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Tuesday, January 30, 2018
Episode 13,263
1300 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Jenny knocks and knocks at Eric's door until he says to enter. Inside he is shirtless and she blinks ... At the hospital JJ has healthy food for his baby mama. Lani lets him know her exam will be boring but JJ is staying ... Eli refuses to comment on the murder case and ends a call at the busy station. Val arrives asking about Lani. He explains she told him it is JJ's baby ... Will slowly unpacks a box and reads a book inscription from Sonny, who loved and wanted to be with him all the days of their lives. Speak of the devil ... Kayla finds Steve at the square and asks about the glasses. He laments they are not helping him anymore and wonders why ... Meanwhile John tells his contact over the phone he doubts the guy suspects he is being poisoned by his bff. Paul appears, having overheard. His eyes reflect his dread ... Sonny asks whether Brady was right, that Will moved right to Paul's place ... John ends his call at the park. Paul asks all about it. John declares he and Steve are dealing with the client directly and he was just discussing with Steve He shoves something in his jacket pocket as Paul pretends to tie his shoe. Paul asks what he is hiding ... Kayla insists on Steve getting a checkup and hauls him to the hospital ... Jen blushes she tried to call before. Eric admits he was out on a run. Jen bears bad news. The cops have placed papa Roman in custody ... Woman in red Val suggests Lani is not being honest. Eli believes she was already pregnant when they were together ... Handsome Dr. Henry Shah greets JJ at the hospital and gushes he knows his mama Jen. JJ intros him to Lani and their unborn baby. Enter Kayla and Steve, who seek assistance from Henry. He offers to run some tests. Kayla kisses Steve as the good doc goes with him. JJ wonders when she was gonna congratulate him on being a dad. Lani lets her know she tried to tell him he was not needed today. Kayla agrees as the tests are no big deal. JJ heads to the pub after all. Kayla notes she could see how excited he was. Lani claims he is the father so Kayla gives her a strange look. They both know that is not true ...

Eric is horrified to hear that Roman actually gave Anna the accused Andre killer an alibi. Jen found out from her contact. She heads to the station with Eric ... Val admits to Eli she is sorry for her own fatherly deception. She wants Eli to have a chance with his child! Eli believes Lani was telling him the truth. Val questions her version of the truth ... Will explains to Sonny he is not living with Paul. His cousin gave him a great deal. Sonny suggests living with Marlena or Lucas. Will wants to live for now, not for the past he might never remember. That is why he wants to be aloooone. Sonny sees the CD of the band that Paul likes. He also sees the book with his old engagement inscription. Will calls it sweet. Paul emotionally explains his feelings remain but Will lets him know he feels different. Sonny still wants a reason to hope. Will sighs and hands him the divorce papers in person. Sonny tries to keep it together ... John shows Paul his vial and states they are only homeopathic eye drops he has for ... allergies. It will all be over soon. Paul excuses himself in a hurry. John notices ... Jen arrives at the station with Eric and overhears Val mentioning JJ's baby. She is happy to talk about it as she is going to be a grandmother ... Kayla has prenatal vitamins for Lani at their appointment and asks if she will tell the truth about the father of her baby. Lani admits she lied. Kayla believes the real father deserves to know but Lani has made up her mind ... Will apologizes about wanting a clean break. Sonny bitterly states it is soon and questions whether Will is having a hard time as he claims. Will suggests he look it over and sign so they can file. Sonny accuses him of wanting to erase their history. Will is sorry he does not remember. Sonny dramatically declares one day he will remember their love and leaves him to consider ...

Eric demands to know what his dad will be charged with. Eli explains it is up to the D.A. It will not be possible to speak to Roman for hours, however ... Val visits Lani after her exam. She tells Lani she knows she was with Eli. Lani lies she is over two months along and hopes she will accept the truth. Val smiles and humors her ... JJ drinks beer at the pub, having watched a game. Sonny arrives and admits he has a lot on his mind. He shows the divorce papers. JJ is sympathetic and says to give Will time. Sonny talks black hole cos Will cannot remember. JJ has been in a black hole but now believes the future looks bright. Sonny congrats him on becoming a dad. JJ dismisses his papers and points out Will might soon see what is in his heart. Sonny certainly hopes so ... Paul drops by with a box Will forgot to take in. Will can see something is bugging him and invites him in to talk. Paul appreciates it, still highly stressed by what John was casually saying on his phone ... Jen and Eric have cocoa at the square as he complains about Roman being dragged into Anna's drama. Jen counters one does crazy things when one really cares about someone. Eric fears for his future. Jen teases about how much he did for Hope and teases she knows all the Brady men try to save the world ...

Will wonders what happened. Paul gasps he suspects papa John of doing something bad. Will smiles John is a regular superhero. Paul blurts out he thinks he admitted to poisoning his best friend over the phone. Then when he asked him about it he stated he had been speaking to Steve, which was false! Will asks whether there is anything else. Paul tells him of the vial of clear liquid. Meanwhile Steve is suffering from dizzy spells ... At the park a man in black hands John his vial refill and reminds him of the importance of his mission ... Kayla asks Steve about his symptoms. He solemnly states they should discuss in her office. Back at the nurse's station Val sneaks away with Lani's medical file ... Eric is enjoying his cocoa with Jen, ever so grateful she was here for him. Their eyes lock and he apologizes for the other night. She whispers she overreacted. He starts to suggest he take her out for dinner until Henry appears, reminding her they have a dinner date. Eric's face falls ... Back at the station Eli calls Gabi about their dinner tonight. He will see her soon ... JJ is happy to see Lani at the pub. The Bulls lost but he feels like a winner cos he has fatherhood to focus on. Lani tells him her appointment was perfect and he hugs her like a man in love ... Val opens Lani's file and sneaks a peek ...

Sonny is back at Kiriakis mansion. He starts to sign the painful divorce papers ... Will wonders whether Paul actually believes John could be poisoning Steve. Paul fears the worst. Will take out his phone to inform Marlena ... John gasps Steve is his best friend and partner. The man in black reminds him he has a job to do and walks off ... Meanwhile Steve sadly admits to sweetness his diagnosis does not look good. Tick tock ...


All the drama in Salem on Tuesday, January 30