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Wednesday, February 21, 2018
Episode 13,279
1420 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Eric wakes up in bed and smiles, remembering the last time he saw the fair Jen. Reunited and it felt so good. Knock knock! Tis the blonde herself with another donut. She has been thinking about last night. Him too ... At the loft Ciara assures phone Hope she is fine. Enter cross Claire plus baggage ... At Kiriakis mansion Brady gets off the phone with Paul and updates Victor on the drama. Victor is relieved Ciara is alright and so was the outcome. Brady wonders why he did not go to Chicago with Maggie. The Greek growls he got his message. Brady promises to make Eve fall and adds he feels nothing for her. Enter Eve with a greeting. She pours coffee and wonders who Brady feels nothing for. Pause ... At the pub John is torn. Marlena assures him he did the right thing. However he fears Steve got the antidote too late ... Kayla reads Steve’s card to her that accompanied the yellow roses. Then she sits on his empty bed and weeps. Tripp comes in looking worried and wonders where his dad is ... Princess Claire complains she was stuck at the Chicago airport only to have the once a week flight to Theo’s destination cancelled. Valentine’s was thus a disaster. Ciara can completely relate ... Kayla explains Steve is having tests to check the antidote is working well. She is shocked that Van Damme the demento went after him and now wishes there was no such thing as the ISA. Tripp tries to make her feel better and she hugs him as a harmonica is heard. Steve returns in a wheelchair, happy to have his family together ... Ponytail Jen and Eric regret all the wasted time. She blushes when he tells her she means much to him and invites him to breakfast. He gushes great ... Brady fibs he was referring to Teresa. He pretends they were also discussing the revival of Bella magazine. Eve has high hopes and calls Brady’s idea brilliant. The Greek growls they shall see and gets crabby. Eve calls him afraid cos he knows Brady has more brains than him to run the company. He begs to differ. Eve boasts she and Brady are a force to be reckoned with. Brady suggests she head to the café with him for breakfast. Victor acts relieved to be rid of the pair of them ...

Gracious Maggie arrives as Victor growls at exiting Brady and Eve. The redhead has read his recent texts to Brady about reeling in Eve and gutting her and wants to know what gives. Victor looks guilty as soap sin ... Marlena reminds John that Steve received the antidote in time from Kayla. John still feels crummy. Marlena thanks God it is over and they hold hands over the table. He is sorry he could not confide in her but he could not bear her being in any danger. DOC, YOU ARE MY ROCK ... Steve is back in bed, sitting. Kayla takes to the lab to check on his tests. Steve heard about Tripp's bravery from Hope. Tripp laments he never took a life before. Steve is sorry. He also heard from Hope that he tried to sacrifice himself for him and tells him he is touched but never do it again. Tripp cries it was all his fault to begin with and they hug. Steve sighs it was not his fault ... Claire has heard the tale of Tripp and Ciara and teases it sounds like an adventure that could end in romance. Ciara denies it. Claire now hounds her about that secret they share. Ciara vows to never spill so Claire continues to tease her about the adventure. Ciara suggests she focus on something else and goes to make a video montage for Hope’s wedding. Claire pouts ... Steve tells Tripp he is not to blame for the madness of Van Damme. He points out Joey is now at peace. The problems are a thing of the past so it is time to let go. Tripp gets choked up about how they have accepted him and yet he almost lost him. He wanted him to know what a great dad he is and that he loves him. Teary Steve hugs teary Tripp and says the same ...

At the square cafe, Eric and Jen gaze at one another and discuss what a wonderful Valentine it was. They kiss. Catty Eve appears with Brady and quips that couple will lead to chaos ... Back at the mansion Victor accuses Maggie of snooping. She replies she wanted Valentine pictures. Now she sits and asks him to explain what he and Brady have planned for weeping widow Eve. Victor grimaces and starts to get uncomfortable. Maggie voices her disapproval of Brady romancing Eve to get back Basic Black. She believes Brady is being cruel and orders Victor to end it ... Eric states he and Jen are seeing one another. Jen wonders about Brady being with Eve. Brady calls them friends but Jen is worried given what happened with Nicole ... Brady quips he can handle himself and warns her Eric leads to destruction with any woman! Eric counters he is being vindictive. Jen sides with Eric. Brady refuses to accept them and leers Eric would drop her in a heartbeat if Nicole came calling ...

Marlena suspected John’s secret was about the ISA and lets him know she loves him so. He romantically wishes her a belated Valentine with a pink box. She smiles in delight ... Claire decides to concentrate on making music. Ciara wishes she would not make that noise in the living room. Claire claims it is for the wedding and refuses to leave the keyboard. Tripp comes in as they bicker and blasts them for the broken truce. Claire complains about not seeing Theo. He heard and is sorry. Claire is sorry about the crazy ISA lady and hugs him in relief. Tripp grins and praises Ciara. They remember her bringing out the bat and laugh together. Jealous Claire fumes ... Victor declares the wicked widow Eve deserves it! The redhead sighs she dislikes Victor’s ruthless side. He reminds her he is no Mickey Horton. She seconds that ... Eric insists Nicole is behind him. Brady doubts it. Jen is sorry Nicole hurt Brady and urges him to move on with another woman. She is sorry Nicole left him to start another life on her own. Brady hisses that is not what happened. Eric wonders what exactly he means ... Brady claims he was already fed up with Nicole cos she would not settle for one man and he is a one woman man. He warns Jen not to settle for her reject and follows Eve away. Eric promises Jen he really is over Nicole and sincerely hopes she believes him ... Maggie knows Victor is no Mickey and she gave her heart to both. But she believed his bad ways were in the past. She argues Eve’s only child was murdered, her sister is missing, and she gives Tate love. She warns him to withdraw and admit to Eve was he has been doing. Victor sighs ...

Marlena reads a handwritten certificate from John to destination anywhere in the world on a romantic trip with John Black. She gushes this is the best gift and thanks him for the pearls too. Then she sits on his lap and they romantically kiss ... Kayla returns to Steve ... Jen notes she and Eric are not teenagers and they loved others before but this is them now! Eric knows Nicole is the past cos he sees his future in Jen’s eyes. She feels the same way. They will cherish this and kiss ... Victor grumbles about Eve getting to Maggie and wishes his wife would support him. He wonders whether she will tell Eve if he does not do so. Brady returns with Eve and wonders whether they walked in at a bad time. The tension in the air is thick ... Kayla assures Steve his bloodwork showed he was almost okay although his sodium levels are a little low. She shows him the paper but his vision is blurred again. He wants her to know something is wrong ...Claire coldly excuses herself after pressing record at the keyboard. Ciara complains she wanted too much sympathy plus she was pestering her about their secret. However she only trusts Tripp with that. They agree such a sensitive secret could ruin lives as Claire continues to record their candid conversation ...



All the drama in Salem on Wednesday, February 21