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Thursday, February 1, 2018
Episode 13,265
1500 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Hope happily hands Rafe their wedding invitations. They kiss until smartly dressed Carrie arrives. She warns there might not be a wedding ... At the apartment, Will and Paul discuss John. Speak of the devil! But John wants to know what Will is doing there ... Kate sits at the square and flashes back to flinging her drink in Andre's face when he infuriated her, how he grabbed her in a passionate kiss ... At DiMera mansion Vivian helps herself to coffee and speaks to Stefano's portrait. She wonders whether he will be showing up at Andre's funeral. Stefan sweeps in and muses he would be mad about her asking him to kill Andre ... Abigail dreams of finding Andre. She asks who did this to him. He raises his head whispering IT WAS ... Chad now wakes her up and she hugs him, hyperventilating ... John apologizes for the interruption but he was trying to find Paul. He asks him to help on his new case cos Steve is not up to it. Matter of fact he is worried about Steve. Paul nods and Will bites his lip ... Viv chides Stefan since of course it is cheaper to avoid having to pay a hitman. Alas Andre was becoming too nice so he had to go. Now he is gone and they are safe. Her son warns they are not safe... Abigail updates Chad on her nightmare, how Andre almost revealed who killed him. Chad notes they think they know who killed him ... Cross Carrie threatens to sue the cops for false arrest. Hope informs her there is footage of Anna and Rafe reminds her Roman lied for her. Carrie cannot believe Hope would repay Roman this way after all he did for her. She reminds Rafe he himself lied to cover for Hope before ...

Back at the square Kate continues to remember. She had slapped Andre post kiss and he smiled ... Chad stands up and looks at Andre's gold pocket watch. Abigail knows he loved Andre. Chad did love his good side but not his cold complex side. Abigail gushes he was so good to her even when she was undeserving. She has him to thank for bringing her back to Chad and Thomas. Chad admits he will always be grateful for that. This is the memory of him he would like to keep. Abigail sadly nods as he asks her to also speak at the memorial. She knew the Andre others did not. She agrees. He kisses her and decides to get changed. They hug again and she puts her head on his shoulder ... Hope explains to Carrie that Roman taught them how to do their jobs and repeats what happened. Carrie snaps Anna has been set up! Hope tells her what they have. Carrie asks if they have footage of her committing the crime. Negative. Then they have nothing! Rafe disagrees. Carrie breaks down cos they are her parents. Hope is sorry and assures her she just wants to know what happened. They do not wish to prosecute the pair. Carrie demands to see them ... Vivian notes no one knows what Stefan and she did that night except for Andre and dead men tell no tales. Stefan states John Black also knows ... John acts concerned for Steve. He pretends to need Paul's help, acts pleasant with Will and waits for his son outside. Paul would rather not believe his father could be out to get Steve and tells Will he has a plan ...

Paul and John end up at the pub. John offers to buy breakfast. Paul helps him remove his coast and puts his own on top of it. John shows him the letter someone put in Anna's purse. Paul realizes Roman really does not know whether Anna is the killer ... Roman and Anna are together in a room. She is so sorry. Enter Carrie, who cries on her mother's shoulder. She gets upset at Roman, who grins it might not have been his greatest idea. Carrie vows to free them both but first the truth! She asks Anna if she did it ... Kate sips her martini with a sigh lamenting at least Andre was her very own bastard. Will happens by and suggests she speak to someone. She fibs she is fine, drowning her sorrows. Andre's choices of martini was dry with a twist, to match his personality ... Abigail flashes back to a talk she had with Andre while she was in the hospital, cos she knew what it was like to be called crazy. One had to work hard to get better. They shared a laugh and she assured him his sentimental side was a secret safe with her ... Stefan suspects as John is investigating the DiMera leak he could connect it to Andre. Then there is Chad, who has not given up on gaining control of DiMera. Chad walks in and suggests Stefan should not be surprised ... Will sits with Kate and asks her to tell him about Andre, whom he does not remember. Kate speaks of his theatrical side, how he would passionately fight for those he loved. Will assures her Andre knew she loved him. The weeping widow thanks him for listening and excuses herself to the funeral. He walks with her and the martini is left on the table ... Stefan states he is not playing a blame game, he is simply trying to make DiMera great again. Chad counters he is overly confident. Abigail appears in her black dress and blasts the brothers for bickering. Chad agrees she is right and exits with her. Stefan gives him the evil eye ...

As John updates Paul on the prints of Roman and Anna being the only ones he and Steve found on the letter, Will slips in. Paul points out there is a water mark to prevent John from getting another coffee. Will checks John's jacket pockets. John gets a name he asks Paul to check out. Then he notes he might now know who wrote that letter but first he must make a call. Paul steps outside. Will informs him he found no vial. He still thinks Steve deserves to know John could be slowly killing him and goes to contact the cops ... Anna has finished her story. Carrie soap stares. Rafe and Hope appear and Hope announces time is up. As the 48 hours is almost up, they agree to Carrie's request for a hearing. A judge will now decide her parents' fate ... Vivian arrives at Andre's casket, next to the beautiful bouquet and taunts Kate the weeping widow. Stefan, Abigail and Chad are right behind her, all in black. Stefan ushers his mother aside. Chad begins. He tells them how Andre lived in Tony's shadow but loved his family and being a DiMera. He was not easy to love but he did not deserve death ... Meanwhile someone arrives outside ... Inside Chad explains Abigail and Andre adored one another. She sees the best in people. He now praises Andre for bringing them back together. Stefan grimaces. Chad emotionally states he will always be thankful for that. He now asks Abigail to speak. She speaks of Andre's loyalty, his devotion for those he loved. She credits him for believing in her and Chad. She now cries he and Kate ended up in love. She falls apart and wishes he were here to hear how she loves him. Stefan hands her a hanky but Chad does even better. He holds her close ..

Anna and Roman have made bail thanks to Carrie. Hope tells Rafe she is relieved and likens her loyalty to Rafe, whom she trusts with her whole heart ... John returns to the table and asks Paul what is wrong. Paul sighs they have to talk. All of a sudden Anna and Roman arrive with the news that they are now on bail, thanks to Carrie. Anna wants to clean up. Roman wishes John would get him something cos they are still facing charges. John notes he now has a name, he knows who wrote that letter ... Carrie is writing in her notepad when Rafe enters the room. He knows Roman lied for Anna. Carrie counters she knows he cheated on Hope ... Will walks in to see Commissioner Hope and announces he bears news. It is about John Black ... At the square Paul admits to John he did not see it coming. John wants to make for the station to update Hope and Rafe but Paul stops him. There is something serious ... At the pub Roman grins to Anna that John discovered who put the letter in her purse. Things are starting to make sense ... Abigail ends her heartfelt speech and adds someone should pay. Chad leaves Andre's gold pocket watch on his casket. A door slowly opens. Madame stands and states they have company. All turn to face the intruder ...


All the drama in Salem on Thursday, February 1