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Friday, February 16, 2018
Episode 13,276
1435 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Steve grumbles go away but it is Billie! She smiles long time no see. Steve peers at her ... John has been summoned by his ISA contact, cos they know he pulled a gun on Will. John claims he killed Will for figuring it out ... Trask the lush laughs with Stefan enjoying the champagne at Doug’s Place. She teases him for loving Chad’s wife and dares the DiMera not to deny it. He confirms he does care for the fair Abigail ... In their lavish bedroom Chad updates Abigail on the timeline when the security cameras turned off. He suspects Stefan set Gabi up. Abigail soap stares ... At the square Lani looks up and sees Eli watching. JJ waits for her answer. She gushes yes and they kiss amid the applause. Gabi smiles but not Eli ... Billie sits with Steve who teases her for not being PC. Never! She wonders why he is in hospital. He tells her about his mysterious auto immune issues and compliments his ex on her appearance. She worries and wonders how he is really doing. Enter Kayla, who asks why she showed up ... The boss has doubts but John adds he accidentally shot his son Paul when they struggled over a gun. The boss warns him about Van Damme wanting him to check it out and demands to see the two bodies ... Lani loves the new ring on her finger. Gabi gushes congrats. Lani is looking forward to being wed before the baby is born. Eli looks glum when JJ gushes about the baby having his last name. JJ wants to celebrate ... Stefan admits his feelings for Abigail are a hindrance to his plans. Trask quips he already stole his company but Stefan disagrees. She also suspects he is bitter as Chad had some special years with Stefano. She does her DiMera research! Stefan sighs he has to move on as Abigail loves her hubby ...

Abigail asks Chad about the evidence against Gabi and adds she has killed before. She also heard her utter threats against Andre. However she wants to help. They need to find out who is the Gabi imposter on the camera ... JJ insists on treating the gang at the pub. JJ and Gabi go get the drinks. Eli sits with Lani and expresses his concern cos that is his child! How can he back off? Lani tells him it is best for all if the truth remains a secret. The question is will he keep his silence? ... Back at the club tipsy Trask questions Stefan on his attempt to crash Chad and Abigail’s Valentine date. Stefan has a smooth answer for everything. He starts to flirt and she admits he is attractive but it would be best to stop before ... She reminds him she is going to prosecute re: his brother. He claims to care not. She wonders about his agenda ... Chad points out Stefan could have hired a woman to impersonate Gabi. Abigail thinks that is extreme. Chad explains there is even more to his theory ... Billie notes she is in town to see Kate, who told her about Steve and hastily excuses herself. She steps out to take a call, pleased the person on the other end can provide what she needed ... Meanwhile Kayla is sad about Steve’s test results ...

John enters the mausoleum with his boss and now pulls a gun on him! They struggle in the dark among the flowers and deathly silence until ... Stefan asks what agenda - Andre? He was not involved. She knows cos she tracks the evidence. However the timing of the security system being turned off was unfortunate. Justin will be able to argue the evidence is circumstantial as there is no footage of the crime being committed. Stefan is sorry he made her job harder and sardonically suggests he make it up to her ... Chad recounts how John discovered DiMera had been sabotaged from the inside. He suspects Andre was working with Vivian and Stefan. Abigail gets agitated about Andre. Chad apologizes for the less than romantic Valentine’s Day and promises to stop ... At the pub JJ praises Gabi for preventing him from taking his life. He is so grateful for Gabi and that she and Eli can share this happy day with him. Back at the table Lani begs Eli not to tell anyone the baby is his. He could lose Gabi! Eli admits he cannot condone another man raising his child. However they deserve to be with the ones they love so he sadly agrees to say nothing. Lani is relieved ... John’s boss gets the gun. He knows for a fact he killed no one. John claims he spoke the truth but knew he would not trust him. He did as he and Van Damme ordered. John is now informed his services are not needed. A shot rings out. The evil ISA agent falls to the ground, having been shot from behind by BILLIE. John breathes a sigh of relief ...

Back at the pub Gabi proposes a toast to Lani and JJ’s lovely future. She cannot wait to see their baby! Eli forces a grin, agrees, and suggests they leave so they can have their private time. Then he ushers Gabi out. JJ thinks Lani looks tense. She denies it but he saw her having an intense convo with Eli. She fibs it was about work but they came to an agreement ... Abigail loves the heart charm from Chad, who massages her shoulders. He murmurs this is them. She now gets him his Valentine gift. Tis the mini Raphael’s angel that Jack gave her once upon a time. It is not the first time she gave it to him. She wants it to protect the man she loves. He loves her right back and shows her how great they are with a kiss ... Kayla did another test and ran for anything. The techs discovered trace amounts of a foreign substance in Steve's blood. Steve starts to understand. His smart doctor wife believes he was poisoned ... John thanks Billie and updates her. She teases now she has to clean up his mess again. He warns the boss lady will notice he is nowhere and he has to head back to Steve. Billie has something important to give him first ...

Gabi is with Eli at his place wearing his shirt. She gushes about Lani and JJ and wonders why the long face. Is it about the charges against her? He says not to worry and decides to distract her with some love. He carries her to the bed while kissing his favorite brunette ... Trask tells Stefan he gave her champagne and was good company. That means they are even. He suspects she thinks them being seen together would be ill advised. She alludes to keeping it private and asks him to her place. She offers herself as his way to move on ... Abigail hears JJ’s engagement news from her brother over the phone. Chad exclaims congrats and JJ adds Jen is next on his list to tell. Back at DiMera mansion Chad and Abigail enjoys a Valentine cupcake together. They happily kiss and she lets out a squeal ... Steve wants to know what kind of poison. Kayla admits so far it seems undetectable. He asks if it could be something he picked up. She doubts it and suggests he try and rest. She heads back to the lab and promises to return when she has more. For now he should rest. Steve agrees but easier said than done. His eye is closed when John comes back to inject his IV. Steve grabs his wrist and asks what he is doing ... Abigail sleeps with Chad but she is restless in bed. She dreams of finding blood in the urn and Gabi the murderess facing her as the killer. She sits up with a gasp as unsuspecting Chad slumbers ... Back at the pub JJ tells Lani of Abe’s support and they exchange I Love yous. They are looking forward to being a family ... Eli wakes up but Gabi is gone ... A woman resembling Gabi climbs the stairs of DiMera mansion and opens a door. Gabi’s ID is on the desk. Stefan enters and speaks Gabi’s name. But the real Gabi is with Eli again. Stefan tells the other Gabi to turn around. Tis disguised Abigail in a trance ...



All the drama in Salem on Friday, February 16