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Monday, February 5, 2018
Episode 13,267
1460 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Lani calls Eli about a case she wants while she walks outside. He points out she is pregnant but she is a modern woman. He wonders how her baby daddy feels about her work load. JJ feels just fine ... After the call Val approaches her outside the pub ... At the square Gabi teases JJ for buying both bikes from the store, as he knows not whether his baby is a boy or a girl ... Eli meets colorful Julie at the club. They get to talking about Andre and she reminds him Gabi has killed before. Eli insists on her innocence and admits they are close to the real killer ... At the station Roman urges Anna to calm down and asks Hattie about the letter. Carrie stands by her mother. Hope watches. Hattie admits she wrote it and got Anna to do what she knew she would. Roman hands Hope the letter. She is furious. Rafe arrives and Hope waits for her Hattie explanation. Hattie reasons Alfi was a fink. Hope quips just the facts. Hattie saw on Instagram how close Roman and Anna had become. She wanted to get Anna away from the beefsteak and get Anna to off Alfi. It seemed a simple enough plan. Anna notes she is nuts. Hattie reminds her she was the one who offed Alfi so who is the nut now. Anna agrees Andre got what he deserved but she didn't do it. Rafe reasons the letter shows a motive. Carrie counters it is inadmissible. Hope tells Anna not to leave town. Roman urges Anna to tell them the truth, the same as she told him about that night ... Gabi assures JJ she will fight until she gets Gabi Chic back. JJ supports her and admires her fighting spirit. He is eternally grateful that she talked him down when he wanted to die. Now he wants to live for the future. She agrees having a child changes everything ... Julie wants Eli to remember that Gabi is a hothead. She then bites her tongue and tells him he makes her remember the best of David. He lives on, as Eli's children will live on through him one day. He flashes back to Lani letting him know that JJ was the father of her baby ...

At the pub Val sits at a table with Lani and asks all about her baby. Lani takes her prenatal vitamins and assumes she wanted to have lunch as Abe is out of town. She smiles she does not need anyone else to take care of her. Val flashes back to what she found out and declares they need to discuss ... Enter Abe from the airport. He chuckles and joins them, asking what he missed while he was away with Theo. Lani announces her due date is an August approximation. Val notes then she conceived in November but if she had conceived in December it would be September ... Gabi hugs JJ, gushing he deserves to be happy. Her bright blue nails glisten. Eli arrives and JJ goes with the bikes. Eli looks serious. He has to ask her something about Andre ... Carrie wants Anna to wait but Anna knows Roman has her best interest at heart. Carrie warns Hope she will interrupt if she feels it necessary. Rafe will haul Hattie back to prison but Anna wants her to hear it as well. After she read the letter she went to see Andre to find out the truth. When she accused him of killing Tony he called her delusional and ordered her out. Anna had gasped and accused him of stealing Tony's life so he could live as Tony. Andre sneered he would neva pretend to be Tony for then he would have to pretend he loved her. He turned back to his work. She remembers raising the urn behind him and Hope asks her if she did it .... Abe is pumped about becoming a grandpa. Lani and JJ are both excited. Enter JJ with the blue bike and pink bike. Abe teases new parents make mistakes. Val blurts out her big one was not telling Eli who his real father was ... Eli asks Gabi about the footage that showed her entering the office when Viv was with Andre. She just heard Viv advising Andre to think long and hard before she took her leave. Then Andre fired her and stole her company. Eli saw her punch the wall when she left. Gabi wonders whether he considers her the killer ... Anna wants to continue despite Carrie's objections. As it turns out Andre wrestled the urn from her and threatened to dump Tony's ashes into the toilet. She begged him to give Tony back. He warned not until she came to her senses and kicked her out ... Hattie is furious she did not finish him off. Roman believes her story but Anna wants to know if the Salem P.D. feels the same way ...

Carrie wants the charges dropped. No can do. Rafe explains after Anna left the office there was a one hour gap in the footage. Carrie asks where it is. Hope states it was turned over by Stefan. Rafe intends to have a look. Hattie wants to sneak back to Statesville but Hope warns she will tell the warden to transfer her to a more secure facility. Hattie wants Roman to watch his back with Anna and is carted off by a cop ... Back at the pub Lani gushes with JJ about what a good dad he will be. He wants to get a job first and has a few ideas already. They kiss cutely. Abe watches from the table and tells Val how happy he is for them. Val missed him. He takes her hand and she lets him know a lot has happened. He assumes she is referring to Andre's murder and wonders whether Eli has a suspect. Andre had many enemies ... Gabi states Andre threatened to call security so she stormed out and hit the wall. Eli asks whether she saw anyone after she left. Just Abigail, who felt her pain. Eli points out she did not pick up when he called and wonders where she went for the remainder of that fateful night ...

As Roman watches Anna signs her statement for Hope. Nearby Carrie murmurs to Rafe that Commissioner Hope is a thorough and tough detective. She hopes for his sake she never finds out what he did with Sami. Now she departs with her parents ... Hope informs Rafe since it seems Anna did not do it, she thinks she might know who did ... Gabi claims she went for a drive to clear her head. Where?? Near the lake where there is no cell phone reception. She gets her back up but Eli assures her he believes her and wants to clear her. He admits they already think Anna DiMera did it. They agree to trust one another as that is all that matters and embrace ... Julie teases JJ about his big news at the club and he grins ... Abe is happy to be home and with Val. She feels the same and he squeezes her hand. But he can see she is bothered about something. She admits there is something they must discuss and glances at Lani, who is standing by the bar on her phone ...

Julie gushes JJ will be a great father. He wants to be as good as Jack. She points out it is not always a picnic. JJ believes he and Lani will learn as they go together ... Val admits this is not easy to say ... ring ring! She tells Abe to take the call from Theo's uncle. He does after she agrees to have dinner. Then he kisses her and goes. Val now walks up to Lani and announces they need to talk. Lani replies she is busy and tries to brush her off. But Val drops a bombshell. She knows that Eli is the father of her baby ... Back at the station Eli, Hope and Rafe discuss the case. Hope thinks Hattie certainly has a motive, having had her heart broken. Eli glumly notes they have nothing on her so far and nothing to hold Anna on either. Hope sends the two detectives to study the new security footage ... Outside Anna assumes it is over. Carrie tells her she is not in the clear - until they find another suspect ... Rafe and Eli are watching the new footage. In the corridor they now perceive another person of interest. They had not been expecting this ...



All the drama in Salem on Monday, February 5