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Friday, February 9, 2018
Episode 13,271
1450 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
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Now without further ado ...


At DiMera mansion Abigail sadly tells Chad that Thomas was asking after Uncle Andre. She sang him to sleep and sidestepped. Chad agrees they will have to tell him one day together ... Sonny sadly reads an article about Gabi's arrest online. Ari interrupts asking for her mommy ... In the alley Paul's target tells him he hates being followed. Paul stammers he was supposed to meet someone but that gun is still on him. Meanwhile John dismisses Will with a chuckle after he accuses him of poisoning Steve. They are still outside the pub. Will insists he knows what he heard him say and states it stops now. Hawkish John surveys him and raises his head ever so slightly ... Steve has fainted at the hospital. Kayla gasps he is not breathing. Marlena sends for an orderly ... Paul's target knows for a fact he was tailing him. Paul admits he is a P.I and was on a routine case. The target already knows he is the son of John Black. Paul wonders how he knows him ... John talks in circles about the facts. He reminds Will that the ISA case he is on ... Will snaps he is poisoning his best friend and wonders if he is back to his pawn days. He saw what he put in the coffee. John remains uncooperative. Will decides to call Marlena ... Kayla gets Steve to breathe and kisses him. He gasps is he dead? Never! She now gives orders to get what he needs ready and sends for Dr. Simpson and the neuro team. She whispers to Marlena they must find out what is causing this before it is too late! Marlena soap stares ...

Back at DiMera mansion as the fire crackles in the background, Abigail grieves the loss of Andre the ally, then stops. Chad assures her she can tell him anything. Despite the drama he loves that she saw the good in Andre and he will be eternally grateful his brother brought her back to him. Abigail loves him but laments how to protect Thomas. Chad is sympathetic. Abigail admits she has more questions than answers about Andre. Chad points out the police have just arrested Gabi ... Sonny crouches down and cutely claims to Arianna he asked mommy if she could stay longer. She will see mommy in the morning. Enter grandpa Justin, who hugs the sweet girl. Sonny is still stressed ... Paul demands to know what John's partner in crime did to him. His target leers he is the one with the gun. Paul pretends to see John and then jumps him. They struggle for the gun in the alley ... John takes out his small black gun in front of the pub and warns Will he cannot let him tell Marlena anything. Will blinks. He had not been expecting this ... Paul gets the gun and orders the goon to talk. However, he knows Paul is no killer and walks away ... Will states John is overreacting. John drawls he has to do what it takes to keep him from calling Marlena. Marlena now calls and leaves John a message about Steve's collapse. It does not look good and she asks him to come to the hospital right away ... Kayla returns and explains Steve's vitals are good. Marlena praises her for her strength in the face of adversity. Kayla sighs it is not easy. Marlena gets it. Kayla complains that it seems so strange they do not even know what ails Steve. He is being sedated for all the tests so she was asked to leave the room. Her hubby is worse by the day. Marlena praises her for saving him. Kayla cries she cannot lose the love of her life ...

Will puts his phone away and promises not to call Marlena. Alas it is too late. ISA John sighs he already knows too much and carts him off, the gun pressed to his neck ... Chad has updated Abigail on Gabi insisting the girl in the footage was not her, but her card was used. He adds the urn lid was with her when she left. In short it does not look good ... Back at the Kiriakis mansion Sonny asks Justin if he can get Gabi out on bail. Justin will do what he can at her arraignment in the morning. Sonny exclaims this is Gabi's worse nightmare and poor Ari! Thank God at least she will have her dad Will. Justin adds and dad Sonny too. Sadly he suspects Trask will go after two time offender Gabi with a vengeance. He expects her to file charges shortly ... Kayla is starting to lose hope about Steve's mysterious illness. Marlena suggests they take it step by step. Kayla now gets paged that Steve is waking up and asking for her. Marlena will wait for her and sighs, wondering why John did not return her call ... John takes Will to Andre's final resting place. Will stammers he is sorry and suggests he explain what was really going on. John cuts him off cos it is too late for talking... Paul calls Will, his hand shaking. Will takes the phone from his pocket, presses accept the call and asks John - who is still right behind him - why he brought him to this DiMera mausoleum. Paul can hear him. John growls let's go and makes him keep walking. Paul looks perturbed ...

Back at DiMera mansion Abigail feels awful for Gabi but seeks to understand. Chad adds she says she is innocent and he believes her. Abigail hesitates and claims she believes her as well ... Violins play as Kayla sits at Steve's bedside. He states he turned down the last sedatives. He loves her sweet mouth to mouth and asks for more. She teases him and asks him to let them finish the tests. He questions whether he is beyond tests ... Sonny is incensed about Trask going after Gabi. Justin states she got incensed about Gabi not finishing her first sentence. Now the cards are not in the girl's favor. However he has dealt with Trask the terrible before. Sonny begs him for some good news. Justin sighs there is something else. He looked over his divorce papers and all is in order. He need only give him the go ahead. Sonny laments Will still cannot remember their life and their love. Now it seems he never will ... Paul calls out to Will on the phone. No answer. John orders worried Will inside the mausoleum. He is right behind him ... Paul the runner is on his way ... Will assumes John is going to tell him the whole story now that they are alone. John is sorry to say this place is for the dead. He raises his gun and Will gasps not to. John murmurs he has no choice ...

Abigail is after justice for Andre and regrets asking Gabi if she did anything to him. She believes in her innocence, which is why she asked Stefan to reinstate her but then there came this surveillance footage. It makes no sense! Chad likens it to when he looked guilty with Ben but her belief in him and her fight to defend him proved he was innocent. He suggests they all fight for Gabi together until they find the light at the end of the tunnel ... Sonny will never stop loving Will but feels he must move on. Justin muses the mind works in mysterious ways. Perhaps a jolt from the blue will bring back Will's memories. Sonny states he has already been through too much ... Will weeps and suggests John not do it. How will Marlena feel if he kills her grandson! John gasps he has got to take the risk ... Paul arrives outside the mausoleum and finds Will's phone on the ground. All of a sudden A SHOT IS FIRED FROM WITHIN THE MAUSOLEUM ... Abigail is in their grand DiMera bed. Chad flops beside her after putting Thomas to bed. Abigail has been reading the online attacks on Gabi. Chad makes her close her eyes and they cuddle. She feels safe as they fall asleep in one another's arms ... Marlena leaves John another anxious message and wonders where oh where he is ... Kayla asks Steve to promise to take the sedative he is given for the next test. He wishes he would be well enough to go buy her an anniversary gift. She calls him the greatest gift and he holds her close. They vow to beat this thing together ... Justin wants Will to be free of terror but if Will ever gets terrified into getting his memory back he will certainly remember how deep was his love for Sonny ... John is standing over motionless Will and gets mad at Paul for coming when the door is opened. Paul is shocked, even more so when John solemnly aims the gun at him. Another shot rings out through the Salem night ...



All the drama in Salem on Friday, February 9