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Tuesday, February 6, 2018
Episode 13,268
1530 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Dr. Kayla ends a call, demanding Steve get in to see the specialist. JJ drops by her office, asking about Lani's pregnancy ... At the pub Val has told Lani she is aware Eli fathered the baby she is carrying. Lani denies it. Val knows her real due date is mid-September and she was broken up with JJ in December! Lani lies she did see JJ then but Val knows better. Lani cries her hospital records were confidential and hyperventilates ... Abigail touches Andre's plaque at the DiMera mausoleum and wishes she knew what he was trying to tell her in her dreams. Who did this to him ... Vivian shakily pours herself Stefano's fav malt at the mansion. Stefan understands why she is stressed. She gushes they got away with it cos John and the cops are currently clueless. The plan can proceed. Enter angry girl Gabi ... Back at the station Rafe and Eli freeze the frame on what appears to be stylish Gabi, at least from the back ... At the mausoleum, Chad finds Abigail, who explains she wants answers. He updates her on Hattie's interrogation ... Vivian claims she meant she was relieved not to have to deal with Andre. Gabi can relate and now reminds them she should get her company back. CEO Stefan can fix this for her. Stefan offers to reinstate her but his eyes betray his deception. Vivian fails to notice and flails and protests ... Rafe rages Gabi lied to them cos she came back after an hour! She might have murdered Andre cos the urn was already in his office. This does not look good ...

Lani staggers to a seat, clutching her stomach. Val sits too and assures her she wants her healthy and happy but her son needs to know! Lani believes it would ruin his relationship with Gabi and his life. Val can relate. She woefully tells her it will come back to haunt her. She is speaking from experience. Her son would want to step up. Lani hopes she has not repeated her secret. Val notes Eli knew it was a possibility which is why he went to see Lani. Then she lied. Lani cries this would kill JJ and tells her how he almost killed himself Christmas Eve ... Dr. Kaya gets uncomfortable. JJ just wants her assurance that Lani is alright. Kayla talks ethics but can say that her pregnancy and the baby are developing on schedule. JJ asks if she heard the heartbeat. Kayla talks around it. JJ now admits he came for another reason as well ... Chad updates Abigail on Anna and Hattie pointing the finger at one another though the cops have nothing concrete on either crazy dame. Hope admitted each had a motive, however. Abigail sighs that is supposition so the killer could still be someone else ... Eli wants to believe that Gabi would tell him and Rafe the truth. Rafe reasons the footage did not show her face. However, the coat ... Rafe sighs he has to call the commissioner. Eli asks to give Gabi a chance first. Rafe puts down the phone and lets Eli call her direct ...

Vivian reminds Stefan he can only make a recommendation to the board. Gabi is grateful and now gets the call from Eli to come to the station. She asks Stefan to contact her after he speaks to the board and exits. Vivian blasts Stefan for being out of his bloody mind ... Abigail admits to Chad she asked Gabi if it was her. Chad wonders about her reaction. She was angry and asked how she would like to be accused. Chad fixes a strand of his ethereal wife's blonde hair. Abigail assumes her friend was telling the truth. Chad reasons Gabi would not risk losing Ari again ... Gabi joins Rafe and Eli, impatiently wondering what is up. They show her the security footage. Gabi gasps that cannot be her. Rafe thinks it resembles her. She is horrified he does not believe her and snaps it is certainly not her, since she never returned to Andre's office. Eli listens in solemn silence ... Back at the pub, Lani laments to Val that JJ wanted to take his own life. Val already knows as Eli told her. Val cries Gabi saved him that night. Val adds and then Lani went to Eli, where their union happened. Lani claims they were not thinking clearly and found out they had made the wrong assumption about Gabi and JJ. She adds JJ is still hard on himself about Theo. This baby was his new beginning and the news that it is not his would destroy him. Therefore, no one should tell him the truth. The two women weep together ...

JJ the future dad needs a job and asks Kayla about EMT training. He noticed a job ad on the hospital site and adds he liked helping people, which was why he became a cop. He always admired that kind of work and would be interested to know more about it ... Gabi admits that girl does resemble her but she did not return! She was set up! Rafe grimaces. Gabi asks to see the footage of that female emerging. Eli shows her but she is only visible from the back. Eli suggests they track her movements through the building as well as all key cards that were used. Gabi hopes they believe her. Rafe will call the head of DiMera security for their cooperation. Gabi gasps she did not off Andre and begs her brother to find proof ... Vivian fumes Stefan is not sticking to the plan. She suspects he suddenly cares about the company reputation only for the fair Abigail. He claims compassion but she hisses that girl is his brother's wife. Stefan slyly states he is moving on and even asked Gabi on a date but she turned him down as she has a boyfriend. Viv warns him to stop obsessing over Chad's wife since she knows he wants what he cannot have. He admits he genuinely wants Abigail so she smacks him. Enter Chad and Abigail. Stefan touches his smarting cheek. Chad is amused. Viv explains they were arguing. Abigail thinks it must have been a big argument. Smitten Stefan states it was about her. Chad scoffs ... Back at the station Gabi urges boyfriend Eli to believe in her innocence. He does indeed ... JJ appreciates the brochure and is interested in applying to the program. Kayla tells him to talk to Lani about it. If he decides, she will be happy to recommend him. JJ the obsessed papa to be also believes the timing is terrific as it is a 6 month program. Once he gets a good job he will convince Lani to take some time off. He hugs Kayla for her help ... Val thanks Lani for confiding in her. Lani woefully states she has to put JJ first. Val retorts lying to father and child does neither any favor. She refuses to hide the fact that he is going to be a father from Eli. Lani cries the truth will send JJ over the edge and she will be the one to blame. Val considers. Lani wonders what she will do. Nothing just yet but she cannot lie to Eli. If she lies again she will lose him! She advises Lani to tell him the truth or else she will have to. Eli must know either way. She gives her 24 hours and stands up. JJ arrives and sees Lani crying her heart out ...

Gabi is grateful Eli believes her and they hug. Rafe returns with news. According to the head of DiMera security a key card was used for the elevator outside Andre's office before the woman on the footage left and that card was Gabi's ... Chad especially wants to know why Stefan and Viv were arguing about Abigail. Stefan states it was about him fulfilling Abigail's wish that Gabi be reinstated at Gabi Chic. Viv admits she was against it. Abigail thanks Stefan for his support. He assures her he is always here if ever she needs anyyyyyyyyyyything. He also thanks her for her kind words about Andre at the service. Chad gives him a suspicious stare. Stefan suggests Abigail now assist him with the Gabi Chic press release and sits down. Chad wants to wait until the board agrees. Stefan suspects they will agree fast but Chad whisks his wife upstairs, noting they just buried his brother and will spend the rest of the day with their son. After they leave Viv warns Stefan that Chad is onto him and it is a dangerous game he is playing ... JJ attends to upset Lani after Val leaves and wonders what transpired between the two women ... Gabi gasps someone stole her card. Rafe needs to know what she did with it after she left the office. Alas she cannot recall. Rafe orders Eli to do a closeup. He does and they spy something in the girl's hand. Tis the cover to Tony's urn, which was the missing piece of the murder weapon. Rafe soap stares. His sister is sunk!



All the drama in Salem on Tuesday, February 6