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Friday, January 26, 2018
Episode 13,261
1600 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Rafe hands Hope the early results from Andre's office ... At DiMera mansion Gabi claims she forgot what she said. Abigail remembers and asks if she made good on that threat to kill Andre ... Chad is surprised to see Kate still in tears, ready for the funeral director. She loved her hubby with all her heart. Chad has harsh words to say about his brotha ... Lani lies to Eli that she is two months along. It cannot be his baby, just JJ. Eli has his doubts ... Tripp teases Steve for his new glasses at the square and asks what he is having ... John sits alone at the pub, pondering drugging Steve and sighs. Roman wonders. Dangerous drums play ... Lani tells Eli the first trimester is uncertain, hence her silence. And when they were together she knew not she was already pregnant. Eli tells her not to be a saint for he will step up if it is his child. She chides him cos that would ruin his relationship with Gabi ... Hot head Gabi does not take extreme words seriously. Abigail closes the door and talks timing. She assures her friend she went to argue with Andre on her behalf. Gabi thinks Anna did it with her urn. Abigail informs her Anna has an alibi so ... Gabi counters then even SHE could be culpable. Abigail pauses ... Steve no longer feels dizzy with headaches. Tripp had no idea. According to the eye doctor Steve was suffering from eye strain ... John drawls he is just dealing with a tough case. He asks what is up. Roman shows him the bagged letter and asks him to find out who put it in Anna's purse ... Hope is annoyed they cannot prove that Tony's ashes were in the urn. Rafe notes there were no prints so the killer wore gloves. Forensics will have more later. They get to thinking that Anna was set up. Hope wonders why Roman is lying for her then. Rafe sighs Anna is still their prime suspect. However, Andre had other enemies ... Chad has postponed the funeral home visit for Kate, who assures him she will be alright. He admits Andre was a better brother than that Stefan. Kate sadly states she did not plan to love him, but he led her to believe he cared. How could he betray her! Chad reminds her he was like papa Stefano, a lovable killer. Kate laments the lure of power. Chad believes that was what got Andre in the end ... Abigail is aghast Gabi is acting like SHE killed Andre. She loved him and is insulted. Gabi reasons now she knows how it feels when a friend thinks you did it ...

Hope and Rafe discuss how to proceed. She does not want Roman to take the fall for Anna. Rafe goes to check with the judge about the search warrant. He will take Eli to DiMera mansion. He roguishly reminds her to remember their wedding day and leaves after they exchange I love yous. Hope solemnly stares at a photo of murdered Andre ... Eli reminds Lani he lost the father he never knew. He does not want any child of his to live that scenario. Lani repeats JJ is the father. Enter Rafe. Lani tells him they are done. He asks Eli to escort him to the DiMeras ... John sighs as a private eye he cannot take on an open cop case. He warns Roman not to cover cos it looks like Anna could have done it, being provoked by such a note. Roman just wants to know who wrote it ... Chad remembers the good side of Andre. Kate consoles him by explaining Andre was haunted by Stefano not making him head of the DiMera Empire. They discuss the delicate relationship between Andre and Abigail, who totally trusted him. Chad is worried for his wife. She is having a hard time ... Abigail notes Nick pushed Gabi to the edge and she killed him. Gabi notes Ben pushed Abigail to the edge and she burned him. But they will never do those things again. All she wanted to do was sue Andre. Abigail wants to look Andre's killer straight in his evil eye. Enter Stefan, smiling the door was open. He calls them ladies. Abigail casts him a strange look ...

Back at the pub Roman will not reveal details of his discussion with Anna. John notes if Hope knows he is helping him she could cancel his license. Roman reasons the writer of that letter could hurt Anna. John agrees to help. Roman adds he can tell Steve cos he knows they have no secrets. John raises his handsome head and nods slightly ... Steve asks Tripp for an update. He has been filling in for the manager at times. He admits with Theo gone, Ciara and Claire are at odds. He knows Claire loves Theo but Steve suggests their relationship could change. Tripp does not want to be the guy who comes between him and his girl. He will simply have to get over her ... Hope asks Lani to do some interviews, then stops when she sees her tears. Lani laments she cannot handle it. She is pregnant. Hope gathers it was not planned. Lani loves it but it was the last thing she was expecting. She and happy JJ are together but she feels hormonal. Hope hugs her and assures her by the second trimester it will be smooth sailing. When is she due? August. Hope is glad for her good news ... Abigail suggests Stefan knock next time. They were discussing Andre. Stefan is sorry he fired Gabi. She wants to know what he can do about it but he smoothly states this is not the time. Rafe and Eli saunter in. Rafe asks Stefan for a list of anyone who had access to DiMera offices the night of the crime. Stefan claims he was not there but Rafe is aware there are lists and security footage. He grins he just knows he is gonna cooperate ...

Lani insists she is still up for the job. Hope notes it is not just about her anymore. Lani excuses herself for air and Hope wonders ... Back at the pub Roman points out the police cannot know about the letter. John calls it a key clue in the investigation. Roman is determined to protect daughter Carrie's mother. John gets it. Roman needs to know who is trying to push his Anna over the edge and more importantly why ... Chad is still mystified by Andre. Kate gave him an ultimatum to do right by Gabi or they were through. Now it is too late and she will never know. Chad knows Andre loved Kate and Kate knows Andre loved Chad ... Stefan asks for a warrant so Rafe hands it over. Stefan will cooperate and asks if there is a suspect. Yes but Rafe is tightlipped. Stefan wants to know when he will get his office back. Eli is not impressed he is more interested in the bottom line. Stefan assures them he will have security cooperate. Rafe lets them all know they are here to take the statements of every single person at DiMera mansion. Stefan seems somewhat stressed when he mentions Vivian is also on his list ...

John catches up with Steve at the square. He updates him on the Anna letter from Roman. He winks it is complicated. Steve takes a look and concludes someone was trying to provoke her. John warns it could make them both accessories but Steve still wants to help as they are a team. While he is reading John slips more clear liquid into his drink ... Stefan advises Abigail and Gabi not to hide anything from the police. Gabi still wants to know what Stefan can do for her. He has to consult with the board and asks to be alone with Abigail to PR strategize. Gabi goes and Abigail advises him to reinstate Gabi cos she knows he can. He wants a press release first. She breaks down over Andre. Stefan hugs her and promises it will be alright ... Kate would rather postpone a memorial service. There would be nothing friendly about a funeral. Chad promises to keep it private. Kate complains Vivian will make the funeral about herself. Chad sighs Abigail will miss Andre and so will he. Kate admits she feels like a black widow wife. Chad now recalls Andre thought Stefano was ALIVE. Kate thinks with a son suddenly appearing and Andre dying Stefano would need to return now ... Rafe and Eli return to the station with the security footage and logs before and after the murder, courtesy of Stefan. Rafe informs Hope they have a lot to watch. 48 hours to be exact ... Gabi sees Lani weeping at the square. Lani admits she has something to say to her ... Chad is glad to be good with Kate again. She thanks God for his forgiveness and they emotionally embrace ... Stefan clears his throat and steps back. Abigail excuses herself to Chad. Stefan stares darkly as she scurries out ... Rafe, Hope and Eli plan to watch the footage but Hope gets summoned by the deputy mayor. Exit Madam Commissioner. Rafe and Eli let it roll. The footage first shows Andre on his phone in the hall. But his phone was never found! He enters the office and Eli hopes the killer followed. Someone did indeed as they now both see ...


All the drama in Salem on Friday, January 26