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Thursday, January 25, 2018
Episode 13,260
1250 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Eric dreams he wakes up to Jen, who lets him know he is always in her heart. He now wakes up alone in his blue bed ... Lani dreams of JJ denouncing her for her baby deception. She wakes up weeping to a kind gentle JJ, who asks about her dream ... Eli and his dragon tattoo are with Gabi in bed. He admits to his affair with Lani. Smack. Then he wakes up! Meanwhile Kate dreams of when she told Andre she shared his loving feeling. Violins play. Dream Andre states he does not love or need her anymore. He laughs and she wakes up with a tragic gasp on an elegant blue DiMera sofa. Now Abigail dreams of when she found Andre. But in her dream he opens his eyes. She asks who did it. His head falls back. She wakes up gasping about Andre as Chad holds her close ... Dr. Kayla ends a call with the man she loves about him maybe needing glasses. She now asks Val about Theo. He is settled in and reconnecting with Lexie's family in South Africa. Val brings up Lani's pregnancy. Kayla admits she was her doctor. Val remembers Eli's admission about being with Lani. She now states Abe is excited and all is well. She innocently wonders how far along Lani is ... Lani lies to JJ she cannot recall her dream and smiles she wants to think only of him and their love. They kiss ... Eli wishes they could do something to help Gabi. He suggests Gabi go to Kate and offer her condolences. Gabi gives him a kiss on the cheek for being on her side. Always and he will never disappoint her ... Kate shuts her DiMera files and stands up. She spies Andre smiling at her from a framed photgraph and throws it with a cry. The betrayal runs deep ... Abigail updates Chad on her nightmare. She asks about Anna. Chad replies she was released as Roman was her alibi. Abigail wonders who did it with the urn ...

Kayla claims she cannot discuss her patient. Val does the math and points out Lani conceived pre-shooting ... JJ tries to feel for the baby bump and wonders boy or girl. He asks if Lani wants to know and wonders when. She says she prefers surprises. He kisses her, cooing they are having a baby ... At the square Dr. Love invites Jen for a museum weekend. Eric arrives and Dr. Love reminds them to review a grant proposal. He gets a call and will be in touch with Jen later. Jen will do the review. Eric sits and insists on assisting. The talk turns to Andre. He worries about Abigail. Jen admits it is hard for her ... Abigail misses Andre. Who would want him dead?! Chad leans on his pillow and promises the cops with solve the case. Abigail reasons Rafe is Gabi's brother. That night Gabi was so angry at Andre, could she have done it?? Downstairs Kate picks up the fragments of the broken glass that framed Andre's face. Gabi arrives to offer her condolences and asks about leads. Kate tells her Tony's urn was found at the scene and Anna was suspect number one until Roman lied for her. If not Anna, who could have killed Andre? ... Val talks throwing Lani a baby shower to throw Kayla off her suspicion. The good doctor gets called to a cardiac patient so Val calls Eli to meet ... Jen approves of the proposal. Eric asks about her dating Henry. She admits it so he fibs he is happy for her. Jen pouts now back to the proposal ... Kate tells Gabi that Rafe would know more. Gabi mentions Gabi Chic. Kate insists she knew nothing of Andre's intentions and raged at him when she learned what he had done. She flashes back to ordering Andre to undo the firing. Andre asked what if he did not. Kate stops and Gabi asks what she did then ... Chad seriously doubts Gabi offed Andre. Abigail keeps remembering her company was her world outside of Arianna. Chad thinks she would not have risked losing her daughter again. But Abigail is bothered cos that night Gabi raged to her that she would kill Andre for his betrayal. Chad thinks words are just words. Abigail agrees Gabi is their good friend but she is no stranger to murder ...

Kate recounts to Gabi how she gave arrogant Andre an ultimatum to hire her back. Andre had reasoned they would get all the profits. Kate called him cruel. He told her it was too late. Kate cried they were supposed to be life and business partners. If her love meant anything he would reinstate Gabi. He claimed he could not. She threatened if he did not they were through, and walked out. Gabi asks if that was the last time she saw him before ... Lani would love to snuggle in bed. Alas work awaits. JJ wants her to have a partner who will protect her and mentions Eli. Lani, however, does want him near her ... Val meets Eli at the park in her elegant red shawl. She demands to know whether he wore protection when with Lani. He admits he did not and assumes she is on the pill. Wrong! Val gasps the girl is pregnant ... Jen primly tries to find something. Eric assumes it could be at the good doc's place. Jen gets testy and tells him where she spends the night is none of his business ... JJ wants to tell mama Jen his baby news. Lani lets him but laments to wait a while with anyone else. He hugs his baby mama ... Eli learns that Val found out from Abe. But he was only with Lani once! He urges Val not to repeat it so she reasons that baby could be his. He wonders how far along Lani is. They were together Christmas Eve. Val notes then she would one month pregnant. She feels strongly that the father should know the truth ...

Eric apologizes for his audacity. Jen claims her life is not his concern cos she wants someone who loves her back. Eric wonders why she would not consider him so she tells him to be true to himself ... Abigail and Chad are astonished to find Gabi asking Kate about the last time she saw Andre. Kate gets a call from the funeral director. Alas the autopsy is still pending. Abigail already knows Andre was killed in cold blood cos she found the body and someone bashed his head. An uncomfortable silence fills the DiMera living room ... Back at the station Eli insists on a word alone with Lani ... Jen starts to suggest Eric is not over ... JJ interrupts with his big baby news. Jenny soap stares. JJ hopes she is not upset. Jen realizes Eric the counselor already knew. She is over the moon and hugs her son. Eric stands up and smiles at the sight ... Alone with Lani, Eli asks if that baby she is carrying happens to be his ... Kate needs to dress to meet the funeral director. Abigail will not let her to have to do it alone. Chad heads upstairs for his wallet and keys. Abigail now asks Gabi if she was the one who killed Andre, her voice shaking with worry ...



All the drama in Salem on Thursday, January 25