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Friday, February 2, 2018
Episode 13,266
1560 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Carrie repeats she is aware Rafe cheated on Hope. Sami confided in her about their affair! Rafe lets out a little sigh ... Elsewhere Will warns Hope that John is a clear and present danger. Meanwhile at the square Paul has something to say to John and he asks him to be candid right back ... Andre's memorial service has been crashed by Hattie in a big blue hat. Chad assumes she is Marlena. They all do. Then Kate notices she seems different. Hattie keeps going with the charade ... Rafe turns and tells Carrie that Sami swore to keep their secret. He and Hope were apart at the time. It was a mistake he hoped would vanish and he asks if she intends to share it with Hope ... At the pub Roman updates Anna on someone writing her that letter from Statesville. It was Hattie Adams ... Hattie calls Andre a guy with a dark soul. No one understands why Marlena is there. Abigail starts to read one of Andre's fav poems by Emerson. Hattie talks even wilder so Stefan starts to show her the door. Hattie wants to wait until the coffin is safely in the ground ... Will informs Hope that John seems like a great guy but he has been keeping secrets. Hope patiently points out he is ISA, probably on a case. Will begs to differ. Hope dismisses his worry but Will wants her to know ... Paul assures John he can trust him and starts to tell him about Will but Marlena arrives. Paul decides to tell him later, promises to text, and takes off to locate Will. John fills Marlena in on who sent Anna that letter ... Anna is baffled by Hattie's letter as they were not acquainted. Roman explains she was after him. It might have been an attempt to get her to off Andre. It would be killing two birds with one stone, cos she had a good reason to have a grudge against Andre ... Chad wants Hattie to leave. Hattie starts to imitate Andre with his elegant pocket watch the time he seduced her. Kate cries out that woman is not Marlena. Hattie gets her hat off and declares she came to dance on Andre's grave ...

Carrie pouts it is not her place to repeat Rafe and Sami's secret cos her sister would not want that. Rafe unhappily admits another person already knows ... Will states John has been behaving suspiciously. Hope thinks there is more. Will now notices her engagement ring and remembers finding it on Sami's floor. He stammers he has seen that ring before ... Rafe laments to Carrie that Ciara overheard him and she knows as well but decided not to hurt Hope with the news. The girl is a loose cannon so he cannot count on her. Carrie suggests he beat her to telling Hope the truth ... Hope gushes it is her engagement ring from Rafe. Will wonders whether Sami used to wear it. Negative. Will stammers when he found it Sami said EJ gave it to her. Hope suspects they are just similar rings. Roman now enters with Anna for a word alone with Madam Commissioner. He has key information! Hope ushers Will out and adds they can continue later. Roman now tells Hope she should question someone from the past ... Hattie cackles at Cruella Kate and recalls their dingy diner days. Stefan still knows not who she is. She hisses she is Hattie Adams and she wants to make sure Andre stays in the ground. Abigail asks her not to refer to him that way. Hattie gets herself more worked up by the Salem second. Chad wants to call the cops. Hattie calls Andre's heart toxic and boasts she made sure he got what was coming to him. Stefan starts to usher her out as Chad calls the cops. Hattie flails, Stefan fumbles and Vivian comes tumbling down. The casket follows. Hattie takes off and Chad races after her ...

Marlena asks John whether he has told Hope about Hattie's letter. He explains Roman has gone to see her and suggests they discuss over a bite. Paul hastily excuses himself and now sees Will at the square. As it turns out neither had the chance to say what they had planned. Confused Will wonders why Hope's ring from Rafe looks like the one Sami was wearing, then complains Roman kicked him out of the office before he could bring up John, Marlena and Steve. Paul admits he was also interrupted and suggests they continue investigating. He begs Will to trust him on this matter ... Carrie assures Rafe that Hope would forgive him. It is better than hothead Ciara socking it to him. Rafe wants to believe Ciara will not. Stefan and Chad now haul in Hattie, explaining to a confused Carrie and Rafe that this is not Marlena ... Hope shows Roman and Anna the letter she got from Hattie the other day. Roman recognizes the water mark. Hope will have both letters tested. Anna wonders how she knew they were an item. Hope now gets the text from Rafe about Hattie being brought in. She orders Roman and Anna to remain in her office. Not bloody likely ... Marlena drops her purse in the snow and shivers. John suspects it is cos of Hattie. She admits it makes her feel unsafe. John vows to never let anyone hurt her again and holds her close ... Vivian complains about the casket falling and Andre's dead hand. Kate has heard enough. Viv announces she was attacked by a corpse. Abigail wishes she would say something nice about him. Vivian tries to focus ...

Stefan hangs onto Hattie's arm and repeats what she said about dancing on Andre's grave, suggesting she did it. She denies it and accuses Anna as she appears. Rafe and Chad stand between the two angry women. Carrie tries to keep her mother away from the furious felon ... Will muses he trusts only Marlena and Paul. Paul suggests John would not tell him the truth anyway as he cannot. He overheard him say he would wait to hear back. Will assumes it is not over. Paul adds he must need more poison. Will gets an idea ... Anna accuses Hattie of trying to provoke her into offing Andre by claiming he killed Tony. Carrie as Anna's attorney advises her to say nothing. But Anna will not allow Hattie to pin this on her. Hope wants to see Hattie alone. Meanwhile Rafe seeks a word with Stefan ... Hope asks Hattie how she got out of prison. She suspects she sneaked out and wonders why ... Meanwhile Anna and Carrie try to get Anna to play it cool. She agrees but can she? Rafe escorts Stefan into Hope's office. It is about the investigation. Stefano is cooperative. Rafe questions why the footage from the time Anna left Andre's office was down for an entire hour. Stefan remembers assuring Vivian he cut out anything that could implicate them. Pause. Rafe notes he did not even return his message. Stefan smoothly states he was busy at his brother's funeral. He now notes the old security camera was shut down for an hour while the new ones were being tested. Rafe finds the timing highly suspect. Perhaps he was covering up something that occurred in Andre's office. Something he did not want the Salem P.D. to ever see ... Paul sighs he and Will could not successfully tail John as Will has suggested. Will believes they can just be around as they are connected through family. Paul smiles he now seems more like Will Horton investigative reporter. They shall follow John until they discover what he is really doing. They shake on it. Meanwhile Marlena asks about Steve and John sadly states there is nothing new. She steps away for a call and he sighs alas it is his job to make certain no one knows what is happening to Steve ... Vivian has been asked to say at least something good about Andre. Pause. Vicious Viv states his sinister sneaky ways made her seem sane! She waltzes out ...

Abigail and Kate discuss the Andre they knew. Kate sighs he did not see how good he was. She praises his passion and regrets the past that led to his end. She weeps for their time that never was and places a red rose on his casket, whispering to rest in peace. Then she walks out. Abigail lifts a red rose to add and gasps goodbye. She cries and is grateful for knowing him ... Stefan claims coincidence. Rafe refuses to believe it. Stefan acts open to any investigation at the company. Rafe stares down the dubious DiMera ... Chad excuses himself to Abigail. Hope stops Hattie from leaving. She offers to sneak back to Statesville, then points the finger at Anna as she steps back. Roman, Anna and Carrie all suspect Hattie. Anna wonders whether she was waiting for her to leave at the office so she could get to Andre. The women clash and almost come to blows, both believing the other to have committed the crime. Hope keeps Hattie away from Anna as Roman and Carrie keep Anna on her side of the room ...



All the drama in Salem on Friday, February 2