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Wednesday, January 24, 2018
Episode 13,259
1150 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


At the club clandestine John sneaks some liquid into Steve's shot ... Will informs Paul he is renting a room from cousin Eli. Paul exclaims he cannot cos of Sonny ... Eve and Brady deny knowing who offed Andre. Sonny accuses them of lying ... At the station Roman asks Anna whether she was the one who killed Andre. Outside Hope worries to Rafe that Anna will drag Roman down with her. Inside Roman waits ... John brings the shots. Kayla believes Steve needs glasses. John laughs and suggests they down the hatch on the old scotch. He observes Steve and slams his now empty shot glass onto the table. Kayla calls him a bad influence. Steve slurs he is his best friend and such a great guy. John goes silent. Kayla calls Steve adorable with or without glasses. John gasps he can no longer do this and has to tell them... Marlena interrupts announcing Andre was murdered, Anna was detained ... Roman asks Anna how Tony's urn turned up in Andre's office ... Will invites Paul in. Paul snaps Sonny will suspect Will just wanted to move closer to him. Will admits he might have ... Sonny snaps he overheard everything. Brady sighs ... Marlena adds the urn did it. Steve groans and updates John on Anna hauling Tony's remains everywhere. Marlena tells how she tried to talk to Anna about it but she became defensive. Kayla decides to call Roman ... Rafe reminds Hope they cannot question Anna without her attorney and wishes Roman would help. Anna admits to Roman she was in Andre's office yesterday. It all started with that letter. She produces it and he reads ...

Kayla leaves Roman a message. Marlena tells John she took job seeking Will to Roman earlier, then notices his intensity. He dismisses it and offers to call Hope. Marlena sighs Salem feels safer with him in it. He drawls he would do anything to protect his loved ones. She updates him on Will renting a room at Marton House, near Paul. John sighs ... Will fibs to Paul only this place was affordable and he needs to be alone. Paul reminds him he dumped Sonny due to his feelings for him so how about being honest. Will honestly states he did not move here cos of him ... Brady plays along and tells Sonny he offed Andre. Sonny explodes. He accuses all of enabling the addict and warns him he will not have his back. Brady dares him to turn him in. Sonny calls and gets on hold for Hope. Brady taunts he was too gullible ... Roman assures Anna he understands and hides the letter in his pocket. Enter Rafe and Hope. Roman announces Anna was with him since yesterday afternoon. Hope asks why lie ... Brady tells stunned Sonny he only heard him joking around. Eve cannot believe he called the cops. Brady assures him he has an alibi ... Will talks connection. Paul is just understanding about him living a lie when he believed he was EJ. Will praises him for accepting him as he is and takes out the new empty journal of his life. He knows Paul still loves Sonny and asks to be friends. Paul helps him take in his two boxes. One topples and Paul finds Will and Sonny's photo album ... John knows for a fact Paul is not over Sonny. He pauses and Marlena wonders what is on his mind ... Steve wants to call Roman. Kayla and Marlena help him keep his balance. John surveys the scene like a spy with a secret ...

Rafe asks Roman for a word outside. Hope asks Anna not to let Roman lie and leaves. Roman wants to get Anna out of the station. Hope asks for a formal statement. Roman agrees ... Sonny snaps Andre's murder is serious. Eve sides with Brady, questioning his focus. Brady calls HIM the real hot head and taunts him for tossing aside Paul for Will, who wants nothing to do with him ... Will admits to Paul that Sonny wanted him to look at the wedding photos. Paul sighs he never got one. Will muses he cannot remember his wedding and wonders whether Paul and Sonny will try again. Paul refuses to be anyone's second choice! Will grins good for him. He admits he feels nothing for his past belongings. Paul grins when he comes across an old Tokyo Fab cd ... John asks Steve if he feels better. Steve sees his face through a fog and laughs why the guilty look. Marlena wonders asks what he means. John quips he got the guy to drink more than he can handle. Steve slurs he will get the eye doctor and also drink him under the table. Marlena is surprised when John agrees to a drinking match with him. Steve puts his arm around his pal and laughs with pals like him who needs enemies ... Sonny likens Eve to Theresa, who dragged Brady down. He taunts Brady is only using her anyway and exits. Eve bites her lip ... Will listens to Tokyo Fab as Paul remembers his old days. They are now Will's fav band. Paul has tickets to a Chicago concert in a few weeks but Sonny was not into them. He offers to get Will a bootlegged copy of the concert and they agree they are friends ...

Roman arrives outside the pub and informs baffled Anna he needs time to find out more about the letter. He asks her to read it aloud. She does. DEAR ANNA, YOU DON'T KNOW ME BUT I THOUGHT IT WOULD INTEREST YOU TO KNOW THAT ANDRE DIMERA KILLED YOUR BELOVED TONY. HE WAS AT UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL THE NIGHT TONY DIED. DON'T YOU THINK HE SHOULD PAY FOR THAT? UNSIGNED ... Roman smells a setup ... Eve warns Brady it was unwise to clash with Sonny. Brady suspects she believed Sonny's claim he was using her but Eve believes they are the real deal. Their only enemies are Sonny and Victor. Titan shall be all theirs! They greedily kiss ... Will sits and starts to write in his new journal about his new friend Paul. He pauses and smiles ... At the square Marlena wonders about Steve. John tells her he is tough. Marlena hopes the glasses will help his blurred vision. Back at the club, Kayla complains to Steve that Roman has not called. He is busy helping that murderous woman ... Hope laments to Rafe that Roman is protecting their most likely suspect ... Roman wonders who would benefit from Anna harming Andre. She admits she did harm him but Roman hushes her and warns her not to say such a thing to anyone until they know more. He holds her close, unaware they are being watched by someone behind the bushes ...



All the drama in Salem on Wednesday, January 24