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Monday, January 22, 2018
Episode 13,257
1470 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Abigail gasps as she finds Andre dead on his back, a gash at his temple ... Meanwhile Hope wakes up shirtless Rafe in bed with her wedding planning. She suggests setting a date. He gushes he loves her first and they give into temptation ... Chad returns to Kate at the mansion, mentioning the rough night before. He checks online and sighs it is already making the news online that Gabi got fired. Kate is furious. Chad claims there will be consequences. Kate agrees ... Eli comes across nervous Gabi alone on a bench and wonders what is the matter ... Vivian worries about Shin with Stefan, but he seems to feel there is no problem ... Abigail moans Andre nooooo ... At the pub Roman flashes back to losing Anna. Speak of the devil ... Gabi cries to Eli there was a snag with DiMera ... Kate regrets believing in Andre and her. Chad is sympathetic. She thinks the whole time he was conspiring against her and Gabi. So many lies! Chad quips Andre lied to them all. He admits even he got drawn back in due to Abigail’s wishes. Now they must regroup. Kate confesses she was awake all night long. He suggests she get changed. Then they will come up with a plan. Kate complains about questions the reporters will be asking. Chad assures her they will be ready. Exit Kate. Chad laments to Stefano's somber portrait that he tried. Alas Andre went too far and there shall be consequences. He now gets a call from panicking Abigail about finding Andre dead. Chad is on his way. Abigail hyperventilates ... Anna lets her mind wander back to the letter someone slipped in her bag. It creeped her out. Roman is now ready from the breakfast rush and sits at a table with her, assuming she heard his message. No but she needs to tell him something big. Roman waits ...

Gabi updates Eli, who angrily offers to confront Andre with her and help get her company back. She pouts there is now no point ... Chad arrives and consoles Abigail as she hyperventilates. Andre has no pulse. She cries on Chad's shoulder ... In his room Stefan suggests Viv relax as he buttons up his black shirt. He notes nothing will lead back to them, he saw to that. Viv insists they not be implicated in Andre's demise. Stefan knowingly smirks ... Abigail is falling apart about Andre's bashed head. She searches for a murder weapon. Chad pulls her back from the scene of the crime. They must leave this to the police. He ushers her out, taking one last look at motionless Andre ... As Hope happily wedding plans with Rafe, they continue kissing in their bed ... Ring ring! Tis Chad. Hope is horrified. She is on her way. Rafe wants to know what happened ... Gabi sadly states she does not deserve to be defended by a good guy like Eli. She admits her company did begin with blood money from Eduardo. She sighs it is over. Eli is baffled why she does not want to go back to Andre and FIGHT. He now gets a call from the station about a possible murder, though no name was given him. He adds after he oversees the evidence gathering they can go confront Andre together ...

Abigail stares into space, numb. Why would anyone want to kill Andre?! Such a complex question. Chad holds her close and explains the cops are on their way ... Before Anna explains what happened Roman wants her to know how wrong he was to meddle with Marlena. He tells her he might have been jealous of her connection with Tony, even though she does not seem to have his urn at the moment. The bottom line is he wants to try again ... Stefan has gone over what to say about Andre with Viv. He will make some biz calls to act like nothing is out of the ordinary and advises her to complain to the cook like usual ... Abigail weeps about Andre's endless support. Hope and Rafe step into the scene of the crime, donning white gloves. Hope feels for a nonexistent pulse. Rafe takes a closer look. Blunt force trauma. Hope goes to speak to Abigail. Rafe finds a strange smelling trail on the floor that leads to the back of the desk. He looks to the right ... Kate sighs in her dress at DiMera mansion, remembering how Andre romanced her, making her feel they were real. He always stood by her and loved her. So it seemed. Vivian comes downstairs and claims to have slept like a baby. Kate hisses she and Stefan should not be here. Viv wonders whether there is trouble in paradise. Kate hisses she knows she knows about Andre. Vivian looks a little nervous ... Eli arrives at the scene of the crime, stunned to see Andre is the victim. Rafe shows him the murder weapon on the floor he found. It is an urn and Rafe thinks he knows who the owner is ...

Anna thinks it is too late. Roman wonders why ... With Chad by her side, Abigail stammers as she tells Hope what happened. She did not touch anything. Chad notes she was holding Andre's hand when he came in. Abigail insists Andre was not a bad man. Hope wonders whether he was having any work issues with anyone. Abigail suddenly remembers Gabi the night before blasting Andre for stealing her company. She had gasped she would kill him. Hope notices her silence and wonders whether there is something else she recalls. Chad protectively holds her close. Hope's eyes reflect her worry. This case is already complicated on many scandalous levels ... Viv regains her composure and helps herself to an elegant coffee. Kate complains about Andre firing Gabi and accuses Viv being complicit. Viv smiles if Andre was wrong then he will be the one removed ... Abigail is having a hard time accepting that one she cared about is gone. Chad updates Hope on Andre firing Gabi. Hope assumes the girl must have been mad. Chad does not believe she could be capable of such a thing. Hope sees it differently and gets going. Abigail stares into space ... At the square Gabi now catches up with Stefan, who read online that Andre fired her from her own company. Gabi accuses him of knowing all along. He reminds her Andre did not inform him his subsidiary had taken such action, but it bothers him. Gabi suggests then he pull rank and undo the deadly DiMera mistake ...

Rafe updates Eli on Tony and how angry Anna was at Andre. He assumes they have found Tony's urn as the murder weapon, the urn Anna was never without. He shows Hope, who asks Eli to dust for prints. They both already believe Anna is their person of interest ... Anna laments to Roman she is not as level headed as him. She wishes she were more law abiding like him as well. Roman hopes for a romantic reboot. She fears he will not feel the same way after she confesses on the spot. Roman peers at her with worry. So far it does not sound promising for his love life ... Viv sips her coffee and reads the report of Andre's death online. She flashes back to noting to Stefan they needed to neutralize him. Back to the now. One down one to go ... Eli oversees the evidence collection and orders the team to comb for clues around the body. The killer was either sloppy or tried to implicate another. Kate comes in crying he was her husband. The weeping widow watches as the body bag is zipped closed ...

Gabi asks Stefan to override Andre's decision. Stefan states it is Andre's domain, not his, though he does disapprove of what he did. Gabi wonders whether he is not willing to help as she turned down his invitation to date. Perhaps this is his payback. Stefan denies it. He now sees something else online and calmly notes he cannot override anything now. Gabi wonders why not so he turns his tablet toward her ... Abigail sadly states she knew not it was the last time she would see Andre. Chad holds her close and comforts her. She soap stares at the poster of Gabi Chic ... Roman advises Anna to tell him what she has done, assuring her he is on her side. All of a sudden Hope and Rafe march in like a couple of cops on a mission. Rafe drawls Anna needs to come down to the station cos they have questions. Roman stands up and wonders about what. Madam Commissioner coldly states it is about the murder of Andre DiMera. Anna looks rattled ...


All the drama in Salem on Monday, January 22