him move on. Will arrives at the park and John apologizes for the mausoleum madness. No hard feelings. He informs John that Billie is leaving tomorrow so John heads off to bid her goodbye. Will wonders what they were discussing. Paul smiles him ... Abigail asks Stefan to explain. He stammers nothing and leaves, realizing she does not remember. Chad returns and Abigail apologizes for tipping him off that they suspect him. She assumed he was about to admit he knew who the woman in the footage was ... Chad holds her and her big eyes stare into space. She suggests she try and trick him but Chad urges her to avoid the dangerous DiMera. Now he has to take a conference call. Eerie music pays as Abigail gets a splitting headache ...

John lets Billie know how great she was. Kate tells him off and urges him to leave her family out of his dangerous missions. Billie disagrees. John kisses Billie on the head, praises her for helping make it a happy ending and says not to be a stranger. Kate shakes her head ... Brady admits to curious Eve that Maggie actually said HE was a bad person, not Eve ... Victor is surprised to see Maggie at the door with her suitcase. She cannot keep living with such lies. He had promised he would slow down and give up his wicked ways when he retired! She complains he only wants to control his family and business. He murmurs he loves her. She weeps she needs respect and his respect is not even real! He did not confess to Eve as asked. She can only hope Brady tells her the right thing or else she might have to. She turns to the door and he begs her to stay. Alas it is too late. Victor deduces it is all about Eve. She replies it is really about how he plotted with Brady. It was the last straw. He laments he cannot live without her. She cries unless he changes his wicked ways she can no longer live with him. Then she walks out ... Eve asks Brady what he means. He takes her arm and gasps he has got something to confess ... Will wonders what Paul was saying about him to John. Paul teases he does not want to tell and give him a swollen head ... Billie is so sorry that Kate lost Andre and wishes her to find love again. Kate feels for her it is too late ... Abigail morphs into her alter ego and slips into the secret passage to get her Gabi disguise. Stefan is back in his room when he senses something. Downstairs Chad cannot find his wife. That is because she is in shirtless Stefan's room, seductively stating he worked up quite a sweat ...



All the drama in Salem on Thursday, February 22