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Monday, February 12, 2018
Episode 13,272
1565 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


At the hospital John stops outside Steve's door. Marlena angrily wonders where he was all night He flashes back to walking out of the mausoleum ... Hope leaves Will a message, sorry their convo was cut short. She is sure everything is above board with John and asks him to call her back. Carrie walks in, wanting Hope to let Anna go, now that Gabi was arrested ... Outside the mausoleum Lucas asks Kate whether she has seen Will. Neither realizes there is something in the snow .. Abigail returns to the scene of the crime and touches the urn. Inside there is blood. Gabi walks in with the cover and she screams awake. It was a dream. She gasps to Chad it was Gabi. Meanwhile Justin meets client Gabi as they await D.A. Trask. She insists she is innocent ... Eli and Rafe vow to catch the real killer ... At DiMera mansion Stefan ends a call with Shin about keeping Gabi Chic for the company and informs Stefano's portrait that it is a great day to Be a DiMera. Enter Eli and Rafe with questions. Stefan sarcastically states they must be trying to clear Gabi but the footage was real as was the unfortunate one hour shutdown. Rafe finds the timing ridiculous. Stefan smirks does he think he was involved in Andre's demise ... Abigail leans against Chad and agrees Gabi is innocent but what about all the proof that points to her guilt? ...Gabi is anxious to get home to her daughter. Enter D.A. Trask. The dragon lady declares she has filed murder charges against her in the first degree ...

John sips Marlena's coffee and thanks her as they sit together. He admits he has not slept and asks about Steve. Marlena notes the doctors do not know what ails him yet and they fear he might not make it. John remembers slipping drugs into his drinks and nods ... Lucas laments to Kate he left Will messages but he ignored them and he was not at Marton house. Kate thinks Will is not around as he did not remember knowing Andre and she is sure he did not want to hold the hand of his weeping widow. Lucas lets her know he is here for her ... Stefan will not apologize for protecting the company from further hacks. The cops ask where he was when Andre was murdered. Chad and Abi enter. Chad adds he wants to know that as well ... Hope lets Carrie know that Roman will not be charged with obstruction but she has yet to convince Trask to let Anna go. Meanwhile Justin argues there is no real evidence against Gabi. He questions the proof but the D.A. is delighted, given her anger over how Gabi got out early after what happened to Nick. She cannot wait to convince a jury that Gabi plotted, committed the crime and got caught. Trask smells blood ...

Lucas asks if Kate wants to enter the mausoleum. She wants to take a moment and recounts how she professed her love to Andre. He replied that he had fired Gabi and taken her company. She complains he knew she had promised to protect her. Lucas sighs he screwed her over. Kate admits then they argued and she told him it was over. Now it really is and he is stone cold dead ... Carrie is sorry for Rafe and asks Hope to give him her best. Before she steps away Hope invites her to her wedding with Austin. As she holds out the invite Carrie remembers knowing Rafe cheated on her ... Stefan states the night of the murder he was not at the building. But Gabi was there. He knows Abigail saw her. Abigail quietly confirms it. Stefan states he even saw Gabi approach Andre’s office. Rafe wonders why he did not go to Andre’s office to confer about the big launch. The detective now quips he could have been there when the camera was conveniently off. Stefan suggests Rafe accept his sister is guilty. Chad snaps she is innocent. Stefan asks how he can be so certain ... Justin calls Trask biased but she will not back down. She points out it will not look well his client punched the wall and went back. She will be arraigned shortly. Gabi panics. Trask tells her to plead to manslaughter. Justin warns against it. Trask tells her she would only be facing nine years instead of life. She urges her to make the right decision for herself as well as Arianna. Justin wants a word but Gabi has made up her mind. All that matters is her daughter but she will not lie and confess cos she did not do it! Trask snaps she will see her in court and exits. Gabi cries on Justin’s shoulder ...

Stefan taunts Chad for his devotion when he declares he believes Gabi, who is committed to her daughter. Rafe still has the missing hour on his mind and what might have happened. Stefan takes his sarcastic leave and Eli asks Abigail if there is anything more they can tell them about that day. She remembers Gabi swearing to kill Andre before she took off and her eyes widen with worry ... Carrie acts ever so busy and admits she was not expecting an invite. Hope hands her one anyway so she stammers she will let her know. Hope assumes her hesitation is due to Sami ... Kate has no regreats about telling Andre she loved him. She now asks Lucas about himself and he grins he asked a girl out. When she hears it is Chloe, she threatens to haul him into the crypt and leave him there ... As John pauses by the hospital coffee pot, Marlena asks who he was with all night. The new client? He sighs about the complexity of the case. She questions whether it is more important than the life of his bff. John rubs his face and she reminds him she is supposed to be his life partner. If only he would let her in so she could help. Alas he cannot. He assures her Steve would have done the same as him last night. Marlena accepts his word and he walks away for some fresh air. Marlena looks worried ...

Kate is relieved that Chloe is singing opera in Vienna so no date has taken place. Lucas insists Chloe has changed. She sighs Andre never did and asks to be left alone in the mausoleum. She has some things to say to him and suggests Lucas look for his son. Lucas agrees and adds he is here if she needs him. Then they exchange I love yous and he leaves ... Carrie gasps what about Sami? Hope reminds her Rafe was married to Sami. Carrie stammers there is no issue about the past and points out what a great guy Rafe is ... Abigail hates having to tell Rafe and Eli that Gabi said she could kill Andre in a moment of rage. Eli notes that was the day he died. Rafe assures anxious Abigail she did the right thing and exits with Eli. She feels awful but Chad is by her side ... Rafe rejoins Hope and laments what Gabi said. Hope knows she did not mean it but Rafe fears Trask will charge her with murder. Hope whispers she already did ... At the mansion Chad ends a call and hugs unhappy Abigail, who wishes she had stayed with Gabi to be her alibi. They will both prove her innocence. She slowly goes to the office. Chad promises to join her when he can ... Justin is glad Gabi got bail. He now gets a call her bond was posted and she assumes it was Rafe. She vows to stay in Salem and fight. Justin warns her to watch her words. She fumes someone is framing her and she will make them pay ... Stefan is at a desk. He removes a phone from the drawer with a photo of Kate and what appears to be a wounded Andre. Then he glances around with great unease ... Back at the station Rafe is glad Gabi is out on bail. He assures Eli he gets she can count on him. Eli notes not always and Rafe wonders what he means ... At the park pleased Gabi ends a call with Sonny. Chad appears and lets her know he posted bail cos he believes in her. He is sure she was framed ... Stefan tries to guess the security code of Andre's phone. Phoenix. He laughs and listens to the message of himself asking Andre to stay at the office late to discuss Gabi Chic that fateful night. Abigail enters and he soap stares ... Kate opens the door to the mausoleum and lets out a gasp ... John asks Marlena about Steve. He is sedated. He suggests she head home for some sleep and let him stay here. He will call if there is anything. They exchange I love yous. After she leaves he reaches for the syringe he has been hiding in his sleeve and slips into Steve's room. Time for the next phase ...



All the drama in Salem on Monday, February 12