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Wednesday, February 14, 2018
Episode 13,274
1365 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Rafe sips his coffee at the station. Hope wishes him a happy Valentine’s Day. She kisses him and he offers her a donut from Jen. He is done trying to clear Gabi for the day and suggests they celebrate together. They shall get over this rough patch as a team. She loves him and they leave together ... Dr. Kayla has a red dress under her lab coat and tells sleeping Steve to rest. She kisses his head and he grins who needs rest! He has a bouquet of yellow roses waiting for sweetness and wishes her happy anniversary with a sweet kiss ... At the Kiriakis mansion Brady updates grandad over the phone about fooling Eve with wining and dining. He had a nice time and adds he is about to get his old job back. Eve enters in a red dress and wonders what he meant ... At the square Tripp ravishes one of Jen's pink donuts as Ciara smiles. They get going and Eric smiles nice to see Jen. He invites her to join him at the pub but she has plans with Henry at Doug’s Place ... Steve asks about his new blood tests but Kayla has no answers just yet. She now notices his card. Enter Dr. Henry with a long face ... Jen greets colorful glittery Julie at Doug’s Place. She left the donuts in the kitchen and gushes she is here for dinner. Julie is surprised she will be seeing not Eric but Henry Shah and asks who exactly that is ... Henry explains the lab is backed up and teases Steve for trying to plan a private dinner for two. Rafe and Hope arrive with greetings. Kayla steps out with Henry, Steve assures Rafe he will be dancing at their wedding but then finds out it was moved up to March 1 ... Brady believed Eve was with Tate at the park. Tate wanted a snack so they came back. Eve asks for an update. Brady stammers he seems to have impressed Victor by attending meetings and cleaning up his act. Eve praises him. Enter little man Tate with a Valentine card for daddy. He loves it and also the second one, which Tate states is for mommy as he misses her. Brady reads it and almost weeps ...

Server Tripp takes Ciara’s very specific order. She sighs they are both dateless. He sits and notes Claire is en route to see Theo. Ciara fumes Claire hates them being friends and warns him against spilling the secret that Rafe slept with Sami ... Jen explains what a respectable man Henry is. Julie wants to know about Eric. She repeats what she overheard Anna say. Julie considers her an unreliable source but Jen also saw Nicole’s pic on Eric’s desk. Meanwhile at the pub Anna sits with Roman and Eric and assumes Eric is missing Nicole. He claims he does not. But she overheard ... Eric wants to know what. Roman seconds that. Anna admits after the New Year she saw him sadly speaking to his father about Nicole. Eric notes he does not want to be with that woman who left him anymore, now he wants to be with the fair Jennifer, who is dining with another. Anna blinks ... Julie coldly shows Shah to his table with Jen. Jen admits Julie was hoping she would be with Eric but his heart is with another. Henry notices the friendship bracelet from Eric she wears around her wrist ... Brady thanks buddy for his Valentine and stammers about the other one. Eve sits with them and praises his card for mommy. Tate wants to know when he may give it to her. Eve knows not and states she misses her little sister too. But they can make a special box for all he makes for mommy. One day she will be back to open it. But she still loves her little man. Eve gives him a hug ... Steve grins Bo believed Rafe was a good guy. Rafe keeps Hope close and Steve assures them he will be able to attend the wedding. Hope and Rafe now give them their privacy to celebrate their anniversary. Kayla returns with a silver tray and smiles the first course is on its way. He wishes they were at the Green Mountain Lodge but she is in heaven with him anywhere. They kiss in bliss ...

Brady thanks Eve for being amazing with his son. She has experience explaining an absentee parent and sighs she could strangle Theresa. Brady used to wish for her return but admits he now feels it is best this way. Eve has something to confess ... Rafe and Hope run into Tripp and Ciara are the square. Ciara asks if they are celebrating Valentine’s Day. They reply they are. Hope tells her daughter to keep tomorrow free for dress shopping. Ciara suggests the day after that. Hope smiles this is their new start. Ciara agrees and insists she knows Rafe will strive to be the perfect husband but her eyes reflect her worry ... Henry is entertaining Jen with stories. They agree the evening is going well and he kisses her hand. Jen looks sad ... Eric recounts how Jen suddenly pulled away from him after the New Year. Anna is sorry and admits she wrongly told Jen he missed Nicole when he really meant Jen. Romeo Eric goes to find the girl to clarify. Anna smiles ... Eve admits she left Theresa a voice message though she did not reply. Brady suggests she not bother trying but believes Tate needs a mother. She offers to be there for him. Brady is pleased they are friends. She pats his handsome face and agrees ...

Ciara is happy for Hope finding love again with Rafe. Hope asks whether she rode Bo’s bike here. She did and adds she has her helmet. Then she takes Tripp to get his mind off his father’s predicament ... Kayla updates Steve that Stephanie called. He admits his vision is still blurred. Dr. Kayla wants to do more for her hero. He assures her he is here to stay ... At the pretty park Rafe wonders about the surprise Hope mentioned. She wants to drop the rehearsal for the wedding. He is all for it. She holds up an envelope and he reads what is inside, amused she approved his vacation request. She lets him know that is not all. She is ready for a real camping trip and gushes they should go to Smith Island the day before they wed. She believes there will be no bad luck and they kiss ... Ciara wants to take Tripp for a spin on her bike. He gets on behind her and tells him to put his arms around her waist. They are both born to be wild now ... Rafe has a Valentine’s bag for Hope and she admires the white gift box. Inside is a long Mexican rosary which is a symbol that he caught her in his lasso of love, with commitment, faith and eternity. He helps her put it on and they kiss again ...

Brady regrets the not so romantic Valentine’s Day. Eve feels it is a fake holiday and takes a drink. Brady gets it. But she loved helping with Tate. Brady kisses her like he means it and she suggests she go upstairs. He suggests he stay put. Exit Eve in her red dress. Brady now gets a text from grandpa Victor commending his good work and ordering him to finish off the guttersnipe. Brady sighs Happy Valentine’s and takes a drink, now feeling torn ... Jen is ready for dessert. Julie brings out the tray. Eric watches from the door. Julie smiles Jen made this with love for someone special and walks away. Eric approaches and advises Henry to keep his hands of that last pink donut cos it was meant for him. Jen gazes up at her hero ... Steve is sedated again and Kayla kisses his head, telling him to rest. Then she reads his card of love and snuggles beside this man she loves ...



All the drama in Salem on Wednesday, February 14