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Thursday, February 15, 2018
Episode 13,275
1435 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Eric demands the last donut. Jen is flabbergasted. Eric wants her to know how sorry he is ... Abigail enters the living room looking for Chad in an elegant dress. Stefan is seated and gets sardonic. Chad arrives and rubs it in they are celebrating Valentine’s tonight while Stefan is stuck with Vivian ... At the square JJ is elated when Doug produces Alice’s ring to pass down to a fav grandchild. He wants a talk with JJ the hopeful groom first ... Eli greets Julie at the club. She is pleased to see him but surprised to see Gabi the accused killer. Eli intends to prove her innocence. Julie gasps it would be a mistake ... Eric sits and Jen tells him this is not the time. He is aware what Anna told her but she misunderstood cos the one he wants is HER. When she saw Nicole’s photo it had fallen from a box. Henry shakes his head ... Eli asks Julie to apologize to his date. She is sorry she is overprotective but Gabi comes with drama and the D.A. wants her blood for Nick! Eli insists his mission is to clear Gabi, who excuses herself for a moment. Julie gasps Gabi could be guilty and this is her second time! Eli tells her she did not do it but Julie begs him not to blow his career. D.A. Trask appears and agrees that this time Gabi is going to jail. Gabi soap stares from nearby, having overheard ... Doug thinks Jack would be mighty proud of JJ. However he wants to be sure he is not rushing in. JJ is pumped about being a papa. Doug asks if he is really ready to settle down. JJ wonders if he wants him to wait ... Eli replies Gabi did not do it. She joins him and seconds the notion so Trask repeats what Abigail heard her say. That she wanted to KILL Andre for stealing her company. Eli tries to intervene. Trask taunts with her airtight case the fashionable felon will get life! Gabi storms out and runs into Chad and Abigail. She acccuses Abigail of selling her out. Chad disagrees. Gabi keeps walking ... Stefan plays chess with the set of the phoenix, feeling empowered. He addresses his portrait noting now only Chad stands in his way. The last king will fall and then he shall get his queen, unlike Stefano who could not succeed with his queen of choice ...

Eric reminds Jen of their magical midnight kiss New Year’s Eve. She gasps pleeeeease. He murmurs they would be kissing now if Anna had not caused confusion. He asks for a chance and she giggles. Then he bites the donut but Shah is not smiling. He starts to stand to leave but Jen stops him and tells Eric to go cos this is her date. Eric repeats Anna was wrong. Jen decides he should not have interrupted her date. He departs with the donut. Henry sighs how awkward ... Doug wonders whether JJ and Lani will be in love forever. JJ replies with a yes. Lani joins them at the square café. They kiss and Doug congratulates her. Now time to return to Julie. JJ thanks him and lets Lani know they were discussing her ... Eli catches up with Gabi the fast runner at the park. He assures her she will not go back to the slammer. She starts to lose it. Eli lists the army she has on her side, with himself, Rafe and Justin. She weeps she cannot be without her baby girl. He vows to help but the girl feels this could be karma coming back at her cos of Nick ... Before Jen and Shah can talk Abigail and Chad approach their table. Jen is sympathetic about what happened to Andre and now Gabi. Meanwhile at the bar Julie has an Alabama slammer for D.A Trask! She points out what Gabi did is personal and complains about Nick. Trask talks travesty. Julie hopes if found guilty the girl will pay. Trask promises ... Chad snuggles with Abigail at a table and tells her to forget about the drama. Julie appears with glasses and bubbly. Chad realizes Stefan sent it over and glares at him. Stefan the stalker smiles from the bar. Chad looks ready to explode ...

Julie muses Trask is closing in on Gabi. All they need now is Gabi’s coat and the lid to Tony’s urn to make it a slam dunk. Chad reminds her innocent until found guilty. Julie now notices a soufflé disaster at another table and steps away. Stefan steps up and pours the champagne. He did not feel like playing a game with Viv and slipped out for a drink. He knew not they would be here and reminds sarcastic Chad they are brothers. Then he says cheers and steps away, though he continues to stare ... JJ informs Lani what he told Doug. That he loves her greatly and loves that she is making him a dad. He feels like the luckiest man in the world! They kiss in bliss ... Eli wants to bring whoever set Gabi up to justice. She lets it slip that Chad suspects Stefan and tells him the theory that Andre was working with Vivian. Stefan killed him when he was of no use. Eli insists he will prove the innocence of the woman he loves. He will leave no stone unturned and tells her he is staying. She smiles she is lucky he is so perfect. He pouts he is far from it so she wonders what he means ...

Eli changes the subject to another friend he let down in the past. Gabi assures him she is all about love no judgment. He admits there is something else so she tells him she is here to support him about anything he wants to tell her when he feels ready ... Henry Shah can see that Eric has the fair Jen’s heart but she is in denial. He believes she fears getting hurt and excuses himself. Jen apologizes ... Stefan smoothly thanks Trask for all her hard work as they drink at the bar. She cannot talk shop so he flirts and offers to buy her a drink ... Nearby Chad hands Abigail a pretty box that bears a beautiful charm for her bracelet. He puts it on and she gushes she loves him. Then he kisses her and she suggests he stop focusing on Stefan. He decides to reject his champagne. Abigail wants them to go home to be alone. Chad wishes her another Happy Valentine’s Day and kisses her on the lips. Smitten Stefan glowers ... It is the end of dinner. JJ gets down on a knee in the square before Lani ... Jen touches Eric’s friendship bracelet and updates curious Julie about him wanting to move on with her. Julie explains she told him Jen wanted someone special to have her last donut. Jen smiles. Julie suggests maybe they can try again. She agrees Henry was right as she just might be worried about being hurt again. Jen thanks her for the food and takes her leave ... Doug declares the night was a success and Julie giggles at his tall chef’s hat. She updates him on Eli and admits she is worried. Doug bears good news. JJ plans to put one of Alice’s rings on Lani’s finger tonight. She tells him how cute he is in that hat ... Stefan suggests Chad and Abigail stay to enjoy a glass of his bubbly. Chad rubs in they want to enjoy one another and leaves with the girl. Trask notes now Stefan seems to be the odd man out ...

Jen goes to the pub, where Eric is standing alone sipping coffee. He asks about her date. She smiles it has to be him and they kiss in bliss, happy at last ... In their bedroom Abigail talks about Thomas but Chad seems distracted. He admits it is about Andre. Abigail is all ears. He suspects Stefan killed him. Abigail blinks ... Trask teases Stefan the charmer for checking out his brother’s wife. He acts like he admires all beautiful women and pours her glass of champagne to enjoy with him ... Lani cannot believe it. JJ loves her and wants them to have their happily ever after. He whips out the wonderful ring that once belonged to great grandmother Alice. She weeps when he asks her to do him the honor of becoming his wife. Just then Eli and Gabi come around the corner ...



All the drama in Salem on Thursday, February 15