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Wednesday, February 7, 2018
Episode 13,269
1530 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


At the station Gabi, Eli and Rafe realize the Gabi lookalike was holding the missing piece to the murder weapon - the cover to Tony's urn. Gabi gasps and cries it was not her. Rafe believes this is bad ... Dapper Abe hugs Hope hello in her office, asking about the investigation and Hattie. Hope admits she may have done it. Rafe and Eli are now reviewing the security footage. Mayor Abe wants Hope to give special attention to this high profile case but keep Lani safe. Hope smiles she knows about the baby and Abe chuckles ... At the pub JJ waits for Lani to explain what she wanted to tell him ... Eli vows to find out who the woman on the tape is. Enter Hope. She wonders why the three are so glum. Rafe slowly shakes his head ... Elegant Eve comes downstairs to her date Brady, who helps her with her coat. He is suited up for their time together at the square cafe and opens the door for the lady ... At the loft Claire cannot find her purse. Ciara tells her to look by the door. Tripp arrives with food but Claire has been summoned to cover at the cafe. Tripp hands them the mail. Ciara opens her wedding invitation from Rafe and Hope. Claire notices she is not very happy about it ... Rafe asks Hope for a word in her office. Gabi cries to Eli she cannot believe this ... JJ sits with Lani and wonders what is the matter. She admits she and Val spoke about the baby and ... JJ looks concerned ... Ciara makes a snide remark about the wedding maybe not happening and invites Tripp to accompany her. He agrees. She sarcastically states Claire will not be able to sit with Theo. Claire is hurt and exits ... Abe embraces Val outside at the park and wonders what was bothering her before ... Lani assures JJ the baby is alright but Valerie went against her wishes by informing Eli she was pregnant. JJ points out they already told others ... Eli urges Gabi to try and remember where she left her access card, who has a coat like hers, who looks like her. She does remember she left it on her coat in her office but left without it. Eli notes it is not there. She thinks the woman on the tape took it. Eli finds it odd Gabi was not wearing her coat when she ran out as it is cold outside. She hopes he still believes in her innocence...

In Hope's office Rafe must update the commissioner on the new development that does not look good for Gabi. Hope reasons they did see Anna going in after Gabi and Andre was very much alive at that time. Rafe scowls after the system went down swipes of any cards were not recorded. However he zoomed in on some footage and caught a woman who looked like Gabi from behind holding the murder weapon. Hope sighs what next? ... Eve and Brady are at the square cafe, not sure how to converse the way ordinary people do. It all comes back to chemistry. They laugh they have little to talk about other than work and what else they do together. He teases to talk about work then. She calls him a hopeless romantic ... Val admits to Abe there was something but it seems better now. Abe asks her to be his date for Hope and Rafe's wedding. Salem finally faces some happy times. He tells her to catch the bouquet and adds JJ and Lani will probably be engaged by then ... Lani weeps when people find out you are pregnant in the medical profession they act too clinical. JJ hopes he has not caused her any stress with his attention. She smiles she loves him and appreciates his attention. JJ wishes he could do more for her. Their baby has given him another reason to live. He informs her of his application to the EMT program and wonders whether he could ask Val for a recommendation. Lani suddenly snaps NO ...

Eli warns Gabi to be ready for interrogation questions. She replies she was wearing another coat when she returned. He promises to have her back. She can tell he thinks Hope would be against her ... Rafe sighs it is Hope's call. She berates him for bringing Gabi back for questioning behind her back. She gets he wants to protect his clan but reminds him he was suspended for protecting his sister in the past. The evidence is piling up and she feels they have to book Gabi on charges of murder ... Glittery Eve admits she is always about work. Brady can relate. She recalls how Gabi did not believe her that Andre would be her ruin when Gabi Chic went with DiMera. Now if only she could court some young people. Claire pleasantly hands them their menus and asks if they are dating. They deny it. Eve is sorry to hear her singing career is on hold and asks what kind of product would interest her, as part of the younger demographic. She sighs a time machine cos she and Theo cannot be together for a whole year. When she woefully walks away Eve sighs poor girl. Brady can see that Eve does have a soul and softly says so ... Back at the loft Ciara tells Tripp she is worried. They discuss the fact that Rafe cheated on Hope. Tripp senses Ciara regrets not saying anything about it to her mom ... Eli asks Gabi for an alibi but she has none. Sonny was with Arianna that night. Eli laments the lady who impersonated her on the tape is the real killer. Of that he is almost certain ...

Brady has his beer while Eve enjoys her wine. He brings up Bella magazine, the one that was named after his mother. They could revive it and put it online to promote their products. She gushes he is a genius. He now recalls their face of the 90s contest and she exclaims they can do a new fresh young face campaign. Claire appears and sounds interested. Brady advises her to enter the contest of the fresh new face of Bella. Eve is amazed Brady actually wants to launch a magazine with her. They drink to that ... Val notes JJ and Lani were not exactly solid before. Abe wonders why the about face and wants to keep supporting the father-to-be being with his lovely daughter ... JJ wonders why Val's name now makes Lani tense. She complains she has too much advice and sounds like she wishes Abe was not with the woman. Then she kisses JJ and excuses herself to work ... Eli wishes he had urged Gabi to get a lawyer cos now he will be called to testify in court! He suggests she find representation stat. She gasps she is going to prison again and proceeds to panic she will be separated from Ari. That is when Rafe returns with Hope ...

Brady has slipped a rose to Eve and she muses more romance. It has been a while since she got a flower. She teases tonight she likes his game. He suggests she is the game player. She asks him to take her home ... Ciara sadly tells Tripp how awful it was when her mom married Aiden. Tripp tells her Rafe is different. She thinks Rafe would not cheat on her mom again, then bitterly adds he better not ... Rafe and Hope inform Gabi that they have 48 hours to detain her, during which time they must decide to charge her with murder or release her. Hope is sorry to say she will be spending the night in jail. Eli stands by his girl and grimaces ... Brady gallantly sees Eve home and bids her goodnight. She kisses his cheek. He wants a repeat soon. She smiles perhaps and climbs the dark Kiriakis stairs. Brady sighs ... Gabi cries she has to get Arianna from Sonny tonight. Rafe will take care of that. Eli insists she is not the only suspect and Rafe promises to prove her innocence. Gabi is now escorted downstairs by dismayed Eli. Rafe appreciates Hope giving his sis a bit more time. She thinks there is no one better to be on a girl's side than Rafe and hugs him ... Tripp has cheered Ciara up with the dinner he made and she teases will he do the same for Claire. She is having a hard time getting over Theo and thanks Tripp for being her trusted confidant. He likes being friends. Ciara is relieved he never repeated her secret about Rafe's indiscretion. Meanwhile Claire arrives home. Still in the kitchen, Ciara tells Tripp to never tell big mouth Claire ... Claire's eyes are as wide as saucers ...JJ approaches Abe and Val at the square. He asks Abe for his daughter's hand in marriage. Abe is pleased as punch ... Lani insists on speaking to Eli at work. He replies he is busy. She blurts out her baby is not JJ's but it is HIS. Eli soap stares in stunned silence.



All the drama in Salem on Wednesday, February 7