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Tuesday, January 23, 2018
Episode 13,258
1570 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


At the square, Will has just heard the story of Stefano abducting Marlena, with John to the rescue. He calls John a hero and Paul appears. Will invites him to join them for family coffee but Paul tells John they have to see Steve. Will flashes a smile and flirts it was nice to see Paul. Marlena's eyes widen as the two private eyes walk away ... Steve is joined by Kayla at the club and she asks what he is looking at. The online paper. So he says but his vision is too blurred to make out the words ... At the Kiriakis mansion Brady and Eve are surprised by slick Sonny, who has returned and announces Andre DiMera is dead ... Back at the pub, Anna gasps dear lord when Hope and Rafe inform her and Roman that Andre was found dead. Roman defends her when the cops eye her with suspicion. She insists she is innocent but has to go down to the station to answer some questions. Roman will follow asap. Hope warns him against getting involved ... Sonny explains he heard the news while coming home from the airport. He now asks for Victor, wanting to discuss his London deal but he is out. Brady taunts him for losing Will. Sonny states he does let the personal affect his business, which is why Uncle Vic put him in charge. He waltzes out and Brady rants about Will's world making Sonny lose it. So much for his smugness. Eve snaps to just say what he really did to Andre ...

Marlena cannot help but notice that Will is suddenly quiet. He sighs he wishes he and Paul could be ... friends. He is soooo comfortable with him. Marlena probes what he really wants and he admits he feels attracted to Paul, which was part of the reason he had to end it with Sonny. Marlena is sympathetic. Will claims he feels no connection with Sonny. Matter of fact he cannot get Paul out of his mind. He asks how to make Paul want to be with him as well. Marlena advises him to avoid Paul instead ... At the club John, Paul, Steve and Kayla eat and talk shop. Steve stands to get Kayla another utensil and starts to sway. Paul knows he has been losing his balance. Steve admits he has been off his game with blurred vision too but the dizzy spells are no big deal. Kayla holds up the tablet and tells him to read the words to her ... Roman reasons Anna is no killer. Hope reminds him she shot Steve in Prague when she was gunning for Stefano. Roman asks for any evidence that could implicate his favorite blonde. Hope replies the murder weapon ... Rafe has Anna in an interrogation room and shows her the bagged urn he recognized as Tony's. She pretends not to recognize it so Rafe states it was the murder weapon. He wants her to start talking ... Steve drawls his vision is blurred but he blames John for the boozing nights. He tells Paul to get them some shots. Kayla clearly does not approve ... Roman is appalled Andre's head was bashed in with Anna's urn. Hope will not give the blonde the benefit of the doubt and wonders when he last saw her with said urn. Roman remembers her having it yesterday. He does not mention she was mad about Andre at the time. Hope tells him it already does not look good ...

Anna assures Rafe she killed no one but considers it poetic justice that Tony's urn was used. Rafe plays along and agrees Andre impersonated Tony for a long time. Anna refuses to be pressured and tells him the truth - she did not kill Andre. Rafe demands an explanation or at least something. Anna announces his recorder should hear this - I WANT A LAWYER ... Eve closes the door so Brady acts like he thinks she wants him right here right now. She reminds him he was angry about Andre and returned from a night out all drunk and smug like he had accomplished something. He gets sarcastic so she demands to know where he was and what he did. What did he do to Andre? Sonny arrives outside the living room door and listens. Brady swears her to secrecy and states he did it, he killed Andre DiMera ... Kayla takes a look at Steve but finds nothing wrong on the surface. He downs a shot with John. Paul excuses himself. Kayla tells Steve he could need glasses so he should see an eye doctor. He wants no glasses over his patch. John sides with Kayla. Steve agrees to go to the eye doctor and she gives him a kiss. John watches ... Will is surprised. Marlena states Paul still loves Sonny. Will agrees to consider her advice. First he needs to find his own place. Meanwhile mama Sami has been sending him funds until he finds a job. Marlena asks how it has been going. He admits he feels like a fraud listing skills and experiences he cannot remember. Marlena smiles but he tended bar recently. She knows somewhere that skill will be sought ...

Hope sighs to Roman that Anna seems unhinged since Tony died. She wishes he would distance himself. Roman, however, refuses to give up on a good woman who is simply shadowed by grief. Hope hopes he will not get hurt and exits. Roman gets to thinking ... Back at the Kiriakis mansion Brady tells Eve he did what she wanted, which means he went to get her company back. He argued with Andre and it escalated. Eve assumes it was self-defense. Brady has fuzzy memories so he cannot say. He swears her to secrecy again as Sonny heads out the door as quiet as a Kiriakis mouse ... John suavely steps away to take a call. Kayla scolds Steve for not confiding in her. He compliments her and steals a kiss ... Back at the pub Roman is bewildered. He remembers Anna wanting to confess something to him. Marlena and Will appear and he admits he has much on his mind. Marlena assumes it is about Anna, how upset she was that he wanted her to help her. Roman makes no mention of the other matter. Marlena offers Will as a bartender but Roman has to take care of something first. He takes off. Will assumes his hesitation was about him ... Eve is appalled that Brady killed a man and claimed it was for her. She refuses to be his alibi. He states he needs no alibi cos he is KDDING. Eve wonders where he really was that fateful night ... At the square Sonny sees Paul and apologizes for blaming him for Will leaving. Paul asks how he is doing. He is alright, he went to London to clear his head, which did not work. Paul assures him he wants him to be happy so he can talk to him. Sonny admits there is something he wants to say ...about Brady ... Back at the station Rafe complains to Hope about Anna not cooperating and calling Carrie to be her lawyer. It will take a while for her to arrive. Hope believes she convinced Roman to keep out of it. Speak of the devil ...

At the pub Marlena goes over apartment listings with Will. The first one she finds is a flub. Will lets her know that was the building where Ben lived. He would rather not live where he died! He now notices one listing with a 1 bed and bath, common rooftop and deck. He purrs perfect but Marlena begs to differ ... Paul wonders what Brady went and did this time. Sonny cannot bring himself to say it and babbles he is being a jerk again. Paul offers to talk to him. Sonny says not necessary but Paul is happy to be his rock again. Sonny hastily excuses himself ... Brady admits last night he tried to get to Gabi Chic but security was too tight. Then he went out and got wasted. He knows he did not kill Andre though the rest is rather fuzzy. He teases he now knows Eve did not do it cos she believed he had. Eve teases maybe she did murder Andre. But Brady knows she is no killer. They giggle as Sonny enters, taunting they are both happy as Andre was murdered. He asks Brady if he knows who did it. Brady denies it. Sonny soap stares ... Will says hello to Paul in front of his room and notes he is his new neighbor ... Marlena reads an article online about the plot thickening with a new suspect. She sighs what has Anna has gotten herself into now ... Roman refuses to be stopped by Hope and Rafe as he races in to see the woman he loves. Anna laments she knows not when Carrie can come and Rafe is hell bent on blaming her. Roman agrees to help her but only if she answers did she kill Andre ... John has had another shot. Steve is now slurring. Kayla suggests he needs glasses. Steve chuckles then John is not to blame but as John gets them two more shots, he secretly pours a serum into Steve's shot glass, his face a solemn mask ...


All the drama in Salem on Tuesday, January 23