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Thursday, February 8, 2018
Episode 13,270
1470 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


At the square Abe appreciates JJ asking for his daughter's hand in marriage. JJ does not want to wait as she is having his baby. Abe is all smiles. Meanwhile Eli blasts Lani for lying to him it was not his baby. He admits he had a feeling it was his. She weeps they could both lose the one they love ... Kayla joins Steve in her office with his blood test results ... Also at the hospital John romances Marlena to have a nice evening with him. Paul and Will watch from around the corner. Will wants to stop him from going near Steve. Paul says to wait. Marlena starts to excuse herself to Kayla when John's partner in crime appears announcing they need to talk ... At the loft Claire loves Tripp's dinner including his mashed potatoes. She asks what he and Ciara were speaking about and admits she overheard her referring to her secret. What is the secret? Tripp uncomfortably clears his throat ... Steve gets exasperated that the blood test did not reveal anything more than some mysterious autoimmune disease He suddenly starts to swoon ... John's partner in crime is not known to Marlena so he acts like he wanted to hire him for a case. John goes with him and assures Marlena he will be home soon. After they step away Marlena is surprised to see Will and Paul lurking ... Tripp teases Claire for eavesdropping and explains Ciara swore him to secrecy. Claire wonders whether there is something between them ... JJ tells Abe his big plan for EMT training, his plan to provide for Lani and child. Abe hopes he has thought this through. JJ hopes he has his blessing to make things official before the baby is born ... Lani repeats why them being together was a mistake. Eli is still smarting she would have withheld the truth about his child from him. He asks what changed her mind. She admits Val gave her no choice. Eli is astonished ... Val admits Abe might be hesitant because she has expressed concerns. JJ wonders what she has against him marrying Lani ... Lani updates Eli on Val getting into her medical records. He realizes she wanted to avoid another situation like what happened to his father. who never knew he had a son. Lani suggests they let JJ keep believing the baby is his and suggests Eli keep his silence ... Sitting Steve sips water as Kayla asks whether that dizzy spell was worse. Way worse. She wants him admitted to the hospital but he would rather remain in his own bed for the night. He makes light of his predicament and holds her close ... Will stammers he is surprised Marlena is here so late. Paul fibs they came to see a friend. Will adds he works in admin. They excuse themselves to pay Derek a visit ... At the park John gets a horrifying update. The head boss wanted John to be reminded they know where his loved ones are. He is now offered more poison to kill Steve. John is against it as Steve has an autoimmune disease. His partner in crime reasons the ISA head wants Johnson gone so use this poison to continue to slowly kill him ... Claire hopes Ciara and Tripp are not scheming again. Tripp assures her they have moved on and he listened once when Ciara vented. Possessive Claire points out he was her friend first and wants them to keep being close ... Val advises to go slow and marry for the right reasons. JJ talks love. Val notes it is not always enough. JJ politely thanks her. However he loves Lani and he wants them to be a family by the time their baby is born. That way the child will have his name. Abe is listening ... Eli cannot believe Lani wants him to turn his back on his child and let her live a lie with JJ. She cries she will be living a lie as well but at least they will be a family and make it work, just like he can make it work with Gabi. Eli laments their life would also be a lie. Lani warns Gabi would never forgive him. Eli sighs he cannot hurt Gabi again and adds she is now the prime suspect in the murder of Andre DiMera ...

Steve states he will stay at the hospital if he has another dizzy spell. Marlena arrives and reminds them both she and John want to help. Steve calls him the best friend ... At the dark park John's partner reminds John this was his idea, to slowly poison Johnson with a drug that could make it appear he perished from natural causes. John hates Steve's loved ones having to suffer. His partner in crime tells him to put the man out of his misery faster with a higher dosage. Around the corner super sleuths Paul and Will have been hiding and listening ... Abe appreciates Val caring and sharing. But he is an old fashioned man who wants his daughter to marry the father of her child, the responsible loving JJ. He makes Lani happy. JJ gushes he is going to give Lani and their baby the best life possible. Abe agrees to give his full blessing. JJ is overwhelmed. He tells Val this is the right thing. She sure hopes so.

Eli updates Lani on how upset Gabi is about being separated from her daughter. He glares at Lani she wants him to give up his own child for life. If they tell the truth ... She warns him they would all lose including the baby and begs him to keep the secret. Eli steps out for some air ... As Paul and Will listen behind a wall John assures his partner in crime he will consider. The man walks off and Paul goes after him, whispering to Will to remain hidden. If there is anything he can call him. Will stares in silence as John calls Steve and arranges to meet him in the office. It concerns a new client. He will pick up the coffees at the pub on his way. Will walks after him ...

At the loft Claire interrupts Tripp's medieval game to tell him about the Bella fresh face contest. Eve and Uncle Brady both believed she should enter. If she got the title she would get some attention for her music as well. Tripp gushes and praises her as a great and beautiful talent. He adds he is speaking as a friend and grins ... Val toys with her dinner and tells Abe how hard it was after she kept Eli from his father. Speak of the devil! Val asks if Eli is alright. He solemnly states he will be. Abe steps away for a call. Eli updates her. She asks what he intends to do now that he knows he is the father of the baby ... JJ joins Lani at the station and romantically hands her a rose. He invites her for dinner at Chez Rouge. She would rather not go out as she is tired. JJ assumes it is because of the baby and talks prenatal pills. She snaps to stop. He tries to make her feel better by adding they are almost over the first trimester. Lani lets him know there is something else - something she needs to tell him before anyone else does ... Claire heads to bed for her beauty sleep after unsuccessfully trying to find out Ciara's secret ... Lani laments this is not good news. It is about ... Gabi, who is being detained as a suspect in Andre's murder. JJ feels sorry for her being separated from Arianna and adds Eli must be upset. Lani agrees he is indeed ... Eli confides to Val that Lani was right. People could be hurt if the truth came out about their baby. Val woefully wonders what he intends to do. Alas Eli is at a loss ...

John's partner in crime is on the move in a dark alley. He stops. Paul emerges from behind a crate and finds himself staring at a loaded gun. The bad ISA agent leers he hates being followed ... John exits the pub with the poisoned coffee. He bumps into Will, who was trying to text Paul. John excuses himself cos he is in a hurry. Will takes him by the arm and quips he cannot let him poison Steve ... Back at the hospital Steve kisses Kayla and then completely collapses. She rushes to his side. Steve?! Steve?! No answer ...



All the drama in Salem on Thursday, February 8