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Tuesday, February 13, 2018
Episode 13,273
1370 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Kate is stunned to see Billie at the mausoleum! Meanwhile sorry John prepares to inject Steve in his room ... At the loft Ciara sends off Tripp to see Steve with a hug and words of support. Claire confronts her for going after him ... At the station Eli unburdens to Rafe that he slept with Lani while seeing Gabi. Rafe can relate ... At the park Chad informs Gabi he feels Stefan is framing her. In addition he probably offed Andre ... Stefan is surprised Abigail is actually at work on Valentine’s Day and calls her conscientious. He has put down the cell phone. Abigail flashes back to Rafe complaining about Andre’s missing cell phone. She now asks Stefan what he was listening to as it sounded like him talking about Gabi Chic. He lies he was just listening to an old voice memo he made ... Gabi notes Stefan hardly knew Andre. Chad suspects Vivian was just acting like she she hated Andre and Stefan had inside information all along. Gabi gets he means Andre was feeding the info. She asks about Abigail’s insight but Chad thinks it would be too much for her to handle now. Gabi wonders why Stefan would want to off Andre. Chad has read in articles he is a cut throat and laments Andre was his liability once he had control of the company. Hence his death sentence ... Billie claims she was waiting for Kate, who has questions. Why no call before she came to town?? Billie ushers her away for a drink. Kate wonders why she wants her gone from this place in such a hurry ...

Back in Steve’s hospital room John turns to inject his IV with more poison. Tripp arrives, demanding to know what he is doing. John glances back at him. He removes his needle, hides it and notes he was just checking the drips were working. He asks about Kayla. Tripp stares at his sleeping father and sadly states she is trying to hold it together. John is sympathetic. Tripp assumes John did not want his buddy to be alone. John wipes a tear from his eye ... Ciara changes the subject to Claire traveling so many hours to see Theo in South Africa and tells her Tripp is not even her type. She explains they were discussing Steve. Claire gets concerned. Ciara feels for Tripp. Claire now gets sarcastic. Ciara calls her jealous and into hunky Tripp. Claire pouts. Ciara thinks she wants both Theo and Tripp. Claire denies it and goes to pack ... Chad is now onto Vivian and Stefan conspiring with Andre. However he suspects there was a falling out at the end. Gabi wonders whether Chad just wants to think Stefan killed Andre cos he hates him that much ...

Stefan suggests it would be bad publicity to rehire Gabi now that she is suspect number one. Abigail remembers Rafe said they were missing Andre’s phone. The other person who saw him that night must have it ... Eli tells Rafe about the misunderstanding that led to him cheating with Lani. Rafe thinks the past is the past and points out he himself is no innocent. He alludes to cheating on Hope ... Stefan makes light of the importance of Andre’s phone but Abigail believes in her friend's innocence. Stefan sneers about Chad wanting to protect her and points out they were involved. Abigail tells him off for trying to come between them with such comments ... Chad admits Stefan bested him and he loathes him also because he is after his wife. But most DiMeras were raised to be ruthless ... Back at the loft Claire has received a Valentine flower delivery from Theo. Ciara claims to have a headache. Claire claims she is onto her cos she heard her telling Tripp her deep dark secret just to get close to him. Ciara soap stares ... Tripp woefully recalls all the wasted times he fought with his father. John tells him to say how much he means to his da while it is possible. He wishes he could do more and departs ...

Kate leaves her rose for Andre and then finds a bullet casing on the floor. Billie goes silent. Kate now finds another one. Billie thinks it could be from before as the DiMeras have a long history of being trigger happy. She ushers her mother out in a hurry ... Stefan denies playing games. Abigail questions that. He counters by asking whether Andre was at her side when she was losing her mind ... Gabi updates Chad on Abigail complaining about Stefan pushing her buttons. She suggests he might be trying to make Chad mad to divert him. Chad muses he also had the means to frame Gabi. They discuss the possibility that Stefan ordered Andre to fire her and then set her up by getting someone to dress up like her for the security camera ... Rafe sighs about Sami coming to town when he and Hope were having trouble. They had a one night stand. He and Eli convince themselves they are keeping their secrets to protect the others ... Claire tells Ciara she overheard her telling her secret. Ciara wonders just how much she overheard ... Chad deduces with the DiMera DNA Stefan is playing the chess master. Gabi laments she does not even know chess ... Abigail accuses Stefan of giving her a hard time and tells him what a wonderful listener Andre was. He and Chad helped her get treatment and she overcame. She hisses she has nothing to hide ... Chad vows to beat Stefan at his own game. Gabi is just relieved the D.A. has no witness to use against her if they go to trial. Chad has to tell her that Abigail informed the cops that she blurted out she wanted to kill Andre. Gabi gasps she actually sold her out ...

Billie gets a text and announces she has to deal with something. Kate hugs her and heads on her way. Billie goes back in the mausoleum, where John surprises her so she pulls a gun on him! She puts down her weapon and asks about Steve. John drawls he did not get the chance to inject his IV cos Tripp came in. Thank God ... Tripp sits at Steve's bedside and implores him to get better. He could not bear to lose him ... Claire reveals she overheard Ciara claim she could not trust her big mouth with her secret. Ciara has not changed her mind and is visibly relieved she does not know the highly sensitive secret ... Rafe and Eli discuss the fact that Trask is after Gabi and plans to go to trial ... Chad assures Gabi that Abigail is on her side ... Stefan sidles up to Abigail assuring her he is on her side and touches her arm. Then he tells her if ever she needs to talk he is here ... John thanks Billie for coming so quickly. She tells him how she covered to Kate about the bullet casings. John now shows her Will’s wallet which they also overlooked in the snow. Billie would rather concentrate on the Steve case first so he puts it away ...

Tripp loves Steve and wishes he had said so sooner ... Claire seeks a chance to be trusted but Ciara refuses. She tells her to just go to Theo and heads to the church to light a candle for Steve. Claire vows to get to the bottom of that secret ... Rafe shares his guilty feelings with Eli and they get back to the case. Eli suspects if they find Andre’s missing phone Gabi will be off the hook ... Gabi is a wreck. Chad assures her he will get Stefan and solve the whole problem ... Abigail snaps at Stefan not to touch her and vows to get justice for Andre one way or another. She walks out. Stefan deletes his last voice mail and considers his next sneaky move ...



All the drama in Salem on Tuesday, February 13