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Tuesday, February 20, 2018
Episode 13,278
1230 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Hope and Rafe romantically wake up. Hope cannot sleep as she is excited about the wedding. He wants to honeymoon practice and so they do ... Steve comes back from near death ... Outside the mausoleum Paul and Will have found Billie, who was shot. Will recognizes her from photos. ISA Billie! Paul calls for an ambulance. Will asks her who did this ... Van Damme the deadly ISA chief introduces herself to Tripp and lies she has bad news. Meanwhile Marlena implores John to be careful as he heads off to release Paul and Will. She is so grateful that Billie was there for him. Moments later Will and Paul emerge from an elevator and update him on shot Billie. Will seems to think John did it ... Van Damme informs Tripp that the ISA uncovered a plot to poison Steve and why. That part is true except not that another officer ordered the hit. Tripp feels to blame as his appearance led Joey to confess, which set everything in motion. Van Damme is smug ... Kayla breathes a sigh of relief that Steve is alright and notices a text from Tripp. She tells him to rest and steps out ... Van Damme lies she took Steve to a secure location and he asked her to take Tripp there. But when Tripp wants to take a call from Kayla she pulls a gun on him, admitting SHE is the one who wants Steve dead ...

Hope loves how Rafe loves her. He flashes back to Ciara almost revealing his fling. The girl had had a change of heart and fibbed her fury was about the commissioner job, how he sidled up to Abe. He kisses Hope again and tells her to never doubt him. She does not. He repeats he loves her and asks if she really wants to rough it on Smith Island. She does indeed. He is all she needs the night before their wedding. They kiss again ... John goes to find Billie. Will tries to stop him so Marlena explains. Paul calms Will down. Marlena adds they will soon know what John’s motivation was ... John races to Billie’s bedside. She has lost a great deal of blood. She tells him it was Van Damme and he is now after Steve’s son. John the soap hero is on his way ... Before Marlena can continue John exclaims Van Damme is after Steve’s son ... Van Damme threatens to shoot Tripp if he does not cooperate ... John calls a contact and is relieved Joey is fine. But he is baffled. Kayla is surprised to see Paul and Will. Paul wonders whether Billie might have meant the other son. John gasps Oh God, Tripp ...

Tripp humors Van Damme and agrees to go with her. Ciara is standing at a door and soap stares. The ISA crazy has not noticed her. Not yet ... Back at the hospital Will sweetly thanks Paul for saving him. Paul smiles he saved him right back. Kayla leaves Tripp a message to call. Marlena wonders whether he is sleeping. John asks Paul to come with him but Will worries Paul could be walking into a trap. Paul drawls it is a chance he has to take and hits the road with his formidable father ... Hope snuggles with Rafe and cannot wait to sleep under the stars with him. Ring ring! Tis Ciara telling her of the crazy lady in the loft. Hope is on her way. Meantime Tripp keeps talking to Van Damme. She tells him Ava was insane. Tripp says she did not deserve to die and acts like he hates Steve too. But then Ciara comes out with a baseball bat. Bad move. Van Damme orders her to put her hands up and stand by her roomie ...

Marlena agrees Kayla should not stress Steve with what is happening. Besides he would jump out of bed to help. Kayla appreciates her support. Marlena smiles and says to go to her husband. She has every confidence in John. Now the blonde sits with Will, who suspects she is more worried about John than she acts. She does not deny it. Such is the lot of loving a soap hero ... John jumps in with Paul, guns drawn, at the loft. Hope and Rafe have arrived. He updates them on the crazy ISA lady Ciara called her mother about. Alas Ciara and Tripp are gone ... Ciara talks back at the park so Van Damme talks tough. Tripp tells her they will cooperate ... John now gets a call from Van Damme, who accuses him of double crossing. He warns her not to harm the kids. She orders him to follow her instructions or else ... Marlena is sorry for what Will went through. He quips Sami re-enacted his murder and now this. No wonder he has memory block! Marlena offers to help with that and he thanks her for being on his side. Always and she appreciates his support right back, Will admits he overdid it playing detective. She brings up Paul helping him and Will likens him to John ...

Van Damme has the kids at the dark square, her gun on Ciara. John has his own gun drawn and promises no backup. She makes Ciara flinch so Paul emerges. And then Hope and Rafe, guns drawn. Van Damme warns she will shoot unless she gets what she wants ... Steve starts to worry about Tripp ... John assures Van Damme he did not tell Paul to come. Paul calls it personal. John agrees and asks what she wants. Van Damme orders them to drop their guns. They all do except for Hope. Van Damme warns she wants her revenge so Hope slowly puts down the gun. Van Damme tosses John a syringe and orders him to finish off Steve Johnson. Only then shall she free the two hostages ... Kayla fibs to Steve that she spoke to Tripp and she thinks he will visit tomorrow. He wants to call John. Kayla complains John was not up front. Steve informs her he would have done the same. The risk of death is worth it when you can save the ones you love ...

John agrees to do it. Van Damme suspects Steve would be willing to trade his life for his son and Bo’s daughter. Tripp stops John and blames himself. He thinks it is his fault cos he set this madness in motion. He went after Kayla before when he assumed she had killed Ava. Therefore he should be the one to die. Hope soap stares in stunned silence ... Kayla suggests she and Steve celebrate their anniversary at Doug’s Place when all the dust has settled. He sighs he feels tired and asks her to stay. She assures him it is the antidote working and kisses his cheek. Then he falls asleep ... Van Damme would love to kill Steve’s son and make him mourn for him forever. She orders John to toss him the syringe so he does. Tripp agrees and looks at it. Van Damme taunts it will hurt. He hopes she will let Ciara go. Ciara insists Tripp not do this and struggles so Tripp sees an opening. He stabs Van Damme with the syringe. She is dead within seconds. John praises Tripp for his courage. Hope calls the coroner and CSI as Tripp holds Ciara close ...



All the drama in Salem on Tuesday, February 20