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Monday, January 29, 2018
Episode 13,262
1300 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


JJ seeks Lani at the station and asks Hope whether she seemed alright when she went out. At the square Lani bears news for Gabi, who sits with her red designer bag. Lani shares that she is pregnant ... Eli wonders why offensive Viv ventured to Andre's office as they were not allies. Rafe thinks there could have been a co-conspiracy. He reasons they have Anna linked to the murder weapon but also Viv visiting Andre on the footage ... Stefan sits on a sofa, upsetting Vivian with the fact that he gave the cops the security footage ... At the pub Roman assures Anna she has him but she is upset about Tony being in the evidence department of the Salem P.D. At least she had his urn polished. She smiles in some way Tony did kill Andre. Payback! Roman warns her to watch what she says. Anna warns him Hope was against him lying for her. Roman notes he now has John looking for the elusive writer of her letter. Anna is horrified to hear it ... At the square Steve talks letter with John, who has just drugged his drink. It does not look good for Anna, as per Steve ... JJ realizes Hope knows Lani is having his baby. JJ is somewhat surprised she spilled. Hope hugs him in congratulations and they laugh how times have changed. Back when Julie was a girl 21 was considered an old maid. JJ marvels at becoming a dad. Hope recalls when Shawn D kicked and asks who else knows. JJ explains Lani wanted few to know but perhaps she changed her mind ... Gabi assumes JJ is the father and is happy for Lani. She speaks of her own complicated situation, which led to angel Arianna with the double daddies. Lani feels better already hearing how happily things ended up. Gabi gushes JJ must be thrilled. Lani agrees. Gabi asks how far along. Lani will only say it is early on. Gabi asks why she seemed upset earlier. Lani admits it was actually about Eli ...

Steve sips his drink as he and John discuss Anna. John quotes a waiter overhearing her threaten Andre. Steve thinks Anna made it easy for the killer to set her up. John updates him on Romeo Roman's alibi. He senses even Roman fears the frazzled female might have gone too far ... Roman assures Anna he is on her side always ... Rafe sarcastically states Viv who buries people alive might not have done it. Back to the footage ... In real time Viv insists she and Stefan could be implicated by the footage. Kate appears in the doorway, her hand on her hip. Woman in black Viv stands up and wonders what Kate overheard. That she called Stefan stupid. Stefan offers to help any way possible. Viv agrees. Kate tells her to keep her trap shut and walks out. Stefan wishes she would too or else she will drag them both down ... Rafe and Eli are watching. The footage shows Viv entering, Gabi soon showing up as well. Minutes later Viv leaves looking unhappy. Rafe sighs about his sister being alone with Andre. Gabi later emerges and punches the wall. Rafe rubs his forehead ... Lani tells Gabi she wanted to wait to tell the world until some time had passed but then EIi found out. She wishes others would not blab! Gabi gets she is hormonal and assumes she is approaching the end of her first trimester. She then stops and gasps ... JJ wishes Lani would take it easy but the girl is independent. He asks Hope to keep an eye on her. Done. JJ is job searching himself. Hope will put in a good word for him. He appreciates it and adds he wants to be the best father ... Gabi deduces Lani was already pregnant when she wrongly assumed she was with JJ. Lani lets her know she knew not she was with child and appreciates she helped JJ. In fact she feels more guilty by the Salem second. Gabi now asks if Eli gave her her earring. He did. Gabi gets they were just talking that time in his room. Eli is her rock now! Lani is happy to hear it and heads back to the station. Gabi goes with her, to check on Eli. She feels good about her and Lani's friendship ...

Rafe and Eli discuss Gabi being rightfully angry at Andre. Rafe is relieved he is on her side ... Vivian snaps she makes no mistakes. Stefan reminds her Kate caught her complaining about security footage. She complains they will be seen on the video and specifically in Andre's office with him when he was stone cold dead ... Madam Commissioner has work waiting. JJ admits he too worries about where the Andre investigation will lead. Hope cannot converse about the case ... Stefan assures Viv he made certain the Salem PD will not see their footage ... Steve assures John he can count on him. John woefully notes he knows it ... Back at the pub Anna regrets what happened. Roman urges her to stay cool and wants to discuss what John and Steve came up with. Anna is convinced Steve will assume the worst of her. Roman patiently points out Steve is a pro. Besides what she told HIM remains a secret. Enter Kate in a fuzzy coat, furious at Anna. She accuses her of killing Andre with Tony's urn ... Rafe and Eli watch footage of Kate storming in to see Andre, then storming out. Andre was unable to stop her. Rafe intends to talk to Kate, in case it was about more than Gabi. He rewinds and they watch Andre go inside alone. That was when Anna arrived. Rafe sighs so here is the proof that Roman was lying for Anna ...

Eerie music plays as John excuses himself elsewhere. Steve will be in touch with the results of the handwriting analysis and thanks him for keeping him as a partner, given he only has one good eye. He has the best partner. John walks away without a word ... Kate accuses Anna of killing her hubby. Anna insists she is innocent. Roman fibs she was with him but Kate knows Tony's urn tells no lies! She asks how the urn came to be in Andre's office. Alas there is no answer. Kate hisses Anna will get her comeuppance ... Hope watches the damning Anna footage with Eli and Rafe. Anna takes off in the end and the footage ends abruptly. Some is missing. Hope will have to talk to Stefan. Rafe suggests Anna as the suspect now seems packaged for the police. But there is no disputing that Roman lied about her being with him ...

At the park John orders another dose over the phone. He growls Steve does not suspect he is being poisoned by his bff. Meanwhile Steve suddenly cannot see a single word on the page ... JJ is pleased to see Lani at the station. Gabi is happy for them and gushes about the first time she felt Arianna kick. JJ wonders how far along she was and kisses Lani. He cannot wait for the first baby kick ... Stefan claims he had the security cameras shut down before he and Vivian did anything that could be used against them. There is therefore no proof of any connection between Andre's demise and the two of them. Vivian eyes her calm and collected son ... Roman insists Anna is innocent. Hope walks in with Rafe and Eli, ordering both Roman and Anna to be read their rights before they are taken down to the station. They have proof that Roman's alibi was a lie. Roman glances back at Anna, who is about to unravel ...


All the drama in Salem on Monday, January 29