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Wednesday, January 31, 2018
Episode 13,264
1500 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Brady is stunned to see Victor in his bedroom. The Greek growls about his harlot ... Stylish Eve gets sarcastic with Sonny downstairs but when he states Will handed him divorce papers she seems more sympathetic ... Paul urges Will not to call Marlena cos he can figure this out fast. Meanwhile John is at the pub remembering. Enter Marlena in a blue leather jacket, happy to have dinner with the man she loves. She wonders why he looks like he lost his best friend ... In Kayla's office Steve explains they suspect he has an auto-immune disease for which there is no cure ... Tripp comes home to Ciara and Claire bickering. Claire complains she butted into her video chat with Theo. Tripp has had enough ... Kayla agrees with Steve seeing a specialist and asks what else Shah said. That it became strangely worse these last few days. He is waiting for the results of his blood test ... Marlena gets a call from Will, who asks to meet her in person. She suggests he join her and John at the pub. He cannot and asks her to come over alone. Paul watches with worry ... John suspiciously asks Marlena what Will was calling about. She has no idea ... Victor wants to know when Brady will get rid of Eve from the company. Brady needs more time and blames Sonny ... Sonny vows to contest the divorce with his lawyer dad. Eve questions if it is a losing battle. Sonny wants Will to remember. Eve reminds him he has amnesia. Sometimes one needs to let go. Sonny quips she does not respect marriage and is incapable of love ... Paul is furious at Will, who worries for Marlena's safety. Paul insists John's scheme is only with Steve. He is hoping for an explanation but Will thinks that is a long shot ... Marlena updates John on Kate falling for Andre and acknowledges he was changing. John laments change is not always a good thing. Marlena wonders what is really the matter. He sighs he is preoccupied with a problem for which he has no solution. The blonde suggests he confide in her. John agrees but swears her to secrecy ...

Tripp believes Claire and Ciara are being bratty fighting over Theo. However, his double shift left him tired so keep the noise level down! He has no luck as they continue with the cattiness. He heads up to bed, slamming the door ... Brady sits on the bed and sighs Sonny told Eve he was using her. Now it is taking too long to win her trust. Victor advises him to romance the harlot and win her heart but to not fall for her at the same time ... Downstairs Eve tells Sonny she does feel love sometimes, though she did not with Deimos or Jack. Her romance with Eduardo was real. Sonny snaps he was lying the whole time. She remembers Frankie Brady, how they felt as real as Sonny and Will. Then life happened and the love faded away. She softly suggests Sonny accept the love is fading and become more practical. Sonny wonders whether she is practical with Brady ... Steve emotionally tells Kayla how glad he is to have every day of his life with her ... John is having a hard time starting and gets interrupted when Carrie calls Marlena about Roman. Marlena updates him on Roman and Anna's arrest. John tells her about her mysterious letter which he and Steve are investigating. Anna might have been set up. Marlena assumes this is what weighs heavy on his mind and offers to assist. John now decides it is safer to keep this case between him and Steve. He suggests she go see Will as promised. She whispers to her hubby he is a good man and fine friend. Then she kisses him and goes. John shuts his eyes in torment ...

Brady declares he is done with love! Victor scoffs. Brady complains Sonny said Victor would never trust him enough to make him CEO. Victor agrees he will let him have back the power so long as he is sober. He growls to get the job done first ... Eve admits with Brady it is just physical though she has felt love. One day she may marry again. Sonny warns her Brady is probably using her to make Victor mad. Eve counters she could be using him and looks hurt. Then she hisses at Sonny to drag out his divorce all he wants and walks away ... Paul wonders whether John is being affected by his dangerous past. He asks Will for more time. Knock knock! Tis Marlena ... Steve sighs how strange that the doctor discovered his cells are attacking themselves. Kayla tells him to wait until they have the results of his bloodwork. Steve does not want to be a burden. She would rather remain upbeat. They exchange I love yous and a kiss. He suggests they take a stroll together ... Tripp comes downstairs to smiling Ciara and Claire, who have come to a decision. They made him dinner and Claire moved into Theo's room, giving them all more space. They smile they can make it work. They want to keep their roommate Tripp ...

Victor grumbles at Sonny to sign the divorce papers. Sonny wants to fight. He regretted the last time he gave up on Will and is not making the same mistake twice ... Will opens the door as Paul hides and fibs to Marlena he felt the need to inform her that he presented Sonny with divorce papers. She asks to come in so Will stammers he is still unpacking. He is sorry he made her come over so fast and adds he needs to get some rest as well. Marlena is concerned ... Will assumes cos of Paul and assures her he agrees it is unwise to go after someone who is still not over someone else. Paul is listening ... John meets Kayla and Steve at the pub. He asks Steve about the letter so Steve sighs he should follow up without him. As it turns out he has a serious incurable illness but he and his baby are hopeful. Kayla agrees. John looks guilty as soap sin ... Back at the loft the youngsters play a game together. Claire and Ciara seem to be getting along. Claire loses and excuses herself to work on a song for Theo. Ciara can see Tripp is still into her when he watches her walk away with longing ... Eve has business papers for Brady in his bedroom and stops when he starts to kiss her. She has decided this is the end of their affair. Brady admits he feels the same way she does ...

Victor states the heart wants what the heart wants. However Will no longer wants Sonny. Sonny wants to give him more time but Victor tells him he already gave him time. It is now time to let go ... Marlena smiles to get some rest and leaves. Will shuts the door and wishes Paul had not overheard. He insists he only moved to this place as he got a great deal. Paul appreciates that he said nothing about John. There is just one catch as far as Will is concerned. He intends to investigate John along with him ... Back at the pub John probes whether the doctor knew what could have caused Steve's mysterious illness. So far not. Steve expects the blood tests to reveal more. He now asks Kayla to take him home. John tells his partner to take care and sighs he is so sorry. Steve thanks him as ominous music plays. See you later. Kayla helps him walk out. John stares after them, the fake smile fading from his face ... Ciara teases Tripp about his Claire crush. He teases her right back about Theo. She agrees it is hard loving someone who loves another. Tripp suggests they forget with a video game marathon. Game on ... Eve is relieved Brady agrees they were not working. He pulls her back and explains the chemistry was wonderful but something changed. He stammers he seems to be falling for her and wonders whether she will give them a chance. How about a date ... Sonny sits and sadly signs the divorce papers, tossing down his pen ... Paul points out to Will he is a pro so Will points out in his past life he was a reporter. He insists they team up ... Steve pauses at the park to admire sweetness in the moonlight. They embrace and he gasps he loves her so ...Outside the pub, John smashes his tiny vial of poison to the ground and stomps on it. Then he gets a hawkish look on his handsome face, ready for his next move ...


All the drama in Salem on Wednesday, January 31