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Monday, February 19, 2018
Episode 13,277
1270 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Abigail screams when she sees murderess Gabi in a dream. She wakes up and her eyes look possessed. Then she smiles and slips out of bed, leaving Chad and her last semblance of sanity behind. Downstairs she enters a secret passage and returns a changed woman wearing a Gabi style coat and dark wig. She walks past Stefano’s chess set and climbs the staircase, arriving at a closed door. She checks on sleeping Chad and now enters another room. She picks up Andre’s phone and looks at the urn lid ... Downstairs Stefan returns home and ignores a seductive text from Trask. He finds Gabi in his room and then realizes she is Abigail. He wonders what this is all about. She haughtily raises her head ... Will and Paul are tied to chairs. Will wakes up and wakes up Paul, complaining his crazy dad did this to them. Meanwhile Steve is stunned John has something in his hand and asks what he was about to do. Enter Kayla and Marlena. Steve accuses him of injecting his IV. Marlena thinks he must be mistaken until John admits he has been poisoning him ... Fake Gabi denies she is Abigail ...

Tripp and Ciara have had their ride on Bo's bike but he thinks she took too many risks. They are now in an alley ... A body bag is pulled through the mausoleum as Will calls out. Paul says not to bother. Will complains about John trying to kill him but Paul explains he just wanted to knock him out, which he did after he fired the shot in the air. He admits for a moment he feared he was dead though ... Back at the hospital, John warns Steve that ISA head Van Damme ordered him to kill Steve as she was made to look bad when Joey confessed to killing Ava. She faces prosecution for covering up. Kayla screams how could John do this to his friend ... Strange music plays. Stefan states she was the woman in the security footage. He asks Abigail why she set up her friend. Fake Gabi calls Abigail her best friend and blasts Andre for stealing her company. He got what he deserved! Stefan now realizes she is holding the lid to Tony's urn and deduces she did it. She killed Andre. Fake Gabi gives him a sultry stare and claims the D.A. has only circumstantial evidence. He asks if she did it with the urn and gets her to admit she wanted to get rid of some proof. He concludes she came here to plant the urn with the dried blood on him ...

John lists all the steps Madam Van Damme took to bail agent Steve out of trouble. She summoned John after Joey confessed and ordered her to eliminate Steve and his whole family. Kayla is aghast. John wants to finish. Steve wants to hear it ... Outside the mausoleum Billie is surprised to see Van Damme. She asks who is in the body bag at her feet. Billie fibs John Black cos she had to eliminate him ... Paul explains to Will that he had to save him since he means a lot to Salemites especially Sonny. He deduces his father was trying to make it appear he had killed them both. They now hear a noise outside and yell for heeeelp ... In the dark alley Ciara takes back the helmet and admits to Tripp she hates rules. He teases he liked being on the wild woman’s bike. She wonders about Claire. He grins he is moving on and agrees when she suggests burgers at the loft. But first he checks his messages ... John holds up the syringe and states this is the antidote! He continues his story, how he attempted to reason with Van Damme. She threatened to give the hits to another agent so John agreed to off only Steve. He offered to make it appear a natural death so she would not need to silence his family. She threatened to come after John’s family as well if he did not complete his mission. Back to reality. Marlena is shocked. John drawls the woman is dangerous and demented. However he bought some time by getting an antidote to his poison and Billie Reed was in on it! Meanwhile Billie fibs to Van Damme she offed John as he was pestering her for antidote. Van Damme knows John is not missing but another agent is and orders her to open that body bag ...

Stefan will not stand for the evidence being planted on him and threatens to call the cops. Fake Gabi suggests no one will believe him and leers she overhead him and Vivian talking the night of Andre’s murder. There is more! That night she beheld him standing over brotha Andre's dead body. Pause. She now has his full attention. Stefan denies the charge but she knows what she saw, him and Viv arguing over Andre’s body, after which he stole the phone from his pocket. He points out she has no proof. She points out neither does he. He wants to know what she wants. She seductively states she will leave with her little lid but he would rather not return it. She cares not and starts to go. He grabs her shoulders and stops her... Van Damme declares the agent who was tailing John is in that bag and threatens to eliminate Billie. Billie whips out her gun and warns she has been gathering intel on her. Criminal charges are already being filed so the jig is up ... Steve is amazed to hear that Billie brought John the antidote but he was delayed at the mausoleum. John sighs someone saw him ... Back at the mausoleum Will gets glib. Paul frees himself and then frees Will. They stand up and hug. Now Paul wants to figure a way the hell outta there. He is on the move with Will right behind him ...

Back at the loft Ciara gives Tripp a pep talk about Steve surviving. Alas at the hospital as John explains Paul and Will followed him, Steve takes a turn. John begs Kayla to give him the antidote so she does. John urges his pal to hang in there ... Stefan states Abigail needs help and he is sincerely worried. She still acts like Gabi and taunts him for wanting Abigail. However, she and Chad are soulmates. She grins she could be the next best thing and kisses him on the lips. Then she excuses herself back to Gabi’s boyfriend Eli. Stefan cannot help but be creeped out ... Kayla is terrified what she just injected Steve with but Marlena tells her to trust John. Steve starts to wake up and John gets a text that Billie neutralized Van Damme. Marlena gasps thank God. John is relieved and ready to release Will and Paul … Will and Paul stumble upon Billie, who is lying motionless outside the mausoleum ... Back at the loft Tripp thanks Ciara and is happy she is his friend. She excuses herself to bed and he smiles. Knock knock! Tis dangerous Van Damme. Tripp asks if he can help her. She coos he certainly can ... Abigail is herself again and glides back to her bedroom as if in a trance ... Stefan stares at the urn lid she left behind and hides Andre's phone ... Abigail slips back under the sheets next to sleeping Chad and bids him good night. She also bids Gabi goodnight and lies down. A chill comes over her. Then she goes back to sleep with no recollection of fake Gabi her alter ego ...



All the drama in Salem on Monday, February 19